Campground Cabins

We build campground cabins, large and small. From primitive log cabins for sleeping to full-service cabins with kitchens & baths, to camp stores, rec. rooms, and multi-family rentals – we can help! Choose the style of rustic log cabins that fit your use the best. We offer a very attractive alternative to park models or site-built cabins, as well as campground cabin kits.

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All campground cabins and rustic log cabins are manufactured in a climate-controlled facility, making winter construction a non-issue. Our camper cabins for sale can be built during inclement weather, and be delivered to your site in the spring when things thaw out, allowing plenty of time to wrap up the details before your big weekends arrive. Multiple campground cabin kits can be installed within a day of each other or up to a week.

Common Campground Models

The Sedona Cabin

The Sedona cabin is an economical option for a single-wide cabin, often used as a cabin situated in a retreat or campground setting, this cabin comes standard with a full-width end porch. At 6′ in length on all floor plans, this porch is perfect for a few outdoor chairs or a swinging chair. Whatever is chose to grace the entryway to your home, it will soon be the favorite morning spot to drink your coffee.

The Plymouth Cabin

The Plymouth cabin provides an extra flair to what most people think of when they hear “single-wide” cabin. The standard 12 pitch roof outfitted with 2 window dormers, give this single wide cabin a big, open feel. While most single wide cabins have an end porch, the Plymouth comes standard with a porch that spans the length of the cabin. This porch is 5′ wide so while it does take away from the indoor space some, it gives you significant space to hangout on the front porch.

The Catskill Cabin

The Catskill cabin is like the brother of the Plymouth cabin. With the same 12 pitch roof and the option for a loft area, these cabins would appear somewhat similar to each other. There are, however, a couple of big differences. The biggest one being the porch. While the Plymouth has a porch that extends the length of the cabin, the Catskill has an end porch. This affects the interior floor plan options pretty significantly.