Why Campground Park Models are a Great Idea in 2023

What is a Park Model RV? 

First, it’s possible that you may be unfamiliar with what a park model home is. Basically, park models are small house-like structures that are built on a trailer, and therefore classified as recreational vehicles (RV). These structures are typically around 400 square and are usually set on a foundation at campgrounds, retreat centers, or private properties. 

You’ll most commonly find these used in campgrounds as alternatives to traditional RV’s and campers. They often have a lot of the basic amenities that your house may have, such as water and sewer, heating, and AC. Because of their weight, they often are placed in a semi-permanent way and moved only on occasion. 

alpine campground park model

Why are park models great for campgrounds?

We get it. Investing in something like a campground park model home can be a difficult decision. Not only is the up front cost substantial, you also want to know if your investment will last. Here are just a few reasons why a park model home can be a great addition to your campground.  

A great investment for a campground

If you’re interested in buying a campground park model, you probably are either interested in buying your own personal park model to use on vacation or as a rental, or you may run a campground and are looking to upgrade the camping experience. Either way, a park model can be a great financial investment. 

Park model homes are a perfect way to increase the revenue of a campground for a number of reasons. First, they can attract a different demographic than those that own their own RV’s. You’re much more likely to bring in new campers and those that prefer living with all the comforts home.

Second, people are more likely to stay longer at the campground if they are in a park model. Even the most die hard campers will get tired of the sacrifices they make when living out of a traditional RV. With a park model, the day to day living experience is much closer to what you experience at home, so campers will be more likely to stay at the campground longer, providing a steady stream of income. 

A frame park model interior

If you’re interested in buying a park model for your personal use, you’ll probably pay more up front than a typical RV. However, a quality park model that’s well-maintained can last longer and hold up to the elements much better than an RV. If you factor in the money that you save on fuel, it could make sense for you to spend the extra money up front.

Even if you don’t run a campground, park model homes can be a great short term investment. If you’re interested in learning more about this, read our article on the topic. 

Experience the comforts of home when you’re on the road

When you think of staying at a campground, you may think sleeping in a cold tent on the hard ground or, perhaps, towing a camper for hours just to get to the campground and then having to go through the hassle of setting up the camper. Doesn’t sound very relaxing, does it? 

With a park model home, you simply move in your things and you’re ready for vacation! Most park model homes are climate controlled, so you can set the temperature just right. You can cook in a real kitchen, and sleep in a real bed. The best part is that there’s so much less hassle, so you can spend more time actually enjoying your vacation. 

campground park model interior

Upgrade it your way

Another factor to consider is the ability to make improvements and upgrade. In traditional RV’s, it’s almost impossible to do any real upgrades. You may be able to make small repairs, but you are limited. 

With a park model, you have the ability to do renovations, much like in your own home. If you want to paint a wall, you can. If you want to upgrade the lighting, you have that option. With a park model home, you can truly make it your own, and turn it into a home away from home. 

An environmentally friendly choice

Something you may not have considered about park models is the positive impact they can have on the environment. These structures allow you to save on fuel, since you no longer need to tow a heavy camper or drive an RV to the campsite. Park models are typically a lot better insulated than an RV, and retain heat much better than a camper. 

When compared to living in a traditional home, a park model consumes less electricity, uses less energy for climate control, and is built with less material. And, although it may seem like a negative thing, the small size of a campground park model encourages you to spend more time outdoors, helping you appreciate the beauty of nature. 

boulder campground park model

Campground Park Models: FAQ’s

You may still have questions about park models and their uses. Here are answers to a few of the questions people often have about park models. 

1. Can you live year-round in a park model

It depends. Most park model homes are not designed to be lived in year-round, and it may even be illegal in some states to live in a park model permanently. However, if you live in a warmer climate or properly winterize your unit, it can be a great place to live any time of the year. And if you want some ideas on how to winterize your park model home, check out our article.

2. What specifications do park models need to meet to be considered RV’s? 

To qualify as an RV, a park model needs to meet the following criteria:

  • It must be built in a manufacturing facility
  • Built to ANSI A119.5 housing standards
  • Can be up to 15 feet wide and 44 feet long, and the total square footage can not exceed 400 square feet (this may vary in some states).
  • It must be titled and registered like any other recreational vehicle and receive an RVIA seal. 

3. How long do park models last?

Because they are not moved around as much as a traditional RV, a park model often lasts much longer. With proper maintenance and care, a park model RV can last anywhere from 30-50 years.  As we discussed before, you can upgrade and make repairs if you want

Campground Park Models by Zook Cabins

At Zook Cabins, we offer a variety of park models to suit your taste. If you love the look of a classic log stack design, check out our Boulder Park Model. If your interested in a more modern take on the park model style, our A-Frame Park Model is a stunning blend of classic A-frame styling in a modern package. Maybe you would like to spend a night in one of our campground park models. If so, here’s a few of our park models available for rent.

A frame campground park model

Campground Park Models: Wrapping it up…

If you’re looking for a way to increase the revenue of your campground, or are interested in buying a place to spend your time on vacation, a park model home could be just what you need (for park model ideas, check out our article). If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you’d like a specific price on having a park model RV delivered to your location, click the button below! We look forward to hearing from you! 

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