Uncovering the Beauty of Owning a Log Cabin in Lake Tahoe

Let’s be honest, owning a Zook Cabin in the western part of the United States is something most of us dream about. Few people actually act on those dreams… the ones that make those dreams a reality don’t regret it.

Fewer of those people actually choose Lake Tahoe as the destination for their dream cabin and that is sad. Read below why a Zook Cabin by the beautiful Lake Tahoe is an absolute must!

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Welcome to Lake Tahoe!

If you want the visual taste of the majestic Swiss Alps coupled with the idyllic beauty of the Caribbean, then Lake Tahoe begs for your residence.

Nowhere in all the USA is there a lake with such awe-inspiring landscape! Lake Tahoe’s crystal-clear blue water, white beach sand, and surrounding snow-capped mountains combine in irresistible and stunning beauty.

Seriously what could be more beautiful than a Swiss and Caribbean combo?

The only thing missing amongst the tall Jeffery Pines that dot the banks surrounding Lake Tahoe is a beautifully crafted rustic cabin and YOU!

Discover for yourself why you should choose a Log Cabin in Lake Tahoe for your dream getaway log cabin and second residence

10 Reasons You Should Have a Log Cabin at Lake Tahoe

Enjoy this relaxing and gorgeous Ariel view of Lake Tahoe.

Best Beaches on Lake Tahoe

17 things to do in Lake Tahoe

Discover the History Behind the Lake Tahoe

History is fascinating, and especially so, when it is about to be marked by your legacy. Unravel the story by checking out this intriguing brief history of Lake Tahoe.

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Photo Credit: tahoecabininthesky.com

Enjoy these pictures of Old Tahoe and the New Tahoe!

SO… Which Side is Better at Lake Tahoe?

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Photo Credit: tahoesouth.com

Quick answer…both sides are the best!

This is a legitimate question. There is no need to pit one side against the other. Truth be told, you might find that indeed one side of Lake Tahoe is better, but that is entirely based on your personal preference. Let’s give the brief benefits of both sides and then you decide which side is better!

North Side

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Photo Credit: northtahoebusiness.org

If you are looking to enjoy a quieter and smaller town feel along with more affordable vacationing options, then the North is on your side!

South Side

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Photo Credit: tahoesouth.com

South Tahoe is livelier with a higher density of tourists thanks to its abundant entertainment and popular lake locations.  It is higher living expenses and offers lavish living at its finest. So, if you want high energy opportunities, the South Side is definitely greener!

Good Residential Locations Within 30 Minutes of Lake Tahoe

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Here are some of the best towns around for building your second home in the nearby woods or available land.

  • Truckee, California
  • Tahoe City, California
  • Incline Village, Nevada
  • South Lake Tahoe, California
  • Christmas Valley, California
  • Mogul, Nevada (40 min.)

Discover more about these 5 Great Neighborhoods in the Lake Tahoe Area  and check out this  land for sale around Lake Tahoe!

A Zook Cabin & Lake Tahoe = The Perfect Pair

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When you choose a quality built Amish log cabin for your new Lake Tahoe home, you got yourself the perfect match!

Our Amish built modular log cabins are not are the same as manufactured log cabin homes. Our log cabins are permanent structures and appreciate as do any other traditional or stick-built homes.

What could make a Swiss and Caribbean combo even more stunning? The addition of a gorgeous Zook cabin!

Discover your dream log cabin home in Lake Tahoe and create the epic living package!