Big or Small Luxury Log Cabins for All

What do you think of when you hear the words, luxury log cabin? Maybe you had previously never associated the word luxury with cabin.  Or maybe you picture high ceilings, large glass windows, and beautiful rustic wooden flooring and walls? Luxury is defined differently for the individual, but whatever the reason, you are interested in beauty, in comfort, and in enjoyment of your sacred living space.

Allow this blog to inform, inspire, ignite, and satisfy, your inquisition and interest in luxury log cabins, big or small.

Why You Might Want To Live In A Luxury Log Cabin?

Luxury Log cabins are relevant to our present-day society. In fact, log cabins are exploding in popularity and use all over modern USA.  Young and old alike, are being captivated and drawn in by these luxurious, stick built houses like never in their previous history.

So, what is so compelling about living in a luxurious log cabin? We offer 7 reasons for what makes living in a log cabin so attractive and appealing.

Reasons For Choosing A Luxury Log Cabin

1. Pursuit Of A Slow-Paced Life

the slow paced life in a luxury log cabin

The pressure is felt by everyone and for the last century or more the pursuit of the “American Dream” has controlled so many of our lives. You may have an awakening hunger for something more than the daily rat race of long work hours, huge mortgages, leased vehicles, and little free time.  A luxury log cabin represents what many are now seeking instead, rest, nature, simplicity, and peace.  Check out this blog on log cabin living, from My Cabin Diary, Why We Gave up our Job & Things to Move to a Log Cabin.

2. Save The Earth (Go Green)

saving the planet

Luxury Log cabins are environmentally friendly. In fact, you could call them tree huggers, literally, since they are logs stacked one on top of the other. Timber is the most renewable natural resource available for our use. It takes less energy to build a log home than a traditional home. Plus, it is a reusable material, which means that 500 years from now when your luxury log cabin is gracefully aged and time to be laid to rest, you can recycle its materials instead of adding to the landfill. Most importantly you are reducing the amount of carbon footprint that is left behind by conventional buildings.

3. Live Off-Grid

luxury log cabin3

Our world is unstable. You may be wondering how to be more self-sustaining instead of depending too heavily on a fluctuating economy. Log cabins offer a great foundation for moving towards an off-grid lifestyle. Wood is a naturally insulating material, and depending on the climate which you live makes lumber a wise choice for reducing electricity costs. This is especially relevant if you want to rely on solar power to feed the electrical needs in your home.

4. Enjoyment Of Nature

Nature is powerful and healing. You might recognize its energy and desire for your children to grow up surrounded by the colors, the scents, and the feelings that can only be experienced by the presence of nature. You may want to cultivate a deeper appreciation for nature not only for your children, but also for yourself.  Whether or not your log cabin is built in the woods or in the suburbs, they offer enjoyment of nature from the moment you awake till you return to sleep, with its natural wooden interior.

5. Retire In A Luxury Log Cabin

luxury log cabin4

Retirement is on the forefront of our minds as we look towards the future and luxury log homes are one of the best options available for a retirement residency. Log homes are traditionally available in ranch style floor plans, so everything is flat and level. This luxury cabin design makes everything easily accessible. Plus, log homes are incredibly versatile in their use, so they can be passed down for generations. Regardless of where you place a luxury log cabin, it will become a family marker and testament of your legacy. Check out the Eibling’s story as they pursued their dreams of owning a log cabin!

6. Desire To Make A Wise Housing Investment

Our greatest financial accomplishments come with smart and wise investments. Luxury Log cabins provide you the opportunity to invest your money in a long-term investment. Learn more about the investment benefits in the following, Advantages of a Luxury Log Cabin.

7. Luxury Log Cabins Offer Timeless Beauty

luxury log cabin5

You may love natural, rustic beauty. If so, it is hard to beat the beauty of a luxury log home. There is something so permanent and comforting about a wooden log cabin that gives a “time machine” effect to the experience of living in one.

To Wrap Up All The Reasons Into One

Enjoy watching this off-grid video from My Self Reliance, it captures the very essence of what living in a log cabin emanates regardless of its size.

In the Forest with my Wife and Dog | Off Grid Log Cabin in the Wilderness

Advantages Of A Luxury Log Cabin

1. Simple Maintenance

inside of a log cabin home

It is a myth to say that log cabins are maintenance free, but a well-designed luxury log cabin is low maintenance. The level of maintenance really depends on whether your log home is of DIY nature or crafted by a modular cabin company. If you are hoping to build your own log cabin  or have a construction company use trees from your property, you will want to take advantage of preventative maintenance suggested by Log and Timber Homes Council,  Design for Low Maintenance. If you are purchasing your luxury log cabin from a trusted modular cabin company, you will receive a low maintenance luxury log cabin from day one.

2. Provides Long-Term Investment

jars of money

We want to be perfectly clear about this benefit of a log home. Hastily constructed DIY cabins or cheap log kits do not provide you will a long-term housing investment. It is a known fact that anything hastily or cheaply made will have a short life span. However, a skillfully crafted and quality-built luxury log cabin will provide you with a long-term investment. Whether you want a home to be passed down for generations or a rental property, a quality log cabin provides an ideal and worthwhile investment of your money.

mountaineer deluxe

Log cabins and modular luxury log homes in the USA have come a long way since their introduction by the Swedish settlers in the 1600s. At that time, they were the best economical structure because of its naturally derived resources. Although they were simple temporary structures, they have endured to become luxurious, stable homes. While in the past log cabin owners couldn’t wait to move to a more modern and permanent structure, the logs cabins of today elicit the opposite response. Modern luxury cabins are now the upgrade from simple traditional homes. There truly is a Fascinating History Behind the Log Cabin!

4. Archaic Yet Relevant!

home base prefab hunting cabin

Let’s clarify right away that cabin living is a smart and savvy choice. A choice few people regret, quite the contrary, many people find deeper satisfaction and overall happiness in life. Log cabins aren’t just for the historical figures found in our American history books. Today, there are many famous, smart, and hardworking people who live in log cabins all over America and the world. Regardless of who you are, you can find a luxury log cabin that is perfect for your property!

Check out this page to see “Cabins Owned by the Rich and Famous“!

Why Choose A Modular Log Cabin For Your Home?

When it comes to the decision of a DIY cabin, cabin kits, or manufactured log homes, we believe that modular luxury log cabins are the way to go!

Below are the distinctions of a modular log cabin vs. the above alternatives.

  • Completely Customizable
  • Saves Time
  • State Approved and Inspected
  • High Quality

The Process Of Building A Home Using Zook Cabins

At Zook Cabins we offer the above distinctions with our Amish built modular luxury log cabin. Not only do we provide high quality log homes, but we provide quality customer service. The search for your dream log cabin is about you and we consider it an honor to partner with each of our customers for a successful cabin find.  When you partner with Zook Cabins for your modular luxury log cabin the process is simple and enjoyable.

log cabin home

Here is an overview of a Zook Cabin building process step by step.

  • Sit down with a Designer
  • Generate a floor plan
  • Make a small deposit
  • Full Floor Plan
  • Ready for Site Preparation
  • Build and Inspect
  • We deliver your cabin
  • You move in!

For a more detailed description of our distinctions  and this step by step process, enjoy reading our blog on, Prefab and Log Cabin Modular Homes.

Invest In Your Own Luxury Log Home

Amish built log cabins for sale

If you are searching for a luxury log cabin, small or big, Zook Cabins is here for you! You desire heroic independence, rustic beauty, and natural sustainability showcased by an experience afforded by your own luxury log cabin.

You are on to something good! Even in beautiful locations like Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Breckenridge, Colorado, you can build a log cabin where you can make memories for decades to come! Or check out our past customers like EiblingSkipGaryRichard, or Katia who have purchased cabins for their dream properties!

Zook Cabins can ensure your success in discovering the right luxury cabin design for you! Check out our modular log cabins designs and get in touch with Zook Cabins for a sure victory!

Ready for the Cabin Life?

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”

― Henry David Thoreau