Cozy Collection Options Page

The following Cozy Cabin options and customizations are only available for the Cabins that are a part of the Cozy Collection. The options consist of a variety of interior and exterior options such as different flooring and cabinet options. The exterior options include shingle and metal roof colors as well as shutter colors, etc. Check out the Cozy Cabins Options and Customizations below.

  1. Customizations
  2. Kitchen Options
  3. Flooring Options
  4. Kitchen Cabinets
    1. Standard
    2. Options
  5. Countertop Options
    1. Laminate
    2. Solid Surface
    3. Quartz
  6. Countertop Profiles
    1. Laminate
    2. Solid Surface
    3. Quartz
  7. Cabinetry Hardware Options
  8. Vanity Top Options
  9. Tile Options
    1. Shower Floors
    2. Shower Walls and Bath Floors
    3. Kitchen Backsplash And Shower Walls
  10. Bathroom And Kitchen Faucet Choices
    1. Brushed Nickel
    2. Oil Rubbed Bronze
  11. Roofing Options
    1. Shingle Colors
    2. Textured Steel Colors
  12. Shutter Colors
  13. Exterior Door Colors

Customizations and Options for the Cozy Collection

Kitchen Options

Flooring Options

Kitchen Cabinets



Countertop Options

Laminate (standard)

Solid Surface


Countertop Profiles


Solid Surface


Cabinetry Hardware Options

Vanity Top Options

Tile Options

Shower Floors

Shower Walls and Bath Floors

Kitchen Backsplash and Shower Walls

Bathroom and Kitchen Faucet Choices

Brushed Nickel

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Roofing Options

Shingle Colors

Textured Steel Colors

Shutter Colors

Exterior Door Colors