Park Model Homes in Tennessee

Have you been dreaming of a luxurious Park Model Home in Tennessee?

Perhaps you wish to set it down by your favorite campsite, in your own backyard woods, or on your beloved Smokey Mountain slice of heaven.

If you have been seriously considering investing a Park Model Home, you are at the right place! Check out what we offer in Tennessee!

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Opportunities Abound with a Park Model Home of Your Own!

Whether you wish for a Park Model Home(s) for a small vacation getaway, seasonal camping retreat, or a rental investment, Zook Cabins provides just the Park Model Homes you may be looking for!

Get ready to discover what a Zook Park Model Home offers you, check out the four different models, hear customer reviews, and more!

What a Zook Park Model Home Offers You

Our Park Model Homes in Tennessee are carefully designed inside our building facility and then delivered to the location of your choice.

As with all our buildings, at Zook Cabins we prioritize quality and special attention to detail, and our Park Model Homes in Tennessee are no exception!

IF the following is what you are looking for, a Zook Park Model Home is for you!

  • A High-Quality Park Model Home – Every inch built with careful attention to detail and structural strength
  • Luxurious – Simply stunning and intricate
  • Built to Code – Enjoy easy access to campgrounds and RV lots without any problems
  • Affordable – Achieve your rustic dream without breaking your bank account
  • RV Certified – Considered an RV which means you can apply for RV insurance or loans
  • All-Ready to Go – Once they arrive at your location, let the small cabin living begin!
  • Great Investment – Perfect option for short-term rental business

Our Lovely Park Model Homes in Tennessee

Pocono Park Model Homes in Tennessee

The Pocono Park Model Cabin

Do you wish for a bit more modern appeal to the look of your Park Model Home? If so, the Pocono offers just that, a modern exterior yet without losing that classic wooden interior. Enjoy filling up the space inside this ranch style beauty with family, good food, and memories! With a larger sized living room, you will have no problem gathering everyone around for a night of popcorn and games!

Are You Wishing for More Small Cabin Options?

At Zook Cabins, we offer quality Park Model Homes in Tennessee and quality modular cabins.

We offer large and small cabins, so if you wish to fish around more, take a moment to view all our cabin options!


The Zook Cabin Customers Speak

At Zook Cabins our customers’ feedback stands as the greatest testament to our quality and customer service.

We invite you to take a moment to check out our customer reviews.

Plus, enjoy hearing from our valued customer, Elizabeth Garofalo!

“We are so happy that we were able to get a Sierra Park Model Cabin from Zook’s. Matt was extremely patient and responsive to my emails. He did his best to answer my questions throughout the process. The cabin is absolutely gorgeous, and the driver was amazing at maneuvering the cabin into place. We can’t wait to enjoy our cabin with our family!”

Elizabeth Garofalo

Customer Project Stories

Fun Spots to Permanently “Park” Your Park Model Home in Tennessee

Are you still considering spots to set Park Model Homes in Tennessee?

If you are still in the process of nailing down your ideal location for your Park Model Home, take a moment to check out these following fun and nature-packed spots in Tennessee.

  • Sevier CountyWithin close reach of the Smokey Mountains National Park. Enjoy hiking and fishing!

View Land for Sale in Sevier County

  • Blount CountyProud host of the Black Warrior River which offers opportunities for fishing, kayaking, and rocking climbing.

View Land for Sale in Blount County

  • Davidson CountyNear Nashville where you can enjoy a bit of everything!

View Land for Sale in Davidson County

  • Cocke CountyPerfect area for nature lovers with the Great Smokie Mountains close by, Forbidden Caverns, and Douglas Lake.

View Land for Sale in Cocke County

While the above suggestions do happen to be some of the most popular spots in Tennessee, the Volunteer State offers much more than meets the eye!

If you wish for more options to compare or wish for a much larger log cabin than the ones featured above, good news!

If you have a favorite spot that is more hidden away from fame, why not check that spot out to see if it is for sale!

Or check out all the land for sale in Tennessee and discover the perfect little slice of earth worthy of your stunning new Park Model Home!

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Adventure & Relaxation Await!

Nothing beats the feeling of being immersed in nature and nothing quite brings you closer to nature than a little rustic retreat!

So, whether you are dreaming of owning one for a weekend getaway or for starting your own short-term rental business, there is nothing like accomplishing a life-long goal or dream.

You got this!