Modern Prefab Homes in Colorado

Are you looking to improve your Colorado property but don’t feel like waiting for a traditional home build? Then you’re at the right place. Meet the Modern Prefab Home. Modern Prefab Homes in Colorado are becoming more popular and practical. Not only are today’s prefabricated homes better quality and more affordable, but can also be built more quickly than the traditional stick-built home. View some of the incredible modern homes we offer and find out more about them in the following article.

What comes to mind when you think of Colorado? There are many reasons to love Colorado. Whether it’s the plains of eastern Colorado with the Rockies as a backdrop, the incredible Aspen forests as the weather cools and autumn approaches, or the many national parks and monuments throughout the state. Colorado is truly a nature lovers’ paradise, with something for everyone. 

Why Modern Prefab Homes In Colorado?

There are a lot of reasons that modern prefab homes in Colorado are a great idea. With the challenges of construction and building in the state, modern prefab homes are an ideal solution and really the future of home construction. Prefab homes are generally less expensive than a comparable stick-built homes by an average of 10%-20%. 

And then there is the weather. In Colorado, the window of opportunity to build an on-site home is small, making construction a valuable commodity. But when you have your home manufactured in a climate-controlled facility, it can be built throughout the winter, and when the weather breaks, it is a much faster process to get your home set and finished. Usually, a stick-built home will take one to four months longer to complete than a modern prefabricated home. 

All of this combines to make modern prefab homes in Colorado a truly viable option; whether it’s a home in the suburbs or a cabin in the mountains, a prefab home is a great place to live. 

Looking for a modern prefab home to call your own? This is a great place to start the journey. Below you’ll find a number of modern homes and cabins that are built by Zook Cabins. With years of experience in the modular and prefab building industry, you can know you’ll have a high-quality home that will last for years to come.

The Woodland Modern Home

Woodland modern prefab cabin in Colorado

The Woodland Modern Home has a rustic home feel without compromising on the modern and luxury factors. The modern LAP siding maintains the authentic wood look and feels while greatly improving the durability of the siding and its protection. Inside, you’ll find a two-bedroom home, along with an open concept living room, dining room, and kitchen. The large styles even include a master bathroom. The front porch adds a beautiful finishing touch to this incredible modern prefab home. 

The Homestead Modern Cabin

Homestead modern prefab homes in Colorado exterior

The Homestead Modern Farmhouse is filled with neutral colors like white, grey, and beiges. A modern simplicity that is refreshing and beautiful. The exterior is covered with white Lap siding and an Architectural shingle roof. Inside you’ll find multiple bedrooms (depending on the size you choose), including a master bedroom and a large, stunning master bathroom. Plus, there is a large living and kitchen area complete with solid maple cabinets and full extension, soft-close doors, and laminate countertops or an optional solid surface top. Here is a video about the Homestead.

Park Model Homes In Colorado

For a smaller, more temporary modern home, check out our line of Luxuary Park Model Homes including. And while park models aren’t generally used as a permanent residence, they are a great option as temporary housing, or short-term rentals. For more information about park model RV homes, you can read our article about them here.

The Rockwood Park Model Home

Rockwood park model modern prefab homes in Colorado

The Rockwood Park Model Home is a luxury, tiny home-style building. With large glass floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides of the main living area providing incredible views of the surrounding nature, and with the beautiful front porch, there is even more space to relax. The living area includes a living room, dining room, and small kitchen, with modern cabinets and black granite countertops. The master bedroom is at the back, with the bathroom in between. Here is a video about the Rockwood.

The Alpine Park Model

Alpine Park Model rv in colorado

The Alpine Park Model Home is a stunning, modern, yet simple park model rv. With high-quality siding, a black metal roof, and beautiful Marvin Elevate ebony finished windows and patio doors. Speaking of…the full glass doors at the front provide plenty of light into the main living area, that includes a living area and luxury modern kitchen. The master bedroom also includes a beautiful window, and the bathroom on the other side, has both a full tiled shower and a large soaking tub.

Other Homes And Cabins By Zook Cabins

Are you looking for a more rustic option than a modern prefab home in Colorado? We also have a full line of luxury log homes with authentic log siding, pine interiors, and generally a beautiful option if you want a rustic log home.

For example, check out the Glacier Log Cabin, with floor plans ranging from 26×36 to 30×56, and includes a half loft, vista glass windows on the gable end, and a sprawling front porch.

Benefits Of A Zook Cabin Home

Customizable – We can take your ideas and combine them with our modern prefab homes to create a floor plan that is unique to your needs.

Save Time & Money – With the lumber and material shortage in today’s world, our pre-built homes are the perfect solution. Our homes are manufactured in a climate-controlled facility and allow you, the customer, to have your home built and set in a timely manner, without having to wait for the weather to clear or crews to be available.

State-approved & Inspected – All required inspections for our modular homes have already been completed, thanks to our modular house builder’s license. You won’t need to hire a local inspector to check your building’s electrical, plumbing, and framing. Your foundation and the way your structure is attached to the base are the only things your local inspector needs to check.

High Quality – The quality that our modern prefab homes have to offer will astound you. Each of our modular homes is constructed with expert Amish carpenters and the best quality materials available. 

Video Of Colorado Cabin Delivery

Things To Consider For Prefab Homes In Colorado

Snow Load: 

Snow load and how your modern prefab home will handle it is an important factor you should take into account when selecting the best home design for your Colorado mountain property. Let’s start off by saying that our homes are made to resist the weather, and our engineering drawings will dispel any doubts you or your inspector may have about this. However, we might suggest the following if and where snow load is a particular concern:

The steeper the pitch of your roof, the easier the snow will slide off. For your Colorado home or getaway, we suggest making the roof of your home as steep as possible. In addition, to provide extra strength, we design your structure with more roofs and closer roof trusses. Contact us for more information. 


Building permits are very important when installing your own modular home in Colorado. Colorado may be in the west, but the days when each man had to fend for himself are long gone. Just because you’re building in a distant mountainous area doesn’t mean you’ll get a break. Due process must be followed while manufacturing your home and supplying sufficient utilities, and this requirement will be upheld across the state. Click here for more information.

homestead modern prefab homes in Colorado

Locations For Zook Modern Prefab Homes In Colorado

When it comes to building your own modern prefab home, you probably already have a property you’re dreaming of building on. But if not, then here is a short list of some great places in Colorado to start your prefab modern home journey. 

  • Summit County: The home of the popular Breckenridge, CO, and Silverthorne, CO. 
  • Boulder County: A great university town surrounded by stunning mountains. 
  • Jefferson County: The suburbs of Denver, and yet plenty of room to roam. 
  • Mesa County: home to the National Monument, this is incredible place to live.
  • El Paso County: Surrounding Colorado Springs with the front range as a backdrop. 
  • Gunnison County: An outdoor adventurers paradise. Great place to call home. 

This list is simply meant to get you started on your quest, so discover the diversity and beauty of this area for yourself, and choose the best spot for your own Modern Prefab Homes in Colorado. More Exciting Real Estate Options in Colorado

In Conclusion…

While finding perfect modern prefab homes in Colorado isn’t an easy task. If you’re looking for a fast, reliable, and efficient home or cabin, look no further than Zook Cabins. With multiple modern homes and cabin styles available, we’re confident you’ll find your dream home here. We specialize in manufacturing and installing top-quality prefab homes. Whatever your needs or preferences are, we make it our mission to create it for you. 

Contact us or request a free quote today to find out more.

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What will your cabin story Be?

"…a moment or two later another branch broke, and they began to realize that they had a little company. His father turned around and turned on the flashlight, and there 30′ from their family campfire stood an unexpected visitor…A BEAR…the perfect example of the memories that can be made and shared at the prefab log home."