Park Model Homes in Delaware

The state of Delaware may be small in size, but it has much to offer. It features an abundance of coastline and charming beach towns, perfect for a relaxing vacation. Park model homes in Delaware are perfect for this environment and provide a great place from which to explore this state. Keep reading and find out how you can use your next park model in Delaware!

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Why You Should Consider Park Model Homes in Delaware

If you’re considering buying a park model home, an important part of that decision is deciding where the park model should be located. If you’re considering Delaware, there are many great locations to place a park model. Whether you’re getting one for your own personal vacation spot, or as a short-term rental, Delaware is a great place to choose. Here’s a list of top vacation spots and parks that could be perfect to place a park model near:

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  1. Rehoboth Beach: The town of Rehoboth Beach is the most visited town in Delaware for a reason. It boasts a great boardwalk, a variety of shops and restaurants, and stunning ocean views. All of this makes it an ideal spot for a park model home.
  2. Redden State Forest: If a woodland getaway appeals to you, than placing your park model near the Redden State Forest is a great idea. This large state forest provides many opportunities for hiking, camping, or hunting. 
  3. Dover: The second largest city in Delaware, this city has many attractions in and near it, including the Dover Motor Speedway and nearby beaches. With entertainment like this, a weekend getaway or a short-term rental near this city could be perfect. 
  4. Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge: This beautiful area is known for its migratory bird population and is a great place to explore with the family. 
  5. Fenwick Island State Park: The southern most beach in Delaware, this national park is a perfect spot to enjoy the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, or the bay on the other side of Fenwick Island. Place a park model near hear, and you’ll have all kinds of activities to enjoy.

If you’d like some inspiration on how to use your park model, check out some of these tiny houses and park model homes in Delaware on Airbnb’s website.

Park Model Homes: 3 Common Questions

A Park Model Home can be a big investment, so its important to be informed about your decision. Here are some common questions people ask and our answers.

Park Model Homes: Are They a Good Investment?

If you’re looking for an investment opportunity, park model homes in Delaware can be a great thing to add to your investment portfolio. Park model homes offer a unique experience that people will love, and can be a lucrative side business. Here’s a great blog on how you can make money with a park model.

What’s the Difference Between a Park Model and a Tiny House?

While there are a lot of similarities between the two, the main difference is that park models are considered RV’s, and therefore are eligible for RV loans and insurance. Here’s a blog we’ve written on the topic if you’re interested in learning more. 

How Much do Park Models Cost? 

A park model home price can vary quite a bit, much like a standard home. You can spend $150,000-$200,000 on high end models, but can find models as low as $20,000 if you buy used. If you want to get pricing on specific Zook Cabin models, check out our pricing page.

Zook Cabins Park Models: A Quality Buying Experience

When you buy a park model, you don’t simply get a building. With every purchase comes a buying experience that reflects our values of professionalism and excellent customer service. Here’s a few things that you’ll get when you buy a park model from Zook Cabins.

  • A building that’s built to last
  • Customer service that’s second to none
  • A building that’s been inspected and RV certified
  • A beautiful, well-designed structure
  • A park model that’s ready to move in on the day of delivery

If you’re looking for something a bit bigger than a park model, then check out the other prefab cabins that we offer. At Zook Cabins, we have smaller cottage-style cabins and larger modular log homes

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In Delaware, you’ll find lots of great spots to live or vacation, and you can do it from a park model home from Zook Cabins. If you have any questions about park model homes, feel free to contact us, or visit the rest of our website to see all the other models we offer. We look forward to hearing from you.