Park Model Homes in Ohio

With a slogan like “Find it here”, Ohio is a great place to find your next dream vacation home in a park model cabin or home. Like a former spokeswoman for Ohio’s development services once said “We don’t have an ocean, but we have a lake, hills and rollercoasters”. So why not experience the joy of Park Model Home living in Ohio, and it can start today!

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Bordering one of the largest freshwater lakes, host to 75 state parks, and 87 percent of the state covered by woodland, it’s a great place to get out and enjoy the great outdoors with Park Model Homes in Ohio. And if you are more of an urbanite, and prefer the hustle and bustle of the big city, then step right over to Columbus and experience the city called “The heart of it all”, a title that comes from the fact that almost half of population of the United States lives within a 10-hour drive of Columbus.

And while Ohio doesn’t have expansive mountain ranges and exotic beaches, it offers a tranquil, slower pace of life. So whether you’re into a relaxing spot along the shore of Lake Erie, or prefer a stroll down the traditional Amish country of Holmes County, Ohio offers a little bit for everyone!

Park Model Homes in Ohio

What are Park Model Homes?

A Park Model Home is a small, tiny home-like house that is usually built on a single chassis with wheels. To be defined as a park model home, it needs to be under 400 sq. ft. (except in Florida where it’s under 500 sq. ft.). Park Model homes are classified as recreational vehicles and are built to the ANSI A119.5 Code for RVs instead of the typical building code used for other homes.

Why Park Model homes in Ohio?

Park model homes in Ohio are increasingly gaining popularity, thanks to their affordability and a great return on investment as well as the lifestyle they symbolize. Are you looking for an affordable yet beautiful vacation home but aren’t interested in spending a boatload of cash or wading through the whole design, permits, and building process? Then Park Model Homes are the direction you should go. With the flexibility to move them if you ever decide you want to relocate plus lots of opportunities to use them as a vacation rental, you really can’t go wrong with a park model home!

Interior of Park Model Homes in Ohio

The Benefits of Zook Cabin Park Model Homes in Ohio?

  • Save Money!  – No Need for a permanent foundation!
  • Save Time – because our park model homes are built in a manufacturing facility, there is no need to wait for the weather to be right, or for a construction crew to be available. 
  • State-approved & Inspected – All of our Park Model Homes are built to the ANSI A119.5 Code for recreational park trailers and come with an RVIA Seal and VIN number. 
  • Turn-Key! –  Our Park Model Cabins come ready to move into. Simply hook up your utilities and move right in! 
  • Low-Cost Investment with High Return on Investment  – Check out our blog about Park Models as A Short-Term Investment.

Common Questions about Park Model Homes in Ohio

Are Park model homes a good investment?

Investing in a high-quality, well-built Park Model can be a great investment. With a low investment cost and a high ROI, Park Models really can be a great value add to your portfolio. With the tiny home trend on the rise, renting your Park Model home via a vacation rental site like Airbnb is a great way to utilize your investment. Visit this blog post for more information about Park Model Homes as a Short-Term Investment.

What is the difference between a park model and a tiny home?

Tiny homes and Park Models are similar in a lot of ways, but you will quickly see the difference when you look at the price, the building codes that are followed, and most importantly, their intended use. Tiny homes are built to local and state building codes and can be used as permanent dwellings while park model homes are built to the ANIS A-119.515 standard which is used for RVs and is intended as temporary living quarters. 

Can you live full-time in Park model homes in Ohio?

In most cases, you are NOT permitted to live full time in a Park Model or RV. The reason behind this regulation is that the US HUD does not classify them as permanent dwellings, but rather as recreational vehicles and RVs are only to be used for camping, travel, and recreational uses. 

Interior Park Model Homes in Ohio

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Locations in Ohio to invest in a Park Model Home!

Delaware County: Just north of Columbus, and home to the 4,630-acre park called Alum Creek State Park.

Belmont County: Boarding West Virginia, it is a county filled with rugged hills, dense woodland, and the scenic Piedmont Lake. 

Ottawa County: With over 90 miles of shoreline with Lake Erie, and a beautiful peninsula jutting out into the lake that is home to the stunning East Harbor State Park. 

Ohio Land for Sale: These are just a few options for you to consider, but the whole state is open and a great place to put your own Park Model Home.

If a park model home isn’t quite what you were looking for, then check out the other prefab cabins that we have to offer. At Zook Cabins, we have everything from small cottage-style cabins to large modular log homes

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So whether you are looking for a holiday vacation home, a temporary housing solution, or simply a way to invest your hard-earned cash. Park Model Homes in Ohio are a great option for you. And a Zook Cabins Park Model Home brings you the best of the Park Models available. Call us today, or contact us here, for more information about our Park Models. Or you can request your free quote and start the process of investing in your new Park Model Home!