The Cozy Cabin

A lofted cabin is an Amish built modular log cabin that offers you floor plan options starting at 26×36 and going all the way to 30×56. With options for a half loft or a full second floor, you can choose what’s more important in your log cabin. If the views and natural light are important, then the half loft with the vista glass on the gable end is a must. If you need the extra space for storage or potential bedrooms then the full second floor will be perfect for you.

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The lofted cabins have a wide range of floor plans starting at the smallest 26×36 all the way up to the 30×56. Looking at the square footage, that means the first floor of the smallest lofted cabins is 936 sq. ft. and the largest is 1,680 sq. ft. The beauty of the lofted cabins, however, is that you have the option of choosing between the half loft and the full loft. We touch on the features of both of these lofts in the options section.

Why The Cozy Cabin?

You don’t have to wait to set foot inside a lofted log cabin to be blown away, the outside of a lofted cabin is the very beginning of where this cabin sets itself apart from the rest of its modular log cabin competition. This two-story log cabin will have your friends asking you a lot of questions, and few people will probably believe you at first when you say this log cabin was built in a manufacturing facility and then delivered to your property in half’s on the bed of two semis. You can also reassure them that the stigma against modular built homes doesn’t play a factor when you are talking about a high-quality Zook Cabin.

Attractive Log Cabins

With an aesthetically appealing, steep roofline, paired with a couple of A-Frame dormers, a lofted cabin soon can feel and look like the perfect place to call home. While the option of the large vista glass is often thought of as a feature that might benefit the interior more than the exterior, the large vista glass does add a nice touch to a lofted cabin. Few beautiful homes lack a nice exterior porch and a lofted cabin is no different. With the choice of a “side” porch, wraparound porch, or a gable deck, this lofted log cabin gives you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors from the luxury of a sprawling porch. Each one of the porch options is mentioned below with their different specs.

A lofted cabin with the full loft is the most economical way to add square footage to large log homes. With its attractive, steep roofline and expansive front porch, this 2 story cabin is sure to impress friends. These Amish log homes will soon become your favorite place to relax.

Standard Features of The Cozy Cabin

cabin certified

Certified Modular Cabins for sale, fully engineered to your state & local building codes

cabin warranty

GAF lifetime architectural shingle roof, with an option for 40yr metal roofing

icon cabin pine walls

¾” tongue & groove knotty-white pine walls and ceiling, finished with 2-coat clear poly finish and engineered yellow pine tongue & groove wood floors with durable clear poly finish

cabin windows

ProVia insulated vinyl windows, double-hung/tilt with max efficiency Low-E/Argon/HC Glass

cabin cabinets

Solid pine cabinetry with full-extension, soft-close doors & drawers and Wilsonart laminate counter tops, with an option for a solid surface Corian

cabin plumbing

Full wired, plumbed, and insulated to meet all state & local building codes

Get Pricing on a Cabin

Our pricing includes delivery, set-up, and crane charges. All floor plans are customizable, so let your project manager know what personal touches you would like to incorporate. With Zook Cabins you won’t have any worries…just a lot more time enjoying your new modular log cabin home and making new memories for years to come!

Which Loft Do I Want?

When choosing a lofted cabin the second floor is where a few big decisions need to be made. The style of loft that is chosen directly affects the layout and livable space that is available in your log cabin. Our lofted cabin comes with two different loft options; the half loft and the full loft. The features of these two lofts are detailed below.

The Half Loft

The half loft unlocks the full potential of a lofted log cabin. This paired with the large vista glass on the gable end of the log cabin lets you enjoy your log cabin to a whole new level. Your kitchen/ dining room area now becomes a wide-open space. With 18 feet to the ceiling and the vista glass on the gable end, you are getting an immense amount of natural light. We didn’t even mention the amazing views of the night’s sky you will also be able to enjoy.

The loft area is accessed by steps that come off of the main living area of the first floor. A nice landing area at the top of the steps and a door leading into an extra room, make up the loft area. This unfinished room allows you to choose how you want to use it. While many people choose to let this extra room unfinished and use it for storage, others want the room finished out for a bedroom or office area. The size of the loft area is all dependent on the floor plan size you decide to go with.

Full Loft

The full loft area is only available if you are choosing to NOT go with the vista glass on the gable end of your log cabin. This full loft area is accessed by the stairs in the middle of the modular log cabin. While the full loft area comes standard as an unfinished floor, you can choose to have this floor finished which will increase the amount of living space dramatically. Adding extra bedrooms and an office can then easily be done. The full loft runs the length and width of the cabin which eliminates the high ceilings in the dining room area that you would get with a half loft.

If your property has a one of a kind view, take full advantage of it with the half lofted cabin paired with the vista glass! Designed to sit on a property and focus all the attention out of the glass in the cathedral ceiling, our half lofted cabin home plans will showcase the best future — the view.

Porch & Deck Options

An important exterior aspect of any home is the porch. A log cabin is no different. The porch plays an important part in setting the mood for friends and family when they visit your home. The side and wraparound porches double as entryways to your home and are a great spot for those welcome decorations. The gable deck is for those summer evenings, eating supper as the birds sing and the sun sets. This is the perfect spot to gather with friends. We recognize the porch for what it is, an important piece of your log cabin home.

Side Porch

entryway side porch on a lofted cabin 1
Side porch on a lofted cabin 1
lofted cabin with a side porch 1

The side porch is an awesome way to have anyone enter your log cabin home. With a width of 6 feet, this porch runs the length of the cabin leaving 2 feet to spare on either side of the porch. Used as the entryway into your log cabin home, the side porch leaves you plenty of room for decorations and outdoor chairs. This can be the perfect place to watch the morning or evening sunrise while sipping your favorite beverage.

Gable Deck

Gable Deck for Lofted Cabin 1
Lofted Cabin with Gable Deck 1
Gable Deck Lofted Cabin 1

The gable porch is maybe more easily explained as a deck. This deck comes on the gable end of the log cabin. With large patio doors coming from the main living area onto the deck, this is a nice extension off of the indoor living area. The size of the deck is 8 feet wide and the length is 2 feet shorter than the length of your log cabin. The size makes this the perfect place for your grill and outdoor furniture. Paired with a beautiful mountain view, this will take your evenings together with your family, to the next level.

Wraparound Porch

Wraparound porch on lofted cabin 1

lofted log cabin with a wraparound porch 1

lofted cabin with a wraparound porch 1

Not satisfied with the side porch or the gable deck? Then the wraparound porch is what you are looking for. With a standard width of 6 feet, this is the ultimate porch for your log cabin. While this is rarely wrapped around the whole log cabin, it is great if you aren’t satisfied with only the side porch. With the wraparound porch, you can start with a side porch and wraparound to the gable end, here you can have a door that leads to the main living area.

Extra Spaces

If you are looking to add even more space to your lofted cabin then we do have a few options for you. The bump-out room is a great way to add some extra space to your dining room area. It works as the perfect spot for your dining room table. The other extra space options we have

A frame dormers for lofted cabins 1

A Frame Dormer

Shed style dormer on lofted cabin 1

Shed-Style Dormer

Bump out room on the lofted cabin 1

Bump-out Room

A Lofted Cabin is an Amish built log cabin, not a manufactured log home! Since there is a ton of perplexity in the development business concerning home structure, numerous purchasers relate pre-manufactured log homes and pre-made modular log homes reciprocally. However, there are immense contrasts between the two. Check out our blog and become familiar with the distinction between Amish built log cabin vs manufactured log homes.