Custom Garages

prefabricated log cabin garages for sale

Being able to customize your prefabricated log cabin garage is one of the most important reasons our customers buy from us. You want a door or window in a certain place, or a specific type of exterior, or how about a bright pink exterior paint to make your custom garage really pop? All these things and more are available in our fully customizable prefab garages for sale.

log cabin garages prefab

Just like our 5 pitch prefab garage, our custom garage kits are designed to be built on-site, giving you the opportunity to pick and choose exactly how you would like your garage laid out and where you would like to have your garage delivered and set-up.

Same great features available: No center modular support walls, higher side walls, larger garage doors, higher roof pitches that we can add extended shed dormers to that would give you the perfect space to add a living quarters above your new garage.

Give us an idea of how you would like your new custom garage design to look, anywhere from a written idea or a crayon drawing – we can make it happen. As experienced custom garage builders, we know how to turn your dream projects into reality. To our skilled Amish carpenters wood is putty – so if you think it, we can design and build it. These prefab garages for sale will be able to match your style and property down to the finest details.

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