Modern Farmhouse Vs. Modern Mountain House Styles: What You Should Know

Right now, there are two trending styles of modern cabins. You may be familiar already with one or both (which is likely why you opened this blog in the first place.) So, without further ado, let’s hear it for…. the Modern Farmhouse cabin and the Modern Mountain cabin.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about these two styles.

In this blog, you will enjoy an overview of the Modern Farmhouse style and the Modern Mountain house style. Plus, cover some of the differences, the similarities, and end this out with some real Modern Farmhouse and Modern Mountain cabins available for you!

Whether you are curious about the differences, trying to choose between the two, or trying to learn more about a specific one, let’s tackle this exciting topic together! Let’s discover which style is right for you!

What Is The Modern Farmhouse Style?

modern farmhouse style 0023

The Modern Farmhouse style pulls together the best of rustic and sophisticated beauty with its delicate combination of mixed metals, natural materials (such as wood, leather, stone etc.), neutral colors, high ceilings, and strong clean lines.

The result leaves you with a perfect blend of rustic, chic, contemporary, and country!

The Modern Farmhouse style is meant to be fresh, breath-taking, rejuvenating, and natural.

Let’s dig deeper into the Modern Farmhouse’s distinctives further down. Next up is the Modern Mountain Style.

What Is The Modern Mountain House Style?

modern farmhouse style 0023

The Modern Mountain house style marries the best of contemporary class with wood accents by combining clean lines, minimalism, high ceilings, natural colors and textured materials, large windows, and lots of natural lighting.

Ready for the end result!?

You get to enjoy your love of natural wood and your exquisite tastes for modern appeal without tripping over bearskin rugs or accidentally bumping your noggin on a deer head. Basically, without too much old hat cabin paraphernalia.

The Modern Mountain house style is meant to be relaxing, earthy, stunning, and low maintenance.

The Differences: Modern Farmhouse Vs. Modern Mountain

Are you ready to see the differences between the Modern Farmhouse and the Modern Mountain?  If so, it’s showtime!

Let’s break the differences into 4 categories.

  1. Exterior & Landscape
  2. Interior & Design
  3. Décor & Special Features
  4. Setting

Let’s get started!

1. Exterior & Landscape

The Modern Farmhouse Exterior & Landscape:

modern farmhouse exterior

A Modern Farmhouse is painted a bright and cheerful white on Lap or Board and Batten wooden siding. As a stunning contrast to its clean white exterior are the large and small black-framed windows gracing the outside of the cabin. Sitting at the feet of the cabin are landscapes created with colorful flowers, local plants, and small shrubs. The Modern Farmhouse landscape ranges from minimalistic to extensive, yet tastefully designed.  

The Modern Mountain Exterior & Landscape:

In contrast to the bright white of a Modern Farmhouse, the Modern Mountain house style is painted earthy colors, such as rustic greens, simple tans, deep blues, and greys. However, less of its exterior paint shows as plenty of extra-large windows usually grace the outside of this style of cabin. Decorative stonework can be integrated into the exterior as well. The surrounding landscape is minimalistic and low maintenance with a special priority on native plants and stone. 

2. Interior & Design

The Modern Farmhouse Interior & Design:

modern farmhouse style 2

As you step inside the Modern Farmhouse style, the cabin’s walls greet you in coats of either bright, clean white, light beiges, or soft greys. In contrast to these mellow colors, black, charcoal grey, or medium grey accent walls, cupboards, furniture, or appliances jump out in tasteful contrast. As a special feature, you will notice rooms covered in white Ship Lap or Board and Batten which adds unique character. It is also common to see light-colored brick or tile gracing the expanse of a fireplace or on the backdrop of a kitchen.

The Modern Mountain Interior & Design:

modern farmhouse style 3

In keeping with its exterior color choice, yet a bit tamer in its shade, the interior walls of a Modern Mountain are covered in simple tans, beiges, greys, and earthy greens. As a breath-taking complement to the neutral colors, darker colored stonework or brick is showcased in multiple places throughout the cabin. You might also see a combination of mild to darker toned wood for standout paneling in the living room or other rooms.

3. Décor & Special Features

The Modern Farmhouse Décor & Special Features:

modern farmhouse decor6

Modern Farmhouse décor aims to achieve a modern, natural, charming, and simple look.

Sprinkled throughout the rooms are modern, industrial metal, or unique light fixtures, usually black, gold, or naturally colored. Often, you will see a few distressed or vintage pieces set here and there. Natural materials are given special attention like linen or cotton curtains, jute rugs, dried flowers, and pottery.  Mixed metals are very popular and carefully blended into different spaces.  A combination of modern furniture with clean lines, faux fur, reclaimed, natural, or painted wood, or leather grace the living rooms and kitchens.

The Modern Mountain Décor & Special Features:

modern farmhouse decor

The Modern Mountain house style décor strives to achieve a classy, relaxing, earthy, and minimalistic look.

As popular lighting choices, you will see classy glass or dark-colored metal light fixtures attached to various walls and glass, or wooden chandeliers hanging from the ceilings. Intricate stonework and/or wood paneling stand as stunning, decorative touches alone. Of course, plenty of wooden highlights are integrated into the staircases, sometimes ceilings, walls, trim work, and kitchen islands. The kitchen and living spaces are filled with either leather, modern, metal, or wooden furniture. Modern accenting rugs are often set spread out across the different living rooms or bedrooms.

4. Setting

The Modern Farmhouse Setting:

You will often see Modern Farmhouse style cabins set in open fields or tracks of land. Sometimes this style of cabin will be set by the woods.

The Modern Mountain House Setting:

True to its name, the Modern Mountain style cabin is set in the mountains, woods, or hilly or woody countryside.

Now that we covered the main differences, get ready to see how much these two trending styles of cabin have in common.

You might be surprised!

Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness”

Frank Gehry

Modern Farmhouse Style & Modern Mountain House Style Similarities

There actually are quite a few similarities between the Modern Farmhouse style and the Modern Mountain house cabin.  Since both styles are in this together, let’s just make one list of the similarities that can be shared by both.

  • Wood Floors
  • Exposed beams
  • Granite or marble counters
  • Marble bathrooms
  • High ceilings
  • Stonework
  • Black-framed windows
  • Open design
  • Local sourcing
  • Reclaimed materials
  • Neutral colors
  • Simple kitchen cabinetry
  • Wooden trim around windows, doors, or floor
  • Focus on the natural
  • Large windows

The list could go on! If you know of any other similarities between the Modern Mountain Cabin or the Modern Farmhouse Cabin, let us know!

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