29 Park Model Ideas: Design, Inspiration, and more

Bought a park model and now hunting for ideas? Or maybe you are still researching park models and want inspiration to excite your imagination? Well, you’re in the right place. In this article, we offer many park model decorating and remodeling ideas. Read our descriptions or simply browse our photo selections. 

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Alpine park model RV campground cabin

What Is a Park Model Home?

What is a park model home? A park model home is a type of RV that can be used as a semi-permanent or seasonal (i.e. vacation) home. Park models include hook-up options and amenities such as bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Of course, you have to check with local zoning laws before you decide to invest in a park model and settle in a specific location. 

Because park model homes have a living space of around 400 square feet, finding park model home interior design ideas can become difficult. But there are easy solutions!

Ready to be inspired with park model ideas? Keep reading!

A park model with lots of tiny living ideas.

Park Model Ideas

Wanting some ideas to transform your park model into a cozy home? Together, let’s explore design and decor options for a loft, kitchen, living space, and exterior of your park model. Here we go! 

A park model using tiny home living ideas.


A park model home definitely comes with limited square footage, and space becomes a huge luxury. But you don’t have to become overwhelmed! Lofts add instant square footage, and the possibilities are endless, ranging from a movie theater to a seasonal storage space. 

A park model idea: a reading nook.

1. Reading Readiness

Surround the walls of your loft with books. Foster an atmosphere of reading, relaxation and continual mental stimulation.

2. Movie Theatre

What better place to curl up and binge watch your favorite shows? Allow the time to float by as you nestle into the characters’ actions and life. 

A park model with lots of tiny living ideas for a loft.

3. Storage Compartment 

Probably one of the hardest parts about living in a park model is the lack of space around you. Use your loft as a storage compartment for all of your extra belongings such as Christmas decorations or fishing tackle.

4. Teenage Room

Is your teenager at the stage of life where they yearn for extra space and freedom? Give them the loft! This can be their source of creativity and passion. You’ll be happy. They’ll be happy.

5. Starlight View 

Dream of sleeping under the stars? It could be reality! Add a skylight to your park model roof above your loft and slowly doze into slumber as you count the shimmering stars above your head.

A park model with lots of tiny living ideas for a loft.

6. Nap Den 

Many adults love naps. But kids? Not so much. If you designate the loft as the official “nap den” and add stuffed animals or fun pillows that are only allowed at naptime, you may just make naps the most anticipated part of your child’s day. What a relief! Or just make it the adult nap den. 🙂

7. Kids Corner 

Give the loft to your young children. Allow them to have full reign of the loft, from decor to sleeping arrangements. This is a time and place to train them to have responsibility. 

A park model loft in a park model.

8. Mini Office 

Add a desk, a comfy chair, and your laptop. Ta-da! You now have a space to work with limited distractions. 

9. Four Seasons View 

Some of us love natural views – a sunset, a peaceful snowfall, fall foliage, a light drizzle – while still being warm and dry. Add a window to keep your eyes on the buzz of the earth around your park model. 

A starlight view idea from a park model.

10. Guest Room 

Love to host, but embarrassed by your tight living quarters? Convert your loft into a comfortable guest room with a tiny dresser and bright lamp. Beware. Your loved ones may never leave. 🙂 

11. Mindfulness Retreat

Let’s face the facts. Life throws a lot of stress our way. Arrange the loft so that you have a section to journal, listen to soothing music, and refocus your mind on the positive.

A kitchen using park model ideas.

Kitchen: Park Model Decorating 

Often the kitchen is where life happens. But it can also be the area that becomes the most cluttered, becoming a major eye-sore for your entire park model home. No worries! We outline many easy, efficient solutions to keep your area gorgeous, organized, and clutter-free. 

12. Cutting Boards 

When thinking about your cutting boards, choose some that are aesthetically pleasing and can be hung on your kitchen walls. It’s a win-win situation, giving you both decor and natural storage. 

A photo collage that can be used as a park model idea.

13. Fridge Photo Collage

Fridges and freezers are just practical, right? Wrong. Gather your favorite photos from last year – graduation of a loved one, birthday celebration, your pet’s cute face – and for a few dollars a piece, you can convert them into magnetic memories. 

14. Sink Cover 

If you have limited counter space, a sink-cover allows for extra room to chop veggies, host assembly-line meals, and more. 

Serving plat college that can be used as a park model idea.

15. Serving Plates

Have family heirloom plates, but no china cupboard? Hang those precious pieces on the wall for practical park model decorating and storage. 

A kitchen in a park model.

16. Hidden Trash 

When it comes to park model design ideas, keep in mind that clutter is your number one enemy. And trash easily becomes a cluttered eye-sore. Solution? Place your trash can under one of your cupboards. 

17. Matching Hot Pads and Towels 

Remember how we mentioned clutter? Well, too many colors and patterns leave a park model feeling cramped and over-stimulating. Keep all your dish rags, towels, and hot pads in neutral, matching shades. 

18. Window Above the Sink 

In the limited space of a park model, dishes can accumulate fast. A window directly above your sink gives you motivational scenery (i.e. observing birds flying to their nest) to wipe away food scraps from crusty dishes. 

Park model living ideas

Living Space: Park Model Design 

Maybe you’re thinking that hosting huge parties is wishful thinking for your park model. That’s simply not the case! With decor and furniture which double in both functionality and beauty, you’ll be able to experience many happy memories with family, friends, or simply yourself. 

19. Collapsible Table 

A table that folds up into a wall or completely collapses allows for extra space when transitioning to other activities such as exercise or larger parties. Another option is a drop leaf table.

20. Extra Lighting

Light creates a spacious atmosphere. Fairy lights, string lights, LED lights, and chandeliers are just a few ideas to make your park model more homey. 

21. Sentimental Art

Resist the urge to throw away all your sentimental “junk.” Really, it can be your greatest treasure. Pick out a few pieces that evoke the best memories or experiences. Frame them on your walls…(again, storage meets decor)…and let the conversations unfold. 

One of many park model ideas for living space.

22. Extra Pillows

Pillows are a clever way to accent your walls and are quite practical. They add an extra layer of comfort and you can swap them out instantly to match your ever-revolving vibe.

23. Bean Bag Corner 

Couches are not a must for park models. With a few bean bags in a corner, everyone is sure to have a spot to lounge without eating up huge amounts of your limited floor space.

Many different park model ideas being used.

24. Floating Shelves

With floating shelves, you can add books, display necessities (think things like large serving bowls), and even gather some nick-nacks without having the bulk of a full bookshelf. 

25. Display a World Map

Tiny living can make us feel like we are the extent of the world. Don’t let that mindset overwhelm you. A large world map can remind me of the vast diversity and beauty of the surrounding world. 

Many different park model ideas being used.


26. Hammock

A hammock is the perfect place for you to kick up your feet and feel as if you have more square footage in your home. 

Many different park model ideas being used, showing a wind-chime.

27. Wind Chimes

Wanting a perfect blend of aesthetics and great, background noise? Grab a wind chime! Or for more of a collection style, have a few gathered to enjoy during a storm or windy weather. 

28. Bird Feeder

While you’re washing dishes and looking out the window, a bird feeder will be sure to gather a happy flock of birds. As you work, you’ll feel that you have company through the mundane. 

29. Small trampoline

In a small space, where can you adequately exercise? A small trampoline will allow you the opportunity to exercise both outdoors and indoors. If the weather is bad, you can easily store a small trampoline in your loft.

A lot of park model ideas

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, your creativity was just activated and you now have a whole list of decorating and remodeling ideas for your park model’s interior!

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Well, that’s all for now! Cheers to your park model life! 

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