Cozy Up Cabins and Luxury Log Homes ~ Big and Small, Zook Cabins Builds Them All


Nikki Alvin-Smith

Log cabins and modular luxury log homes in the U.S.A. have come a long way since their introduction by the Swedish settlers in the 1600’s.

The frontier log home is still popular today, but the 10×12 foot one room with a sleeping loft, one glass window structure that had to be built by materials found on the property that the Homestead Act of 1862 required, has certainly grown from a structure for basic needs to luxury accommodations. Nails were not available to those settlers and the basic log home construction consequently required notches cut with an ax on the edge of each log. Nails did not become available until the late 19th Century and as they were handmade by blacksmiths they were expensive and heavy. So the logs were simply stacked utilizing the notched ends fitted together to keep them in place. How inventive was that!

Early Settlers Cabins

Valley Forge cabin

For a man building a log cabin alone, raising these logs higher than his height was difficult so cabins were typically only six to eight logs high. As the community developed and settled, the settlers and pioneers added to this frontier cabin design making them larger. Typically a fireplace was added at one end of the cabin to provide heat and a place to cook.

As the leading log home manufacturers and custom log home Amish builders, we still offer frontier, pioneer, Adirondack and settler style cabins honoring those original designs.
Prefab log cabin builds that are delivered to your site for a quick and convenient abode are very popular today across America. Hunters and other outdoor lovers that enjoy a myriad of outside activities love the simple style and functionality of the prefab log cabin.
Naturally, dirt floors are a thing of the past, and today you can choose from a variety of handsome wood floors. The prefab cabin’s affordability drives their popularity, and for an outfitter setting up a compound for a successful business they provide a great option for shelter.
If you like to cozy up in front of the fireplace and cook a simple meal you’ve harvested yourself from the countryside, then a cabin is a fine place to kick off your boots and make a deer or fish stew to share with a few friends or family.

Alpine Influence Of The Chalet

Behind those early one-story cabin styles came the alpine influence of the chalet. Originally the chalet was very similar to those modest cabins except they had highly angled roofs to shed the snow, and often had paneled sides to support the heavier lumber used in the rafters. Popular in alpine areas of heavy snowfall, this design would become multi-story over time, and today modular log homes can incorporate a decked-out architectural delight.

When you think about constructing a modular log cabin, the choice of top-quality lumber to build it is of significant importance. You want to secure the best products for the task to ensure longevity of the build. Thankfully today you don’t have to rely on logs from your own woodlot to build your home, although my neighbor built his entire log home with wood harvested from his own property. The last wood he chopped down was cherry wood to finish his kitchen counters. I don’t think most of us are up for doing that, no matter how handy we might think we are.
How do you want your cabin to look?
Of course buying a new home should be a pleasure and while it may be more expensive than heading out to your property on the hunt for tall straight trees to fell to get started ‘Alaska style’, the atmosphere of the structure will still take you back to the days of yore and the Western movies you may have watched as a kid. John Wayne’s movie characters may not have enjoyed the luxury of the ‘acoutrements’ you can choose from today such as whirlpools, fancy kitchen appliances, and more basics such as running water inside the house, that are available today. In the current marketplace, the log home is an extremely sought after style of building.
Where do you want to be?
When you think about those families that huddled together around the fire on cold wintry nights back on the frontier, far from home with an uncertain future, its easy to picture yourself with your loved ones doing the same. Sharing quality time together, figuring out your futures and solving problems by sharing your experience and life knowledge, and building memories that will last a lifetime.

Our expert log home builders at Zook Cabins often work with families that get together to build a log home as a shared vacation destination. It’s a smart way to channel their joint investment and for everyone to enjoy the benefits of low cost holidays without the expenses of hotels. Sometimes second homeowners opt for a modular log home with an eye to their future retirement away from the madding crowd.

Choose what you would like to pick!
Whatever the reason that the prefab log home or modular log cabin retains it fashionable status, it is clear that being able to provide a wealth of choice in styles and designs, from basic to luxury options, gives the ‘Zook’ advantage in delivering a log home to satisfy a whole range of customers. We’ve been at this a while of course, and enjoy a horde of experience in the log home niche.

Isn’t it time to carve out your place in the family history!