Maximizing Space in Your Park Model Home

Use a Smart Layout in Your Park Model Home

If you clicked on this article, chances are at one point in your park model home life you’ve thought “Where am I supposed to store everything?” You’re not alone in thinking this either, and to comfortably live in a space that’s 400 square feet, you must be creative. Now, park model homes are NOT meant to be permanent dwellings. These are temporary homes designed to be stored on a campground or private property. Due to their build, many have created DIY storage solutions for park model homes.

Before we discuss maximizing space in your park model home, you need to know what a park model is. A park model home is a dwelling of less than 400 square feet. Unlike a tiny home, park model homes are built to a code or regulation, similar to regular housing. Park model homes also must be registered as an RV. Think of this as a small RV that can be towed but is not meant for permanent dwelling. Since these homes are on wheels, they’re meant to be used recreationally. Now that you know what a park model home is and that they require you to store your belongings in less than 400 square feet, you see why maximizing storage is a great idea. But how?

Always Utilize Vertical Storage

One brilliant way to maximize storage in your park model home is by utilizing the vertical storage space around your home. To do this, sometimes you have to be innovative. Try storing items on top of kitchen cabinets or installing floating shelves. The whole point of vertical storage is to build up, hence the name “vertical”. In any park model home, vertical storage space will be your best friend, and for good reason.

Being creative with your storage space doesn’t mean limiting yourself to kitchen cabinets and shelves. Think of ways to build up. You can install floor-to-ceiling bookcases or use a blanket ladder. One crucial area to use when talking about vertical space is the loft. I understand that some park model homes don’t have a loft but this area is perfect for storage. Cubbies beside your bed can store clothes or toiletries. If these storage options don’t fit your style, you can use hooks to hang your items. Hooks can be used to hang baskets, clothes, or cookware. An overlooked option when installing shelving is corner shelves. Corner shelves are marvelous because they ensure you utilize all the space you can. Even if you have open shelves, bookcases, or cabinets, corner shelving is always overlooked.

The last vertical storage option on this list is a rollable three-tier cart. Don’t get me wrong, this can’t store your entire wardrobe, but a rollable cart can be moved virtually wherever. Store spices, books, or plants on the cart and move to another spot.

Maximizing Space in your bedroom park model home

Maximize kitchen space

When you’re a home cook, you tend to have a lot of items in your kitchen. This could be cookware, utensils, or spices. Maximizing your kitchen space will be a game changer, trust me. Kitchens are included in park model homes, meaning you’ll have cabinet space. Your kitchen cabinets can be fitted with an organizer to use as much space as possible. In this scenario, pre-made organizers will go a long way. Organizers can be bought to place inside the cabinets or put next to the counter, similar to the rolling cart previously mentioned. If you’re more handy and can build an organizer, one repeated design is a slim shelf to store spices on. Simply tuck the shelf next to the counter and use it when needed.

Try to use items that can be easily hung, as this will save on cabinet space. Adhesive wall hooks are great to stick inside cabinet doors to hang measuring spoons or lightweight utensils. Even though staying in a park model home is temporary, there’s no shame in using countertop space for storage. To ensure your countertop is used for maximum space, place items in the back of the counter to accent the backslash in your kitchen.

Maximizing Kitchen Space in Your Park Model

Use a smart layout

Not everyone thinks of a smart layout when maximizing space in a park model home. No, I don’t mean smart technology. No AI or robot will hide all your belongings and bring them out when needed. A smart layout implies that you need to be smart about the layout of your home (pretty simple, right?). This means not buying the large furniture and designing the layout for maximum efficiency. Tailoring your furniture around your park model home is a good way to maximize space. Large sectionals are easy to relax in but also impractical in a park model home.

I understand not everyone has a keen eye for design, which is why there’s software to help you. You don’t need to purchase high-end software either, there are many free apps on your phone’s app store. These design apps allow you to take photos of the room and add and remove furniture into the photo to layout as you see fit. Apps can also render a mockup of the floor layout, creating a blueprint for you to decide where furniture goes and the best design for your park model home.

Spacious Park Model Home

Create hidden storage

This has to be the most creative way to maximize space in your park model home. Creating items that allow you to hide your belongings is a game changer. The hidden storage in your park model home will be much more than a simple book safe. The time of hiding objects inside a hollowed-out book is over, and for good reason.

One way to create a hiding place is to have seating with built-in drawers. These drawers are made to blend in with the bench to provide a flawless finish, hiding their character from the unsuspecting eye. Along with storage benches, ottomans can be bought that are a similar concept. These ottomans appear normal just for the top to act as a door that can be lifted to show a hollow piece of furniture. Like the storage bench, beds can be bought that have drawers underneath as well. Beds with drawers underneath are perfect for storing clothes and reduce the need for an unnecessary dresser or plastic storage drawers.

If storing items under your bench or bed isn’t for you, this next option might be appealing. Available online are free-standing kitchen islands. By free-standing, I mean a kitchen island that’s movable. These islands can even have a storage cabinet or a wine rack underneath them. The cabinet would be great for storing items such as cookware. Custom options can be built if a mass-produced kitchen island isn’t for you. With a custom-made island, you can have the island created in a way for the cabinets to appear hidden.

Multi-use furniture

Multi-use furniture is exactly how it sounds, furniture that has multiple uses. There are many examples of space-saving multi-use furniture. Murphy beds are one of the most well-known and basic types of furniture that can be used for multiple occasions. A Murphy bed is a type of bed that can be folded into itself or upright to create the look of a storage closet or container. Wall-mounted tables or desks are another popular option to save space in a smaller environment. Simply pull down the furniture when using it and then fold it back into the wall when finished.

Multi use furniture to maximize space in your park model

Vacuum seal bags

Often neglected when trying to maximize the amount of space you have are vacuum seal bags. Any ordinary one from the store will work for this and can be bought at most common retail stores with a home section. This option is great due to its budget-friendliness and allows the bags to be stored easily. These bags can go under furniture such as a bed or hung up on the wall for quick access. Vacuum seal bags also come in many different sizes to choose from. The most common sizes that can be purchased include small, medium, large, extra large, and jumbo. Aside from storing clothes, you can also store pillows, towels, and blankets inside.

Wrapping it up

I hope this article has inspired you to envision your own unique way of maximizing space in your park model home. Whether you purchase organizational tools or furniture, saving space in your park model home doesn’t have to be complicated. All of the resources in this article are budget-friendly, and some can even be built by hand. The best part of these resources is that they can be used together for maximum space-saving efficiency. Utilize furniture with storage underneath to hide air-tight vacuumed bags and wall shelves to store essentials, what’s not the love? There are various styles of park model homes available at Zook Cabins. Our amazing team is always here to help answer any questions and bring your dream home to life.

If you have any questions about park model homes, whether it’s design-related or financial, please feel free to contact us.

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