Modular Homes vs Manufactured Homes

When making a choice about buying a home, we understand how important it is to make a well-informed decision. Much of the information about different home styles can be confusing, particularly when it comes to modular homes versus manufactured homes. At Zook Cabins, we seek to provide you with clear information about the difference between modular and manufactured homes so you can make a smart decision about your new home.

Both modular homes and manufactured homes are home styles that are manufactured either partially or entirely offsite and then delivered to the homeowner’s lot. This method of construction allows the builder to be more efficient in their building process and allows the homes to be more affordable. 

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What is the Difference Between Modular and Manufactured Homes?

The main difference when it comes to modular homes versus manufactured homes is that modular homes are regarded as permanent structures, and manufactured homes are seen as non-permanent structures. This means that each one is subject to a different set of building codes, insurance requirements, and financing options. 

Key Differences between Modular and Manufactured Homes

  • Modular homes are often indistinguishable from traditional homes, while manufactured homes can range from a typical mobile home in a trailer park to a beautiful park-style building such as our Park Model RV’s
  • The average manufactured home is typically a bit cheaper than a modular one. 
  • Modular homes are subject to the same local and state building codes as traditional houses and manufactured homes are subject codes defined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
  • Modular homes are seen as permanent structures and manufactured homes are often classified as recreational vehicles (RV)’s. 
  • Financing and insurance for modular homes is no different than a traditional, site-built home, whereas manufactured homes often require RV loans and insurance.
  • Modular home values fluctuate with the value of the property it is placed on, while manufactured homes typically depreciate over time.
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5 features that define a modular home

A modular home is similar to a traditional home, and it can be difficult to distinguish between one and a typical house built entirely onsite. Modular homes are typically built offsite in sections and then transported to the homeowner’s lot for final construction and setup. 

  • Modular homes are built in a style similar to traditional homes and are subject to the same state and local building codes.
  • Modular homes are typically set on permanent foundations and can have basements and crawl spaces just like traditional homes.
  • Modular homes are seen as permanent structures and are typically appraised similarly to traditional homes.
  • Modular homes are usually more affordable than traditional homes due to more efficient construction methods.  
  • The process for financing and insurance for modular homes is often the same as a traditional site-built home. 

5 features that define a manufactured home

  • Manufactured homes are usually more affordable than traditional site-built homes, since they are built offsite in a more efficient way.
  • Manufactured homes are often set on a temporary foundation, which allows them to be moved with relative ease. 
  • Manufactured homes are subject to a different set of codes than traditional homes and are subject to codes defined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
  • The value of manufactured homes are not linked to the land on which they sit and they will depreciate over time in the same way a recreational vehicle (RV) does. However, this does not mean that manufactured homes are a bad investment. Check out our article on how our Park Model RV’s can be a great investment
  • Manufactured homes are often insured and financed the same way RV’s are, or can be financed through a chattel mortgage.

Modular Home Styles by Zook Cabins

We offer a range of modular cabin styles that are sure to fit your needs. Whether you want something small and simple to something with all the features and luxury, we have something to offer. We offer a unique lineup from a traditional look to cabins that feature a modern look. 

The Homestead Farmhouse Cabin

homestead modern modular homes vs manufactured homes

Do you want a modern cabin home but also love the latest modern farmhouse style? You can enjoy a tasteful combination of both with our latest modern cabin home, the Homestead. This new model blends the contemporary and modern with rustic and country styles in a charming way that you’re sure to love for years to come. You can customize your cabin by adding optional extras like a two-car garage or an unfinished second floor. 

The Mountaineer Deluxe Log Cabin

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Our Mountaineer Deluxe Cabin is a spectacular take on our Mountaineer Cabin. We take all the beautiful features of a Mountaineer Cabin and add an 18’ ceiling in the great room area to make this model truly stunning. This design creates a wide-open feel that can be enjoyed from various areas in the cabin, whether it’s in the kitchen, a great room, or in the loft area. 

Manufactured Home Styles by Zook Cabins

At Zook Cabins, we’ve recently launched a new lineup of cabins we call our Park Model Cabins. These cabins take all the things you love about the log cabin look and combine them with a tiny home style house in a package that’s sure to impress. Our styles range from a rustic, traditional log cabin look to more modern styles.

The A-Frame Park Model Home

modular homes vs manufactured homes

The A-Frame Park Model takes a classic cabin style and blends it with a clean, modern look. This distinctive design is complete with a huge window and cathedral ceiling in the living area, as well as appliances, climate control and more. This Park Model can be your own private getaway or could be your next investment opportunity.

The Boulder Park Model Cabin

modular homes vs manufactured homes

The classic log stack design of our Boulder Park Model Cabin features rustic beauty that never goes out of style. The interior stays true to this theme with a beautiful loft area and wood beam accents throughout. This model comes ready to move in and includes appliances, climate control, and more. 

Modular Homes Versus Manufactured Homes: In Conclusion

There are many options when considering a purchase of a home, and it can be overwhelming. We think that understanding manufactured homes vs modular homes can help bring clarity to your decision. Both modular and manufactured homes are great options that can provide you with high quality and great value for years to come.

At Zook Cabins we specialize in both of these styles and would love to help on your journey of investing in a new home. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you, whether you are interested in a new Park Model RV home or one of our modular homes like the beautiful Homestead Modern Farmhouse Cabin.

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