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Large Vista Glass Windows In The Gable

The Chalet Cabin

You may find that you like some of the ways our buildings are being constructed. A popular style based off of our Mountaineer Deluxe Cabin, is our Chalet cabin. The Chalet cabin gives you our Prow Roof, two French Doors below the Vista glass, and a deck on the narrow end, relying on natural materials for their beauty.

Chalet 1

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Standard Features Of The Prefab Chalet Cabin

cabin certified

Certified Modular Cabins for sale, fully engineered to your state & local building codes

cabin warranty

Architectural shingle roof, with an option to upgrade to metal roofing

cabin flooring

¾” tongue & groove knotty-white pine walls and ceiling, finished with 2-coat clear poly finish and engineered yellow pine tongue & groove wood floors with durable clear poly finish

cabin windows

ProVia insulated vinyl windows, double-hung/tilt with max efficiency Low-E/Argon/HC Glass

cabin cabinets

Solid pine cabinetry with full-extension, soft-close doors & drawers and Wilsonart laminate counter tops, with an option for a solid surface Corian

cabin plumbing

Full wired, plumbed, and insulated to meet all state & local building codes

Chalet Cabin Floor Plans

Explore these cabin floor plans to find the one that’s right for you. Not all cabins are available in all sizes, so if you can’t find the size you’re looking for, check one of the other cabins. And if you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to contact us.

Chalet 2Chalet 3
26 × 30

866 finished sq.ft. · 130 unfinished sq.ft. · 1 Bedroom(s) · 1 Bathroom(s) · Deck  Porch

Chalet 4Chalet 5
26 × 36

1029 finished sq.ft. · 204 unfinished sq.ft. · 1 Bedroom(s) · 1.5 Bathroom(s) · Deck  Porch

Chalet 6Chalet 7
26 × 42

1185 finished sq.ft. · 246 unfinished sq.ft. · 2 Bedroom(s) · 1 Bathroom(s) · Deck  Porch

Chalet 8Chalet 9
26 × 48

1410 finished sq.ft. · 266 unfinished sq.ft. · 2 Bedroom(s) · 2 Bathroom(s) · Deck  Porch

Chalet 10Chalet 11
26 × 52

1538 finished sq.ft. · 323 unfinished sq.ft. · 2 Bedroom(s) · 2 Bathroom(s) · Deck  Porch

Chalet 12Chalet 13
26 × 56

1641 finished sq.ft. · 287 unfinished sq.ft. · 3 Bedroom(s) · 2 Bathroom(s) · Deck  Porch

Chalet 14Chalet 15
28 × 30

931 finished sq.ft. · 149 unfinished sq.ft. · 1 Bedroom(s) · 1 Bathroom(s) · Deck  Porch

Chalet 16Chalet 17
28 × 36

1107 finished sq.ft. · 234 unfinished sq.ft. · 1 Bedroom(s) · 1.5 Bathroom(s) · Deck  Porch

Chalet 18Chalet 19
28 × 42

1275 finished sq.ft. · 282 unfinished sq.ft. · 2 Bedroom(s) · 1 Bathroom(s) · Deck  Porch

Chalet 20Chalet 21
28 × 48

1517 finished sq.ft. · 304 unfinished sq.ft. · 2 Bedroom(s) · 2 Bathroom(s) · Deck  Porch

Chalet 22Chalet 23
28 × 52

1654 finished sq.ft. · 370 unfinished sq.ft. · 2 Bedroom(s) · 2 Bathroom(s) · Deck  Porch

Chalet 24Chalet 25
28 × 56

1765 finished sq.ft. · 328 unfinished sq.ft. · 3 Bedroom(s) · 2 Bathroom(s) · Deck  Porch

Chalet 26Chalet 27
30 × 42

1372 finished sq.ft. · 317 unfinished sq.ft. · 2 Bedroom(s) · 1 Bathroom(s) · Deck  Porch

Chalet 28Chalet 29
30 × 48

1634 finished sq.ft. · 342 unfinished sq.ft. · 2 Bedroom(s) · 2 Bathroom(s) · Deck  Porch

Chalet 30Chalet 31
30 × 52

1783 finished sq.ft. · 416 unfinished sq.ft. · 2 Bedroom(s) · 2 Bathroom(s) · Deck  Porch

Chalet 32Chalet 33
30 × 56

1901 finished sq.ft. · 369 unfinished sq.ft. · 3 Bedroom(s) · 2 Bathroom(s) · Deck  Porch

Our Pricing Includes Delivery!

Delivery, set-up, and crane charges are included. All floor plans are customizable, so let your cabin project manager know what personal touch you would like to incorporate. With Zook Cabins you won’t have any worries…just a lot more time enjoying your new modular log cabin home and making new memories for years to come!

Chalet Cabin with Vista Glass and a Deck

New Cabin Style, Industry First

We know that you are different than many of your friends. You take time to enjoy the simple things in life.

The Large vista glass windows in the gable will flood your cathedral great room with natural light from floor to ceiling. This makes the Chalet one of the most visually spectacular log cabin plans we can offer you. This prefab cabin in a steep a-frame style roof is built to withstand even the heaviest of snow loads in Maine and Colorado. The spectacular beauty of this home offers floor plans to promote outdoor views, making them ideal for sites with mountain panoramas, tranquil lakesidess, or nestled into the deep woods of the mountains.

Check out this story from a customer who built a Chalet Cabin in Jim Thorpe, Pa. It will be sure to dazzle and amaze you.

Prefab Chalet Built For A View

Chalet Cabin Porch area with a view

The property you have purchased has a one of a kind view! Let us help you maximize it with this one of kind chalet cabin plan! The home is designed to sit on a property and focus all of the attention out of the large and beautiful glass windows all the way up into the cathedral ceiling. We think the views are optimal when looking out of the loft that this cabin is fitted with!

Our Chalet home plans will showcase the best feature — the view. Aside from the design of the window end of the cabin you can still customize the Chalet cabin plans. These beautiful log cabins range from 996 to 2,229 total square footage.

What will your cabin story Be?

"…a moment or two later another branch broke, and they began to realize that they had a little company. His father turned around and turned on the flashlight, and there 30′ from their family campfire stood an unexpected visitor…A BEAR…the perfect example of the memories that can be made and shared at the prefab log home."