Modern Cabin Builders in Tennessee

Do you thrive in a country environment but also crave cultural and historical experiences? You may thrive in a Zook Modern Cabin. Not only do you have endless music and country experiences all around you, but you can enjoy it all from your luxury custom-built modern home. We aim to deliver you a cabin that exceeds your expectations and fulfills your getaway dreams. 

Our Tennessee Modern Cabin Styles 

Avon modern modular homes

The Avon

1,680 sq.ft.
2 Bedroom(s)
1.5 Bathroom(s)
Beck Modern Cabin

The Beck

1,092 sq.ft.
2 Bedroom(s)
1.5 Bathroom(s)
Homestead Modern Prefab Home

The Homestead

1,000 – 2,000+ sq.ft.
1 – 4 Bedroom(s)
1 – 3 Bathroom(s)
Stunning Modern Cabin in Victor ID

The Woodland

730 – 1440 sq.ft.
2 – 3 Bedroom(s)
1 – 2 Bathroom(s)

With the various models and customizations available for you, we think you’ll find something you love. If these modern cabin styles aren’t quite what you were envisioning, check out our classic log cabin models and smaller, contemporary Park Model Homes. Start pursuing your cabin-living dreams!

Our completed builds

Do I need a permit for a modern cabin in Tennessee?

Maybe, you need to check! In Tennessee, while the state created a building code, the county and local governments can choose to either keep it, opt out completely of all building codes, or create their own building code. If they have opted out, you are able to build without permits, however, because this status has to be renewed and codes may be instated later, it can be more risky. You must check with your local government for the status of their building codes and whether building permits or zoning permits are necessary for your modern cabin.

Modern Cabin Builders in Tennessee: FAQs

Yes. If you have ever tried remodeling a house, we’re sure you understand what a long difficult process it can be. Fortunately, all Zook cabins come with a completely finished interior. See some of our cabin interior options

We combine affordability with luxury and quality so you are not compromising in anything. You can count on your Modern Prefab Cabin being:

  1. High-quality and built to last.
  2. Amish-built, quality craftsmanship throughout every home.
  3. 100% customizable – Make your cabin one of a kind.
  4. Incredible, luxurious style and convenience.
  5. Affordable and economical to save you both time and money.
  6. State-approved & inspected.
  7. A stress-free and enjoyable design and build experience.
  8. Built and delivered with world-class customer service!

Yes. Our delivery service area covers all of Tennessee. You tell us where you want it and we will have it delivered in record time.

You can! See what cabins you can tour that are near you! Or stay in a Zook Cabin Airbnb or rental. We trust that your experience will be amazing. If you want to hear the testimonies of our past customers and their experience with Zook Cabins, read some of our customer stories

Certainly, we do! We have a style for almost every style preference. Want to join the county theme of Tennessee, check out our classic or luxury log cabin styles to fit right in. Wanting a smaller, more contemporary, or cozy getaway? Browse our unique Park Model designs.

Ideal Locations for Your Modern Cabin in Tennessee

As you continue the journey of finding your ideal modern cabin in Tennessee, maybe you already have a property and are only looking for a home to finish it off. If not, then choosing the location for your cabin is an important aspect to consider. Below you’ll find some exciting location options, with options ranging from the suburbs of Nashville to the shores of the Mississippi. 

  • Williamson County: This charming county is defined by rollings hills and quaint little towns. Located just south of Nashville, the birthplace of bluegrass and the home of country music. It is known as one of the nicest places to live in Tennessee.
  • Knox County: Named after the revolutionary war general Henry Knox, this county is home to Knoxville, and bustling metropolitan area, and the home of the University of Tennessee. 
  • Washington County: Located in the mountainous northeast of Tennessee, this county is the oldest in the state and provides a great place to for your new cabin home, full of luscious trees and winding rivers.
  • Great Smoky Mountains: The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, straddling the border between Tennessee and North Carolina, is a beautiful and popular destination for cabin living. Towns like Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge provide access to the park and offer a range of amenities.
  • Wears Valley: This area is a peaceful and scenic valley situated between Pigeon Forge and Townsend. It provides a quieter alternative with stunning mountain views and easy access to outdoor activities.
  • Norris Lake: If you’re interested in lakeside living, Norris Lake in East Tennessee is a popular choice. The area around the lake offers opportunities for cabin construction with lakefront or lakeview settings.
  • Cumberland Plateau: The region known as the Cumberland Plateau, including areas like Crossville, offers a mix of rolling hills and woodlands, providing a serene backdrop for cabin living.

Ready for the Cabin Life?

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”

― Henry David Thoreau