Modular Log Cabin Homes in New York

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You carry some undeniable boasting rights living in the Empire State of America. Regardless of whether you favor Upstate or the heart of NYC, there is no denying your state is the pizza king of the USA. So, whether you love the awe-inspiring wine country (oh beautiful fall!), Mount Marcy, or the bustling city, it all sits right at your fingertips. That is a mad sweet position to be in, wouldn’t you say?

You carry some undeniable boasting rights living in the Empire State of America. Regardless of whether you favor Upstate or the heart of NYC, there is no denying your state is the pizza king of the USA. So, whether you love the awe-inspiring wine country (oh beautiful fall!), Mount Marcy, or the bustling city, it all sits right at your fingertips. That is a mad sweet position to be in, wouldn’t you say?

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Now perfect your New York life by choosing a gorgeous log cabin home to enjoy your favorite part of the state! Life is busy, and New York is no exception.

However, inside a New York log cabin, your stresses melt away. Possibly just as enjoyably as a hot slice of your favorite tomato pie! Discover for yourself, Why You Will Love Log Cabin Living!

Hear the Love of New York from Broadway!

What Is A Zook Cabin & What It Offers You?

New York Log cabin

First, What A Zook Cabin Is NOT

When you choose a Zook Cabin, there are no hidden strings attached! Everything is up front from the beginning. You can rest assured that a Zook Cabin is not either of the following:

What A Zook Cabin IS

A Zook Cabin is an Amish built and intricately crafted modular log home. The log homes are built in a manufacturing facility and delivered by modules to your location of choice. Plus, Zook Cabins are all of the following:

  • Luxurious – Even in its simplest design
  • Completely Customizable
  • Time Saver – Saves time for you, your cabin, and your wallet
  • State Approved and Inspected
  • High Quality
  • An Enjoyable Process

“My husband and I are so pleased with our frontier model..the quality of the home is just top of the line!! The work crew that came to install our home were fantastic..Marvin and his crew were polite and top of the line for installers…they made everything come together quickly..the interior of our home is so beautiful!! We love it!! Matt Albrecht our salesperson was so great and pleasant to work with in designing our home..the best!! The best value for your money overall!! Thank you Zook..”



Luxurious & Spacious Modular Log Cabin Homes In New York

New York Lofted Cabins

Mountaineer Deluxe

Do you love high ceilings? If so, the Deluxe Mountaineer offers you high ceilings, plus when coupled with the vista glass, you will enjoy the rays of the sun like never before! This stunning cabin offers a darling home for retirement or sufficient space for large families. Enjoy gathering around the great room of this wooden beauty and enjoy the “friendly” rivalry of a Mets and Yankees game.

Frontier Cabin

Are you looking for a cozy cabin to set in the stunning Adirondacks? If so, the Frontier Cabin offers you all the comforts of a rancher style cabin with the addition of a darling front side porch. Enjoy sipping your favorite cup of hot coffee while enjoying the sunrise over the Adirondacks. Blissful, wouldn’t you say? Relish gathering with friends or family over the weekends for loads of fun and some bowls of chicken riggies!

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Chalet Cabin

Do you wish for a one-of-a-kind log cabin experience? The charming Chalet stuns with its high ceiling, vista glass, and French Doors. Plus, with the addition of a deck high above the ground, you will enjoy mornings and evenings soaking up the beauty of nature with an advantageous viewpoint.  Bird watching while eating a bowl of your favorite Stewarts Ice cream, not a bad way to end a busy week. ?

Allow Our Previous Customers’ To Speak

Hear all our customer reviews, plus, enjoy getting the firsthand scoop from our personal customer stories! Especially check out this customer story, A Mountaineer Deluxe Cabin in Jewett New York.

“Our dream of owning a log cabin home has now been realized thanks to everyone at Zook Cabins. Our Chalet style log cabin could not have come out any more perfect. The quality and woodwork are flawless and absolutely gorgeous. From the very beginning of the process, Matt was super helpful in getting us started and so easy to communicate with. We got the custom plans we wanted down to the little details and everything was built and ready for delivery in less than 3 months. Levi and the guys on site were so helpful and even went out of their way to salt our street after a snowfall to make sure everything went right with the delivery! We even received a little cabin-themed housewarming gift box. Thanks again, we can’t wait to spend the years ahead in our amazing new home!”

-Katia & Victor

Small & Cozy Modular Log Cabin Homes In New York

Ranch Style Cabins New York

Musketeer Cabin

New York is no stranger to snow and lots of it! Neither is the Musketeer Cabin. Its steep pitched roof offers you a better snow load rating, ultimately offering you greater peace of mind. You can enjoy the cozy feeling of snuggling up on a sofa while the snow blows and blows, without a worry or care. Just perhaps a plate of your favorite wings! This cabin is sure to draw admiration from all your friends!

Catskill Cabin

Is there anything cozier than a small, snug cabin? The Catskill Cabin offers you a perfect getaway cabin complete with a loft for extra sleeping space. Why not set your cozy cabin in the location of its namesake? The Catskill Mountains! Whether you wish for a hunting home base or a family vacation spot, you will find it inside the Catskill Cabin.

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Sedona Cabin

Are you looking for an economical cabin? If so, the Sedona Cabin is quite friendly with your budget, yet remains every inch as quality built as any other design. The comfort of cabin living is served well within this small, yet charming cabin. Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway, mountain cabin, or a cozy, minimalistic residence, the Sedona Cabin may be just your solution!

There Are More Designs Awaiting You!

Perhaps you wish there were more options to choose from…Good news! There is!
View all our gorgeous and quality built modular log cabin homes in New York and secure the design of your dreams!

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The following regions of New York offer you gorgeous locations for your log cabin home. Whether in the forest, mountains, or along lakes, people love owning log cabins in the following regions and counties. Follow the links to view plots of land for sale.

Do your own personal investigation and check out land for sale in New York. Cheers to discovering your ideal location for your New York getaway cabin.

Whatever region you choose, New York State is loaded with natural beauty! You cannot go wrong!

New York Customer Stories

Gary Elaina Log Cabin

Mountaineer Deluxe Cabin In Jewett, New York

When Gary and Elaina were looking for their new “dream log cabin”, they were immediately impressed when they came across Zook Cabins website. After exploring the various models and customizable options, they soon had picked out the perfect design. In just a few weeks later with snow on the ground, they were able to move into their new dream vacation home.

New York Lofted Cabins Featured

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to begin your amazing Zook Cabin journey? If the idea of owning a long-lasting and artfully Amish crafted log cabin pulls on your heart strings, now is the time to turn dreams into realities!

At Zook Cabins, we are all about making your cabin dreams come true! We are fully equipped and ready to empower you every step of the cabin buying process.

Your success is our #1 motivation!

Your New York log cabin home awaits! You got this!

Partner With Us!

At zook cabins, and we will ensure your utmost satisfaction in a log cabin that is right for you! Our cabins are 100% customizable so dream big! Zook cabins are ready to fulfill your cabin dreams! You are welcomed to contact us with any and all questions!

What will your cabin story Be?

"…a moment or two later another branch broke, and they began to realize that they had a little company. His father turned around and turned on the flashlight, and there 30′ from their family campfire stood an unexpected visitor…A BEAR…the perfect example of the memories that can be made and shared at the prefab log home."