Log Homes in Maine

Are you dreaming of a prefab log cabin in Maine? Whether that includes large vista glass windows illuminating your living room in natural sunlight or a sleeping in the loft of a snug and cozy log home, you name it, and Zook Cabins will deliver it.

Enjoy discovering what a Zook Cabin offers you, hear from our valued customers, and more!

Check out what we offer in Maine.

Imagine a lovely, rustic log home in the beautiful woods of Maine. Can you see it?

If so, “Vacationland” truly is the perfect recipe for a rustic abode!

Whether you adore being surrounded by those stunning white pines or faced with the mesmerizing rocky coasts, the state of Maine offers a platter of ideal spots for your dream log home.

You know the facts. Raw beauty takes on a whole new face when it comes to Maine.  

From the beautiful ocean fronts to the sparkling bays, to the breath-taking mountains (shout out to Mount Katahdin), to the winding rivers, to the immaculate forests, and finally to the stunning desert, you have MUCH to be proud of, dear Mainer.

By the way, the no billboard rule in Maine PROVES its dedication and preservation of its natural outdoor splendor.

Maine By Drone - Portland, Cape Neddick, Mount Desert Island, & More New England Travel Footage

So, if you have been dreaming of a log cabin home in Maine, whether set near bustling Bangor or in laidback Waldo County, keep on scrolling!

Your Unique Log Home Dreams Have Met Their Match!

Whether you are dreaming of large vista glass windows illuminating your living room in natural sunlight or a sleeping in the loft of a snug and cozy log home, you name it, and Zook Cabins will deliver it.

Yes, our variety of log homes fit all the possible categories such as, a hunting headquarters, weekend getaway, permanent residence, second home, rental property, tiny cabin, and more!

Enjoy discovering what a Zook Cabin offers you, view our cabin models, both traditional and modern, hear from our valued customers, and more!

Why A Zook Cabin Is Sweeter Than Blueberry Cake

What is a Zook Cabin?

A Zook Cabin is a high-quality modular log home that is carefully crafted inside a controlled environment in sections and then assembled on-site.

At Zook Cabins, we take the word modular to a whole new level of respect and quality. Manufactured homes and log kits have nothing in common with a Zook Cabin.

In fact, the quality of our modular log homes competes alongside traditional stick-built log cabins.

See for yourself!

If the following is what you are looking for in a log home, a Zook Cabin is your match!

A Zook Cabin offers you all the following without exception.

  • high-quality prefab cabin – No one will believe it isn’t a traditional stick-built
  • Crafted with high-quality craftsmanship and materials throughout every inch of its build
  • 100% customizable – Nothing is impossible
  • Luxurious whether big or small
  • Big time saver – Enjoy cabin living way sooner than you might have imagined!
  • Reasonably priced
  • State approved & inspected
  • Highly responsive customer service! – Any questions? We answer fast!
  • A stress free and enjoyable cabin buying experience – Prepare for a surprisingly fun and enjoyable process

Enjoy the following exciting sneak-peek of what delivery day with Zook Cabins could look like for you!

How Are Modular Log Cabins Installed? | Zook Cabins

Large & Lovely Log Homes In Maine

The Mountaineer Deluxe

Mountaineer Deluxe log homes in Maine

Are you wishing for a lovely, lofted log home with large glass vista windows? If so, the Mountaineer Deluxe will not disappoint! Couple large glass windows with an 18’ ceiling and your main living area automatically becomes the best seat in the house! Hosting takes on a whole new level inside this stunning pre-built cabin for sale in Maine! Enjoy inviting all your friends and family for a night of (real) lobster rolls and for cheering on the Patriots!

The Musketeer

Musketeer log homes in Maine 1

Prefer everything on one floor? No sweat! Meet the Musketeer. This lovely log home stuns with its expansive front porch and steep pitched roof. Enjoy snuggling up close to the fireplace as the snow blows and blows outside with the reassurance that the roof above your head can take even the worst of Maine’s frozen powers.

The Homestead

Homestead Front log homes in Maine

How does a modern farmhouse log home set close by your favorite sandy coast sound? If you love wood but prefer it to be tastefully and discreetly incorporated into a breath-taking modern farmhouse design, you are going to love the Homestead! Yes, maybe even more than a bowl full of fresh and wild blueberries. See for yourself!

More Of Zook’s Large & Lovely Log Home Designs Await Your Discovery!

Perhaps you did not see the perfect fit to your ideal log home dream. No worries! More large and lovely log homes in Maine await your discovery!

The Zook Cabin Customers Speak

Nothing matters more to us than our customers’ feedback. Enjoy hearing how others like you have experienced our log homes and customer service.

Take a moment to read all our customer reviews and hear actual customer stories as well.

“So sorry it’s taken this long to send some pictures. Actually, it’s also your fault – and the guys at Zook – for building us such a lovely Cabin! We’ve spent alot of time relaxing up there – and also alot of time working on the lower basement, clearing land, etc. Thank you so much, Mike, for all your help in making this Cabin happen for us. We absolutely love it – every time we drive up to it, we can hardly believe it’s ours – and the Bank’s, of course!! Please thank Dean, Karl and all the guys at Zook, too for their hard work. Anyone who has come to visit or stopped by the Cabin, is amazed by the quality of workmanship – I’m giving out the Brochures like Candy – so hopefully you’ll get some new customers soon!”

Tina, Tom and Amy McGurk

Small & Stunning Prefab Cabins In Maine

The Sedona Modular Cabin

Sedona small cabin in idaho

Are you looking for a small and extremely cozy log home as a minimalistic getaway, hunting homebase, or rental cabin investment? If so, the Sedona offers you an economical and charming little log cabin. Enjoy spending your mornings and evenings on its darling front porch breathing in the delicious smells of nature and sipping your favorite fresh and local cup of coffee. Ahhh…the cabin life!

The Plymouth Modular Cabin

Plymouth single wide cabin in Idaho

If you like small log homes that come in style, you will adore the Plymouth. This lovely little log home models charming dormers and a wide porch. Plus, with its 12’ pitched roof you will enjoy a loft for additional sleeping or storage space. Enjoy returning from a vigorous hike at Fore River Sanctuary Trail to an inviting and stunning log home that is completely and entirely yours!

Mainly Awesome Spots For Log Homes In Maine

Still hunting for your dream spot to set your dream log home?

If that describes your current situation or if you enjoy learning about some awesome spots for log homes in Maine, keep on scrolling down.

  • Waldo County – Near Acadia National Park and Penobscot Bay. This county is rich with maritime history and perfect for watching gorgeous fall foliage.

View Land for Sale in Waldo County

  • Cumberland County – Close to the coast and near White Mountain National Forest. The combination allows for enjoyment of both the sea and the woods. Plus, this county is close to the popular city of Portland.

View Land for Sale in Cumberland County

  • • Penobscot County – Situated close to Baxter State Park (which boasts the magnificent Mount Katahdin) and Penobscot River. If you love hiking, fishing (landlocked salmon!), and skiing, this county has got it made!

View Land for Sale in Penobscot County

  • • York County – Best spot in Maine to retire! With close access to miles of wonderful sandy beaches, seashell hunting, sunbathing, and bird watching opportunities are abundant. Plus, Rachel Carson National Wildlife Preserve offers plenty of hiking trails and animal sightings.

View Land for Sale in York County

Of course, while the above Maine counties provide helpful suggestions for you to consider, all the wonderful Pine Tree State is yours.

The whole state is stunning. Gorgeous. Real. Safe. Love it!

Enjoy viewing all the land opportunities in Maine.

View All Land for Sale in Maine

Begin The Wonderful Life Of Log Home Living Today!

Atglen Deluxe log homes in Maine

“It’s a wonderful life!” Truly.

Nothing beats the feelings of tranquil peace, deep satisfaction, and inner rest that are the natural affects of living inside a wooden fortress.

When you imagine life within a log cabin of your own, things like the soft singing of chickadees in the nearby white pines or the scents of salty ocean breezes blowing in from a rocky coast become one in perfect unity.

That can be you, resting in a lounge chair or rocker on your very own wooden deck or porch.

Yes, your dreams of owning a stunning and quality log home are real and possible!

Begin the wonderful life of log home living today!

What will your cabin story Be?

"…a moment or two later another branch broke, and they began to realize that they had a little company. His father turned around and turned on the flashlight, and there 30′ from their family campfire stood an unexpected visitor…A BEAR…the perfect example of the memories that can be made and shared at the prefab log home."