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stunning log home in campton nh
Log Home in Campton NH

Among the mountains, rivers, and incredible covered bridges, you’ll find this beautiful Log Home in Campton NH. While this log home is still getting the finishing touches put on, you can see the beauty of the home and why a Zook Cabin is the perfect cabin for this location. With large covered porches on the front and the back, this log home provides an ideal location to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and find some peace and quiet in nature.

Prefab Cabin in Gilboa NY with porch
Prefab Cabin in Gilboa NY

In the beautiful countryside of New York State, you’ll find this lovely prefab cabin in Gilboa NY. This cabin is still in the finishing stages of construction, but the beauty can still be seen. The exterior features authentic log siding, roof dormers, and stunning front deck with an incredible view. Step inside and experience the beauty of pine interiors and authentic log feel.

Beautiful Prefab Cabin in Adel IA
Prefab Cabin in Adel IA

Among the sprawling farm lands of Iowa you’ll find this beautiful prefab cabin in Adel IA. Set on a working farm, this 13x36 Plymouth cabin is a getaway home with a gorgeous front porch and two roof dormers. The cabin is surrounded by a large fenced yard and a small lake, and beyond that...just miles and miles of fertile farmland. 

Log Home in Middlebrook VA
Log Home in Middlebrook VA

Nestled in the rolling hills of the Shenandoah valley, you’ll find an incredible 30x42 Chalet Log Home in Middlebrook VA. This cozy cabin offers so much.The large dormers on the front, a dormer on the back, and stunning vista glass windows on the gable give this cabin a bright and airy vibe. Featuring both a huge cathedral ceiling in the living area and a spacious master suite including an ensuite hot tub.

Prefab Cabin in Russell KS
Prefab Cabin in Russell KS

In the central plains of the midwest is this epic 30x56 Glacier Prefab Cabin in Russell KS. The defining features of this cabin are the porches on the front and back of the home that run the length of the cabin. Plus the pine wood interior provides you with a luxury log home vibe. The solid wood kitchen brings a modern touch to the already stunning home. Check out the complete photo gallery here.

Garage and Modern Cabin in Victor Idaho
Modern Cabin in Victor ID

If you’re looking for a modern cabin in Victor ID, then you’ll love this cabin photo gallery.With the trendy LP Smartside in gray, and a detached garage with matching siding, this cabin is a modern home you’ll love. The black frame windows throughout add that classy touch. The interior features muted wood cabinetry, and wood accents all around. There is so much to love about this beautiful modern cabin.

Log Home in Cullowhee North Carolina
Log Home in Cullowhee NC

This stunning 24x36 Musketeer Log Home in Cullowhee NC features a beautiful back deck and side porch along with garage space in the basement. From top to bottom, this log home is definitely something to write home about. The interior is finished out with white pine walls and ceiling and hardwood floors. View the complete photo gallery.

rear elevation of prefab cabin in medicine bow wy
Prefab Cabin in Medicine Bow WY

In the southern plains of Wyoming, you'll find this beautiful prefab cabin in Medicine Bow WY. This 26x44 Sunset Ridge prefab cabin by Zook Cabins is a beautiful example of what a log home should be. With beauty in the simplicity, the Sunset Ridge cabin matches the region's surroundings and the grandeur of the west. 

Modular Log Home in Phillipsburg NJ
Modular Log Home in Phillipsburg NJ

In the beautiful countryside of New Jersey, near the beautiful Delaware river, you’ll find this incredibly stunning Modular Log Home in Phillipsburg NJ. This 28x56 Settler Log Home, and nearby log garage, is a prefab cabin built by Zook Cabins. The roof on the gable end extends out from the main cabin covering the large porch. The matching log-sided garage provides extra storage space and makes the property look amazing. 

Prefab Cabin in Greentown PA
Prefab Cabin in Greentown PA

This 30x48 Prefab Cabin In Greentown PA is a stunning Mountaineer Deluxe cabin by Zook Cabins. This cabin is beautiful in itself, but it's also built by a lake, with incredible views out of the large gable end vista windows. Or sit out on the back deck and enjoy the sunsets over the water. 

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