Modern Modular Homes

Modern Modular Homes: What Are We Talking About?

As people become more aware of the benefits and beauty of modern modular homes, modular homes are quickly rising in popularity. In the past, modular or prefab homes have had a bad reputation due to poor craftsmanship and generally being built cheaply. But as building technologies improved, so did the quality of modern modular homes. And today, modern modular homes are a tested and proven home-building alternative to the traditional stick-built home.

A modern modular home is a prefabricated house that is built in a factory, and delivered to the home site in individual modules, which are then set with a crane and connected to form the complete house. But don’t let the fancy name distract you; these homes are built to the same high standards as other traditionally built homes and have to follow the same building laws and codes.

modern modular homes being assembled

Modern Modular Homes: Prices

When it comes to the price of a modern modular home, there are a lot of variables that affect your cost. Modular homes are often usually less expensive than a traditional site-built home due to a number of factors, including lower permit fees and reduced labor costs due to building in a manufacturing facility rather than outside.

On the other hand, you will have some additional costs that you will need to consider, including things like… 

  • Land – You’ll need to invest in the land before you can build a home, but this is common for both modular homes as well as traditional on-site build.  
  • Foundation Costs – Installing the foundation is an extra cost that is not usually included in the price of a modern modular home.
  • UtilitiesWhile most modular homes come complete with all the utilities, like electricity and plumbing, already installed for the interior, you will need to have the utilities run to your site and prepped for your modular home delivery. 
  • Transportation – Delivering the modules of your modern home can be a significant cost and will obviously increase the farther your home has to be shipped. Although, this cost is generally included in the total price of your home.
modern modular homes being set on foundation

Modern Modular Homes: Sizes

The average size of a modular home is between 600 to 3,000 square feet, and while this might be the normal range, the exact dimensions will vary depending on the manufacturer or model. 

A modern modular home is not limited in total size, although the size of the individual module will be limited by transportation as well as manufacturing facilities.

Modern Modular Homes: Customizations

A common misconception about modular homes is that they are cookie-cutter homes without any customization. And while the cheapest modular homes might be this way, most modular home builders offer quite a bit of customization, whether that means a variety of sizes, interior layouts, or other details.

Contact Zook Cabins, your local modern modular home manufacturer, for a full list of available customizations.

The Homestead Farmhouse Cabin

Homestead Modern Prefab Home

The Homestead is a modern farmhouse modular home that can be customized, in size and options, to create your dream modern home. Whether you are looking for the simple 26’x36’ modern home, or are ready to go all in with the stunning 30’x56’ model with an attached garage, the Homestead Modern Home is a great option.

The Woodland Modern Mountain Cabin

Woodland modern modular homes

The Woodland Modern Home is a simple yet beautiful modular home. Designed with a modern look in mind which means lots of whites and neutrals with wood accents. Choose between the multiple sizes and layout options and get a home that is truly one of a kind. The exterior is covered with the popular LP wood siding, which gives an authentic look plus the longevity of an engineered product.

The Bourn Modern Home

Bourn modern modular home

The Bourn Modern Modular Home is part of Zook Cabins Modern Country Homes Collection. The Bourn measures in at 30’x52’ and includes a large front porch and a steep roof pitch with architectural shingles. The interior features a master suite, a guest room, the main bathroom, plus a small laundry room, in addition to the open-concept living area. 

The Avon Modern Home

Avon modern modular homes

The Avon Modern Modular Home is also part of the Modern Country Homes Collection. Measuring in at 26’x50’, the Avon is a two-story modular home with an additional 8 ft covered porch on the front of the home. The interior features an open layout for the kitchen and living room. Back the hall, you’ll find a mudroom, study, bathroom, and master bedroom suite. The second floor comes as unfinished space, giving the flexibility of making it your own!

The Rockwood Luxury Park Model (RV Certified)

All New Rockwood Luxury Park Model Home

The Rockwood Luxury Park Model, while technically not a modular home, is still a stunning modern home. As a park model, it is actually registered as an RV, but makes an ideal ADU or vacation home. At 12 ft wide x 38 ft long, with an incredible front porch, and a modern interior design, the Rockwood has something for everyone. 

The A-Frame Modern Park Model (RV Certified)

A Frame Park Model

The A-Frame is a futuristic-looking park model home. At 13 ft wide x 30 ft long, the A-Frame features an incredible living room with the gable end made completely of glass. The rest of the home has lots of offers as well, including the kitchen, master bedroom, and bathroom. The A-Frame is a stunning park model home that we’re sure you’ll love. 

Modern Cabin Interiors: The Finishing Touches…

As you can tell, modern modular homes have a lot of potential and, in a lot of cases, are the ideal choice for a home or cabin. And in most cases, our modern modular homes can be delivered in less than a year.

At Zook Cabins, a leading modular home and cabin manufacturer, our goal is to provide you with not only a solid, well-built, top-quality house but a place that you love and are proud to call home.

modern modular home with deck

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