In 2011 we began to research cabins to add a staff home on our 150 acre Christian Retreat property in southeast Indiana. That is when we discovered and purchased our first Zook Frontier Cabin. To our delight it has been a great addition to our property and ministry!

Three years later, when we began to dream of having our own home on the property for greater involvement in the ministry, we were confident that another Zook Cabin would best meet our needs, and we purchased the Mountaineer Deluxe. Within 4 months we had our new home delivered and within 6 weeks we were moved in and delighting in the beauty and comfort it offers. Their willingness to personalize the cabin for our needs was amazing! We are finding that everyone who visits would love to have one too!

Skip and Linda Holmes - The Springs Indiana

The cabin is now in place. The three young guys putting the place together were great. Very hard workers and they did a wonderful job. Every single person who has been here to work on utilities etc. as well as the neighbors are impressed with the building. A good number have asked about Zook after looking it over.

Robert Smith - Charlottesville, VA

Wanted to let you know that we have really been enjoying the cabin. It's perfect!

Annette Grauman - WV

Hi Mike, We finally got the foundation finished and the backfill done and should have everything wrapped up here in another week or two, depending on how hard the weather affects us. Anyway wanted to send you a couple pictures so you could see how things turned out. We still have some refinements like railings and rain gutters, and next spring we're planning on doing the side deck, at which point I'll probably be in touch to buy some railing from you.

My wife and I wanted to say thanks to you and to Zook Cabins for providing us with a top notch product. Everything is just the way we ordered it. We're delighted with the obvious quality of the workmanship, and every contractor who has been involved in the effort has been impressed by the cabin. We're glad that we happened to come across your website when searching for a solution to our building needs, and this cabin has been the perfect fit for us. Thanks to you personally Mike for all of your help and advice, and please do pass along our thanks to all of the designers, engineers, craftsmen and delivery crew for a great job.

Doug & Rita Ebbert - WV

I really do want to tell you that Jen and I love the cabin, I have received so many compliments it is unbelievable.

Jim Immel - WV

While I was at the site, the men worked very hard and only took one lunch break for an 8 hour period. They did an excellent job and should be told so.

Pete Witt – NY

First, the cabin looks great! Amy and I are very satisfied with the finished product and the overall quality of the cabin. I think it's great that you can accommodate all types of purchasers and work with them on all the details that go into building a house.

Second, I would like you to pass on to whomever Myron and Richard report to that they did an excellent job. They were a couple of very nice young men. Zook Cabin's should be proud of their efforts and their commitment, over a very long day, to do a professional job without compromising on the quality of work they do. They are the front-line workers for the Company, Excellent job!

Thanks again for all your time and effort. My wife and I will gladly recommend Zook Cabins to anyone wanting a reference. One day we had seven people stop by at different times for information about the cabin.

Mike and Amy Ensor – PA

I wanted to let you know that we love, love, love our new outdoor classroom! It is suiting our needs perfectly!

Irene Scheid – NY

I also want you to know that we greatly enjoyed our year+ living in the cabin that your company built for us! It will forever be a great memory for us. I know that it will be a great home for the new staff members that are going to be living in it soon.

Jonathan Holmes – IN

So sorry it's taken this long to send some pictures. Actually, it's also your fault - and the guys at Zook - for building us such a lovely Cabin! We've spent alot of time relaxing up there - and also alot of time working on the lower basement, clearing land, etc.

Thank you so much, Mike, for all your help in making this Cabin happen for us. We absolutely love it - every time we drive up to it, we can hardly believe it's ours - and the Bank's, of course!! Please thank Dean, Karl and all the guys at Zook, too for their hard work. Anyone who has come to visit or stopped by the Cabin, is amazed by the quality of workmanship - I'm giving out the Brochures like Candy - so hopefully you'll get some new customers soon!

Tina, Tom and Amy McGurk – ME

The cabin looks great and the delivery went well despite some tight maneuvering and an unexpected snowstorm. The delivery crew was pleasant and meticulous about the finishing work. Thank you for your assistance during the whole process, which I think went very well.

Rebecca Bennett – PA

Mike, We went to see the cabin being set on the foundation. What a exciting day we had. I have never seen any thing like it before. It was windy, cold, flurries, but the excitement over took that. Everything was great at the cabin site. No problems. It amazes me that two different people from so far away could get things just right.

Merv and Nancy Nissley – PA

Here's a couple shots of our cabin. We are absolutely thrilled with everything about it. Thanks.

Don and Janice Hawkins – NY