Cabin Accessories

We recognize that every Cabin owner also needs some accessories to go with the Cabin. Therefore we offer the Urban Fire Smokeless Fire Pits and Patiova’s high-quality Outdoor Furniture. Check out some of the products we offer, below. Please contact us to place your order today.

Log Cabins Outdoor Fire Pits

Outdoor Furniture

Nothing pairs with a new log home better than a patio complete with some outdoor furniture. Whether you choose to go with the traditional stained wood or the new long-lasting poly furniture, or if you want a simple garden bench, a traditional picnic table, or a full dining table set and Adirondack chairs? We’ve got you covered.

Cabin Accessories including Fire Pit and Outdoor Furniture

Fire Pits

Nothing is more “log home” than a campfire. That is why we offer UrbanFire fire pits that include cutting-edge smokeless fire pits like the Forge and the Hearth. Complete your log home with a high-quality fire pit. Add in a swivel grill or the “blade” and enjoy a summer of grilling out, plus hours of relaxation around your campfire.

What will your cabin story Be?

"…a moment or two later another branch broke, and they began to realize that they had a little company. His father turned around and turned on the flashlight, and there 30′ from their family campfire stood an unexpected visitor…A BEAR…the perfect example of the memories that can be made and shared at the prefab log home."