Delivery Details

Unlike the days of old, after a few short weeks, your modular log cabin will be ready for delivery. Now you see all of your efforts pay off big time in the form of your new log home kit, which will give you years of relaxation and enjoyment. Our cabin package pricing includes our log cabins delivered and installed in your location.

Each log home and log home kit delivery is different so it is important for you to communicate with us so we can help. With each delivery you need to take into consideration access to the site and the cabin being delivered.

Log Cabins Delivered To You

Your modular home is delivered fully assembled on a trailer that is very similar to a rollback tow truck. We need to make sure, prior to arrival, that we will be able to access the site. Because of that, we have some recommendations that can help be a guideline for delivery. Check out our blog post about “Bringing Home Your Modular Log Home or Prefab Log Cabin

  • Truck and trailer can at times be as long as 70′ and therefore we need to make sure that there is sufficient room for the driver to get into the site.
  • Your lane needs to be stoned in and free of all mud at the time of delivery.
  • On straight stretches, we need approx. 2′ more space than the cabin’s width, and 14′ of vertical clearance. So check out the cabin styles and floor plans, see the dimensions, and add 2′.
  • On turns in driveways, we need to make sure that there is adequate room to make the turn.
  • The site must be clear of all trees, tree limbs etc, within the area where the modular home kit needs to enter the site.


Our drivers are very good at navigating in tight spaces. We ask that if you have any questions at all you give us a call to discuss delivery. Often times we’ll go the extra mile and ask that you to send us some pictures of the site. This allows us to get a feel for what we are getting into and ask any questions that we need to prior to arrival. We want to make sure that we do everything we can to make everything go as smoothly as possible for you right down to the last detail.

cabins delivered

…And Your Building is Delivered

The exact modular home kit that you order can change the details of the delivery. For example, if you order a 12′ X 30′ Settler, we can send that out on a smaller truck, and driver will be able to maneuver more easily.

If your cabin is a larger double wide longer than 30′, we will need a crane onsite to set the building in place. The reason for that is a finished double wide has too much weight on the outside walls, causing it to be unstable when moving it around off the trailer. The crane enables us to provide a log cabin delivered and installed with exact precision, eliminating safety risks and damage to your building.

Once your cabin is in place, our guys will take care of any necessary finishing work like tying together the double wides or finishing the roof kit on an Adirondack or Cape Cod. Then, you’re ready to enjoy!


Where can we deliver?

We will deliver your dream prefab cabin anywhere across the central-eastern part of the United States. Our main delivery area is to the MidAtlantic region, including Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and beyond.

These cabins aren’t limited to the MidAtlantic region, however. We can set your prefab cabin in Tennessee among the great smoky mountains. If you’re from Kentucky surrounded by these cozy, wooden fortresses, you’re in luck. Log cabins aren’t a new concept to Kentucky residences, and we can build you one there!

If you live in Colorado, one of the most popular winter sports is skiing. Maybe you are looking for a cabin close to the slopes where you can spend your next adventure skiing and exploring the countryside. Or what about just relaxing at a private resort-style cabin up in the mountains where you can read, drink coffee, and spend quality time with loved ones? If so, Modular Cabins in Colorado are our thing!

Do you have more questions?

If you have any questions at all about the delivery process or your delivery specifically, give us a call at (610) 593-4556 and we will walk through everything with you. We're here to help and answer any questions you might have.

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