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We initially looked to purchase a property that already had a cabin, as the prospect of building new seemed overwhelming.We took a leap with Zook Cabins, and our experience was fantastic, from our first inquiry to our final walkthrough.The process was so smooth because of Matt Albrecht’s efficiency and responsiveness, along with tweaking the designs, the excellent build team, right down to the impressive crew that delivered, set and finished our cabin.My reluctance to leave the ‘burbs for my husbands dream was eased the minute I saw it. From our blue metal roof which blends right into the sky and clouds, to the gorgeous porches, the exceptional craftsmanship and exquisite attention to every detail… well, Zook is simply the best, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.If you can imagine it, don’t hesitate to call Zook. They’re in the business of bringing that vision to reality.

Our Musketeer cabin was delivered by men who did an excellent job. We picked our cabin finishes with Matt and the cabin turned out even better than we imagined. The quality of the workmanship is outstanding. It's so rare to see how much attention is given to every detail . We are working to finish the full basement under the cabin and we will send pictures when we are further along. Our set crew, Marcus and his men, were the hardest working men we've ever seen. They consulted with us all throughout the set. We just can't say enough about the quality of the cabin and the people who build them. Everyone who has visited us are just amazed at how the cabin is built and how much is included. I ordered the kitchen island and it's such a great addition. Anyone looking at the "extras" would be very well served to include the island. Our salesman Matt is so knowledgeable and so patient. It takes a lot of phone calls and emails, even after our visit to the showroom to work out all the details. He answered my calls, texts, or emails so promptly. We are just delighted with our Zook Musketeer cabin. We would order another one with absolutely full confidence if we needed another. There was a lovely gift package waiting for us in the cabin. Zook cabins and Cozy Cabins are a first class business in a world that doesn't see much first class work and service and performance. Thank you to everyone who helped get us our cabin.

My experience with Zook Cabins and Matt Albrecht was nothing but positive from start to finish. Being a first time homeowner seemed like a daunting task, and at times felt overwhelming. Matt was always there to answer questions, solve problems, and cater to any concerns I had as a homebuyer.During the build process, I was updated daily with progress photos and a walk-through videos (this is exciting) After delivery day, the build team worked long hours to seal and finish the house, including build a front porch. They were done in less than three days. I could not be more impressed with the quality of workmanship that went into every detail.Any hesitation about modular homes is misguided after seeing the rugged build of these cabins. It must withstand a long drive on a truck, after all. I would recommend Zook Cabins to anyone looking to build a new home, and look forward to enjoying mine for years to come.

If you are looking for a cabin my husband and I would highly recommend Zook Cabins to build it. From the very beginning, we have had excellent communication with them. We were wanting a cabin on our family property in Kentucky. I found Zook through a google search. I emailed them on a Thursday evening to gather some information. Allan Fisher responded in less than 24 hours and throughout the weekend we exchanged a half dozen emails. He answered every question quickly and thoroughly. Since the cabins were built offsite and everything was done online, we wanted to visit one to see if it was something we would be interested in having. We lived in Georgia and Allan put us in touch with a couple who were having a cabin set. They graciously allowed us to come and see it firsthand. They had nothing but positive things to say about Allan and Zook Cabins. We were very impressed with it and at that point decided to move forward with our cabin. Allan helped us with the custom options we wanted and continued to answer every question quickly. He even set it up so that we could go and visit the shop where it was being built. Ammon and his crew there were very welcoming and also answered all of our questions. Allan helped us with what we needed to have done before the cabin arrived on site. Once it arrived the young men who were there to set it work 12-hour days and within two weeks they had finished setting it. Once we were able to get in and check it out, we noticed some things that needed to be addressed. Allan was quick to get ahold of the shop and within two weeks the shop sent out Stephen who fixed everything to our satisfaction. This whole experience with Zook has been easy. They have been completely professional and truly care about their customers.

We stared the process by requesting a quote in early April 2020. Honestly, we were thinking they were going to be out of our budget. Allan contacted us almost immediately after request was made. He and my husband spent quite a while on the phone between several calls, nailing down what we were looking for. By the end of April 2020, we were signing our contract! Now, we wait. The cabin was delivered early June 2020. Once it was delivered, Zook had to get it set on the foundation, build the deck and button it up inside. It took about a week for their guys to finish everything up. The on site guys were very respectful. During that time, we noticed some things were not as we ordered. 1. The master bedroom floor had the same wood flooring as the rest of the house. It was supposed to just be the subfloor as we were going to carpet it. This, we could live with. 2 The master bathroom floor was just the subfloor and it was supposed to match the guest bath with laminate. Allan had us go to Menards, pick out what we wanted, then he paid for it. Problem solved. 3.The biggest issue were the cabinets. The cabinets in the entire cabin were wrong. What we ordered was completely different than what was installed. This was an updating issue because what we ordered was an upgrade from what they sent us. After a couple days, they did manage to make things right about cabinets. All in all, despite the issues, we are extremely satisfied with our cabin. The service we received was excellent, weather it be over the phone, by email, text, or in person. I would definitely recommend Zook to anyone looking into wanting a new home.

We did quite a bit of research on log homes before selecting Zook, based on their great floor plans, innovative design features, and excellent customer reviews.Building any home is a long, tedious and stressful exercise, but Matt Albrecht was an absolutely indispensable resource throughout. I had literally hundreds of questions throughout the process, and in each instance, Matt produced the information I was looking for, usually the same day. I can safely say that we would never have been able to bring this process to a conclusion without his help.Massachusetts has some of the most stringent building codes in the country, requiring many hours of custom design modifications, but Zook met every code requirement. These cabins are incredibly efficient and well-insulated, and we expect our total energy costs to heat and cool to be under $100/month.Once the cabin arrived, the setup crew went to work and with amazing speed, assembled our cabin into a little jewel. They work with great precision, even going so far as to caulk every single joint where any air could leak. Our building inspector commented that, in the over 20 modular homes he'd inspected, our Zook cabin was about the strongest and best designed model he had ever seen. The assembly tolerances were so good that when the cabin was set on our foundation, the perimeter of the outer walls never varied more than 1/16" from the outer foundation walls.As we approach our move-in date, we're very excited to get settled in to our new dream home in the secluded woods of our little town. We're very grateful to Zook for making the whole process manageable for us to bring off without the help of a General Contractor.

We are very pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of our Zook Cabin. Matt Albrecht was our sales contact. He answered the phone any time of day or night when we had questions or concerns. We couldn't get this kind of response from any local contractors we talked with. Initially we looked at a cabin Zook built for a couple in Jefferson, NH and shortly afterwards made a trip to Atglen, PA to visit the factory. The factory operation, and everything from the order process to manufacturing through completion is done meticulously and timely. Fred Eibling was our Zook assigned sight Manager who made sure everything was lined up with the permitting and the setting process, as well as the trucking crew, delivery, and managing the set crew. All we had to do was hire a local contractor for the foundation work. The cabin came turn key and fully wired and plumed. This saved us time and money and where the cabin was stick built in the factory we received all the benefits of a well insulated and structurally sound home at a good price. We cant stress enough about the quality of our Zook home being Amish built. Our set crew and the Forman worked hard and finished quickly. The set crew took pride in their work and paid attention to detail. They stayed on sight for days until completion. The crew Forman and his team were very nice people whom we felt we could trust in our home as much as we would trust a family member. We witnessed the crew working 10 to 12 hour days sometimes. You just don't see this kind of work ethic anymore, not since the days our grandfathers were tradesmen. The Zook Crew truly amazed us! Everyone from the Sales team, the factory workers we met in PA., the site management team, all earned a 5 Star rating! We can't say enough good about Zook. Zook is a classy business and operation with a quality product that far exceeded our expectations. As far as style and aesthetics, there are 4 other (Non-Zook) log cabins in our area and ours tops them all. All the drive- by's in our tourist town stop and take pictures of our Cabin. Thanks to Matt, Fred, Mike Esh and the team! We have a beautiful cabin,....... more so a dream home to enjoy for our days ahead!Sincerely, Robert and Christina Paris ....Lincoln, NH

I have been in my Zook home for 6 months."Dream It" "Plan It" "Build It" "Love It" That is exactly what happens!!! At the age of 72,widowed for 3 yrs and having resided in NJ my entire life I made the decision to move closer to my children in Va. Zook's came up on my phone! I had love Log homes since I was a child. The website was so easy to navigate. Could this dream come true at my age? Well it did! It started with Matt who treated me more like a family member than a customer. My Son and I planned it. They let you move rooms, windows etc to your liking. Then Zook's builds it to "SHEER PERFECTION!" Micheal, Marvin and Luke stayed for 5 days after it was delivered and built my deck and front porch. An incredible team from beginning to end. Now I am LOVING IT and Living my Dream thanks to Zook's.

Matt,I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new cabin. It is beautiful, and everything that I hoped it would be. The quality and craftsmanship is unbelievable. I am so glad we chose a Zook cabin. Thanks for all your assistance during the planning and building process. You were definitely a huge help to us, and very patient too. I would recommend a Zook cabin to anyone.I also would like to thank you for sending Michael, Marvin, and Levi, from Esh Construction, to install the cabin. They did a fantastic job. They are such hard workers, and wonderful people. We hated to see them leave. They made sure everything was perfect before they leftI am so anxious to move in. Thanks for the Corian trivets too.

Working with Zooks was so much easier than I expected. Matt Albrect is super communicative and very knowledgeable-I would recommend them, and have, to anyone who wants a new cabin!! Our place is perfectly done with no stress. Thanks Zooks team.

In May of 2018 my wife and I purchased our Zook Cabin through Matt Albrecht, their very knowledgeable and helpful salesman. He walked us through the entire process and responded immediately to every question we had. He was very respectful, professional and is an asset to this company.My wife and I took a trip down to Pennsylvania to tour their models as well as the warehouse where they build these incredible homes. Building in a controlled environment, out of the elements, is such a wonderful way to build. Seeing the top quality materials that they use and the craftsmanship of the workers had us sold. That same day we sat with Matt and picked out the options and upgrades, gave him a deposit, and excitedly went home to start finalizing the floor plan. Their architect was very helpful and had excellent suggestions. The design freedom at no extra charge was so beneficial. After a few back and forth with ideas, we settled on the Musketeer model with our own custom options.We prepared the lot and had Zook construct a 3 car garage for us while we waited for our home to be built. A small crew arrived with a perfectly packed trailer full of all our materials. Within 3 days they were out done. The workers were very focused and polite. They were young men, but their skill levels were well seasoned. The garage came out great.Throughout the process we were told of every move along the way and within 5 months of placing our deposit, our home arrived. The house was set within hours by Levi and his crew. They were all outstanding workers. The talent of these men was just what we had hoped for. They worked from sun up to sun down and always kept us informed of what their plans were. Raymond’s knowledge of porches and decks helped us to be able to make a slight adjustment on-site to our original plan. The weather conditions were horrendous for these guys, yet they never complained about the cold, snowy and windy conditions. They focused and got the job done…and did so above our expectation level.This is our third log home we have owned. We had a hand-peeled, a milled log, and now a Zook Cabin. We loved all our homes, but the Zook Cabin is far superior in so many aspects. We built in the White Mountains of NH where the weather is extreme, so energy performance and insulating qualities played a huge part of our decision to go with Zook. This home offers much more energy efficiency and has much less maintenance. We have now been in our home for a little over two months. We have had some strong winds, heavy downpours, blustery snow, and way below zero temperatures…some good tests on a new home. Let me tell you that it withstood it all. There are no drafts, no leaks, just a cozy cabin!The Amish quality is outstanding. It is hard to find a good builder, especially one that will show up when you aren’t there to watch over them, one that will do quality work, and get it done in a timely manner. Not having to deal with this along with multiple subcontractors was a pleasure. When Zook tells you the house comes completely done, it does. No hidden costs, no hidden extras, it is all spelled out. We are so blessed and couldn’t be happier! On a scale of 1 to 10, we’d rate them a 9.8, only the good Lord gets a 10.We love our new home and we are both so glad that we put our trust in Zook to deliver all of this to us. We highly recommend a Zook Cabin to everyone that wants low stress, top of the line, well insulated, quality workmanship, well built, quick turnaround, home with no headaches associated with the construction.Final words…if you are looking for a log home, do yourself a favor and buy a Zook Cabin. It will be the best investment you ever make. Paul and Angela Selfridge Jefferson, NH

My husband and I are so pleased with our frontier model..the quality of the home is just top of the line!! The work crew that came to install our home were fantastic..Marvin and his crew were polite and top of the line for installers...they made everything come together quickly..the interior of our home is so beautiful!! We love it!! Matt Albrecht our salesperson was so great and pleasant to work with in designing our home..the best!! The best value for your money overall!! Thank you Zook..

It has been a complete joy working with Matt and the crew I highly recommend Zook cabins to anyone looking for a wonderful new home

We've owned the cabin for about a year now and we still love it. Zook was great to work with. Starting with the base 44x28 Mountaineer we added two of the window nooks (we really like those, they add architectural interest and bring in lots of light), a rear deck, and fully finished upper floor rooms. They were willing to allow us some design flexibility beyond the ordinary. We requested a maintenance-free second floor exterior, so they installed, at our request, vinyl scalloped tiles on all exposed walls above the first floor and painted aluminum trim around the soffits and windows. The roof color we requested was not in their list, but they found a source and we got the red color we wanted. We designed the interior rooms exactly how we wanted them, extensively modifying the base plans. The finished result was exactly what we wanted. Their staff were all courteous, helpful, quick to respond and guided us through every step of the way. Every week at least one of us says, "I love my new cabin."

The overall quality of the cabin construction is impressive. Working with Matt was a pleasure. We'd recommend this cabin to anyone.

I would highly recommend Matt Albrecht and the Zook folks. They were fantastic from start to finish. They always answered emails and phone calls in a timely manner. They were always very responsive and accommodating. I always felt that they were looking out for me.They installed my cabin in western PA. It's about 4 hours away from their home base. They made several site visits to make sure they could deliver the cabin and made sure everything would work out. They truly go the extra mile-routinely. They take the time to minimize problems for you. That's a rare style of customer service.Please don't hesitate to give Matt a call and he will help you build something that you and your family will treasure for years to come.I would buy from them again.John

After spending 2 years really taking our time, and researching multiple avenues in acquiring a cabin, we decided Zook Cabins was our best choice. The process was painless. Matt Albrecht answered every question in a timely manner no matter where we were in the process. After recently receiving our cabin we were amazed at the ease with which it seemed to be assembled on our property. The quality is absolutely amazing, and beautiful. Thank you Zook Cabins for our dream home. We'll enjoy it for years to come.

Great company with service and product. We ordered our cabin after visiting Matt at the factory store and were very impressed with the cabin. One of the great features we found was for us to completely customize the layout and size to meet our needs. The set up was quick and efficient. The light bulbs were already installed in the ceiling! After 3 years of use our cabin, which we use for our landscape and construction business and storefront continues to look great and impress anyone who comes to our store. If you are considering Zook Cabins and are in the Northeast part of Pa you are more than welcome to stop buy and see our cabin. Thank you Zook Cabins.

We had a great experience buying our cabin from Zook. After shopping around we chose Zook because we found great quality and price. Matt was great from our first contact with him and through the process of designing our cabin. The set-up crew was great and left the site very clean. We are impressed with the workmanship of the cabin and the professionalism of everyone at Zook Cabins!

My husband and I did our homework when we were searching for a log home. We looked at modular cabins, as well as cabins built on site. Our experience with Amish craftsmanship has always been very positive. That, coupled with the value, was what made us go with Zooks. We love our house. Everything is very solid, and well built. We love the layout, and the room sizes are great. The very minor issues we had, were addressed promptly. They definitely stand behind their work. Overall, we love our log cabin and would recommend Zooks highly

I was very pleased with the order process, followup on options, delivery scheduling, setup, cleanup and the finished product. A great getaway vacation home!

When we first began looking into the look of a log home, we found there was a way to get the same quality of a traditionally stick built log home, as there is with a modular log home. We came across Zook first, and Matt (the liaison) was wonderful and responded to our questions in such a thorough and timely manner. Of course, it’s been our philosophy to always shop around, so that’s what we did. We came upon another company who really seemed to offer a lot of bang for our buck, yet the missing link was that they talked the talk, but didn’t walk the walk. Everything they said was literally only said, but never in writing. We were so close to being sucked in by lip service, and when we finally received the commitment letter, we read the fine print and realized that the lower price was due to decreased quality. It can be a little scary to buy a home online, and trust us, we got very nervous thinking about the worst possible scenarios. What really helped us was a review we ready by a couple who lived within an hour of our home. We reached out to them and they invited us to come see their home. We asked tons of questions and got to look around at the quality and craftsmanship of their home, and that really minimized any anxiety we may have been having. The crew that came and built our cabin was wonderful, kind, considerate, and totally non-stereotypically construction crews. They whistled while working, never said anything offensive (if you know what I mean) and cleaned up after themselves. Since they only build the cabin, there are other crews that we had to hire to do the additional work, ie: excavation, plumbing, electrical, foundation, concrete finisher, HVAC, etc. and we found that we had great workers on all levels, but none of them were as neat about things as the Zook crew was. Whenever the Zook crew arrived, our lab/shepherd mix would quietly sit in the window of where we were staying and watch, but when the other crews came to do their work, she would bark like a rabid dog. There was just something calming about the Zook crew. Anyway, we’ve been in our cabin for just a week now and we are so in love with our new home. If you ever need a reference or want to see pictures of ours, please feel free to reach out and ask…we’d love to share this wonderful experience with anyone considering this route.

Our dream of owning a log cabin home has now been realized thanks to everyone at Zook Cabins. Our Chalet style log cabin could not have come out any more perfect. The quality and woodwork are flawless and absolutely gorgeous. From the very beginning of the process, Matt was super helpful in getting us started and so easy to communicate with. We got the custom plans we wanted down to the little details and everything was built and ready for delivery in less than 3 months. Levi and the guys on site were so helpful and even went out of their way to salt our street after a snowfall to make sure everything went right with the delivery! We even received a little cabin-themed house warming gift box. Thanks again, we can't wait to spend the years ahead in our amazing new home!-Katia & Victor

Daniel We bought our cabin back in 2014. We found a local contractor who acted as our general contractor. He also "built" houses from other modular home manufacturers but was amazed at the quality of our home when they delivered and "put it together". We love the quality and feel of the home. It is very well built and quiet when the windows are closed. We don't think you can beat the quality and value of this type of home and this manufacturer.

From start to finish - Matt at Zook cabins was extremely helpful - even with the many redesigns he never lost patience with us. The workmanship is outstanding and the delivery and installation was incredible. Would highly recommend them! We love our cabin!

Archer's Choice - Zook Cabins
28' x 52' Mountaineer Deluxe Testimonial - Fred Eibling

Sorry I haven’t talked to you sooner. The house is absolutely beautiful, love the deck, island etc. The four men/boys who worked on the house were terrific from Ephran to all. Professional, polite hard working and they all worked well together. We are putting our house up for sale in February here on long island, will be in touch with you about a garage. Hope you and your family had a Very Merry Christmas and have a Happy and Healthy New Year with good things to come. Will be in Touch and again Brian and I thank you for your kindness and your patience with us.

We are absolutely thrilled with everything about it. Thanks.

Mike, We went to see the cabin being set on the foundation. What a exciting day we had. I have never seen any thing like it before. It was windy, cold, flurries, but the excitement over took that. Everything was great at the cabin site. No problems. It amazes me that two different people from so far away could get things just right.

The cabin looks great and the delivery went well despite some tight maneuvering and an unexpected snowstorm. The delivery crew was pleasant and meticulous about the finishing work. Thank you for your assistance during the whole process, which I think went very well.

So sorry it's taken this long to send some pictures. Actually, it's also your fault - and the guys at Zook - for building us such a lovely Cabin! We've spent alot of time relaxing up there - and also alot of time working on the lower basement, clearing land, etc. Thank you so much, Mike, for all your help in making this Cabin happen for us. We absolutely love it - every time we drive up to it, we can hardly believe it's ours - and the Bank's, of course!! Please thank Dean, Karl and all the guys at Zook, too for their hard work. Anyone who has come to visit or stopped by the Cabin, is amazed by the quality of workmanship - I'm giving out the Brochures like Candy - so hopefully you'll get some new customers soon!

I also want you to know that we greatly enjoyed our year+ living in the cabin that your company built for us! It will forever be a great memory for us. I know that it will be a great home for the new staff members that are going to be living in it soon.

I wanted to let you know that we love, love, love our new outdoor classroom! It is suiting our needs perfectly!

First, the cabin looks great! Amy and I are very satisfied with the finished product and the overall quality of the cabin. I think it's great that you can accommodate all types of purchasers and work with them on all the details that go into building a house. Second, I would like you to pass on to whomever Myron and Richard report to that they did an excellent job. They were a couple of very nice young men. Zook Cabin's should be proud of their efforts and their commitment, over a very long day, to do a professional job without compromising on the quality of work they do. They are the front-line workers for the Company, Excellent job! Thanks again for all your time and effort. My wife and I will gladly recommend Zook Cabins to anyone wanting a reference. One day we had seven people stop by at different times for information about the cabin.

While I was at the site, the men worked very hard and only took one lunch break for an 8 hour period. They did an excellent job and should be told so.

I really do want to tell you that Jen and I love the cabin, I have received so many compliments it is unbelievable.

Hi Mike, We finally got the foundation finished and the backfill done and should have everything wrapped up here in another week or two, depending on how hard the weather affects us. Anyway wanted to send you a couple pictures so you could see how things turned out. We still have some refinements like railings and rain gutters, and next spring we're planning on doing the side deck, at which point I'll probably be in touch to buy some railing from you. My wife and I wanted to say thanks to you and to Zook Cabins for providing us with a top notch product. Everything is just the way we ordered it. We're delighted with the obvious quality of the workmanship, and every contractor who has been involved in the effort has been impressed by the cabin. We're glad that we happened to come across your website when searching for a solution to our building needs, and this cabin has been the perfect fit for us. Thanks to you personally Mike for all of your help and advice, and please do pass along our thanks to all of the designers, engineers, craftsmen and delivery crew for a great job.

Wanted to let you know that we have really been enjoying the cabin. It's perfect!

The cabin is now in place. The three young guys putting the place together were great. Very hard workers and they did a wonderful job. Every single person who has been here to work on utilities etc. as well as the neighbors are impressed with the building. A good number have asked about Zook after looking it over.

In 2011 we began to research cabins to add a staff home on our 150 acre Christian Retreat property in southeast Indiana. That is when we discovered and purchased our first Zook Frontier Cabin. To our delight it has been a great addition to our property and ministry!Three years later, when we began to dream of having our own home on the property for greater involvement in the ministry, we were confident that another Zook Cabin would best meet our needs, and we purchased the Mountaineer Deluxe. Within 4 months we had our new home delivered and within 6 weeks we were moved in and delighting in the beauty and comfort it offers. Their willingness to personalize the cabin for our needs was amazing! We are finding that everyone who visits would love to have one too!

Zook Cabins Customer Testimonial - Hoppy Kempfer
Jim Lai Testimonial

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