Meet Senior Project Manager of Zook Cabins Matt Albrecht

Since 2006, Matt has worked alongside his friends in growing Zook Cabins. In his position, Matt has interacted with countless customers who have come to Zooks seeking to build the log cabin of their dreams. Since Matt has been employed with Zooks for years, he knows the “ins and outs” of how to build a log cabin the most affordable and efficient way. Whether on the phone or in person, Matt treats customers with upmost respect and strives to offer customer service that is unmatched by any other company! Read below to get a first hand experience about our senior project manager and how life goes on for him at Zook Cabins.


If you’ve purchased one of our prefab cabins or modular log homes then you’ll know Matt Albrecht well. Over the years Albrecht has helped many homeowners realize their dream to own a log home. For those of you currently contemplating a cabin or log home purchase from Zook Cabins, I (NAS) thought you might like some insight into a day in the life of Albrecht, and get to know him a little better.

Here is your insider’s look!

NAS: I know you have been working at Zook Cabins a long time. Could you tell us when you began and a little bit of background as to how you came to find yourself working there?

Says Albrecht: “I first started working for Dave Zook back in 2007 for our sister company Horizon Structures. originally I was hired to work on the website and to help build that…”

But, I quickly found myself working directly with customers and enjoying making families dreams come true by selling them the horse barn they always wanted. After a few years a position opened up at Dave’s other company, Zook Cabins. I was happy to start something new and take my excitement of customer service to the modular log home industry. That was back in 2013.

NAS: What were your initial duties and how have they migrated to the present day?

Albrecht: I am still doing today what I started doing back with Zook Cabins: customer service, architectural designing cabins, project manager, helping many cabin owners make dreams come true!

NAS: What has been the best thing about working for Zook Cabins?

Albrecht: When you initially start talking to someone, they might be in the market for a cabin right now or they might be thinking years down the road – one of the best things I enjoy is encouraging people to stick with their dream. Eventually they will find the right property, or get through the hard permitting phase, or finally get the funds needed to take the next step and start the countdown to delivery day!

NAS: Can you run us through your ‘regular day at the office’ and give us some ideas of the types of things you have to deal with each day?

Albrecht: A typical day in the life of Matt starts at 6 a.m., when I get up with my wife Kate and spend time while she gets ready to go off to work. Then I have some quiet time doing devotions and in prayer for the day ahead. Then it’s on to the kids, getting my two boys up and ready and have everything they need to succeed for their day at school. Then to the work I go. We have a beautiful Mountaineer Deluxe set up as our office, I don’t mind at all having to go into the office and spend time in the cabin that we are helping others get. Most of our customers call ahead to schedule a visit, so I do get a number of people a week who come out and see our display model in person. If it is a cabin set day for a customer, I check in with John (one of our owners), to make sure all is set and how things are coming along. If the cabin is close enough, I would make the trip to the site to watch the set and spend time with the customer as they get their new home. Most of my day is spend taking phone calls & answering emails, generating estimates and customized floor plans for review. If I am not doing that, then it’s reading and marketing to help better further educate myself and better push Zook Cabins to help educate future customers.

Mountaineer Deluxe Prefab Log Home shipped nationwide

NAS: I know that you are often out at trade and retail shows and don’t spend all day in the office. Can you share with us a couple of your grand adventures out on the road?

Albrecht: If anyone has been to see us at the Great American Outdoor Show or many of the Log & Timber shows we do, you would have met me and Brad Zeigler, (yes, Zeigler as in Zeigler’s Apple Cider). We have a blast at shows, just a great time talking to people. There is nothing better than getting to meet someone in person after talking to them over email or phone. To be able to put a face to a name is so nice.

NAS: What is the most important thing you have learned during your time at Zook Cabins about log homes or prefab cabin builds that you would like to share with prospective clients?

Albrecht: That I am not just doing a job. I am helping people invest in their future. They could take their hard earned money and go spend it somewhere else, but I honestly believe that when you get your cabin with Zook Cabins you are making one of the best investments you will ever make. There is no better quality product

NAS: What is the best part of your job?

Says Albrecht: “Every job is different, so I really enjoy getting to see how my future friends are going to lay-out and design their cabin to best fit their needs and wants.”

NAS: Can you share a few examples of the most common things are that customers don’t understand going into the project

Albrecht: Some customers don’t totally understand what we do. When they think “log cabin” they think cut down a tree and stack logs on top of logs till you have a home….we are completely different. We are a certified modular home company, who instead of putting up your traditional vinyl & drywall, are using wood products to give you that rustic retreat feel without getting into the hassle and pricing of kits or solid log construction. With the ever-increasing battle to meet the current energy requirements with our style construction, we will continue to stay far ahead of the solid log construction.

NAS: When you are not dashing around to trade events or answering a barrage of calls at the office, what do you like to do in your spare time to relax?

Albrecht: Traveling with the family. Florida is a great getaway for us. I also can enjoy a round of golf any day of the week.

NAS: If you had to write down in one word what sums up your experience working at Zook Cabins what would it be?

Says Albrecht: “Satisfying!”

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