Choose Your Cabin Style

Welcome aboard this exhilarating journey. At Zook Cabins we strive to give you the best possible customer experience as you walk through your cabin buying journey. We understand that the idea of buying a Log Cabin or a Modern Cabin started as a dream. Luckily for you, we are in the business of making your biggest & wildest dreams a reality. We can’t wait to come alongside you and assist you in building the Cabin home of your dreams. A Zook Log Cabin or Modern Cabin, is bound to change the atmosphere of your whole property.

Log Cabins

There have been many log cabin designs and styles that have evolved since the time of the first log cabin! Whether you’re searching for something rustic as a getaway cabin or a full-time residence equipped with everything your family needs, a log cabin can make your dream come true.
With an iconic, storybook-like appearance, our log cabins are the most whimsical option for a mountain-dwelling. Exuding strength, craftsmanship, and rustic grandeur, old meets new in the marriage of age-old grit and modern manufacturing.

Modern Cabins

The Farmhouse-style cabin, The Homestead, is a beautiful 2-story home that has an attached 2-car garage. With a beautiful white exterior and black-trimmed windows, and 2nd-floor dormers, The Homestead sets itself apart before you ever step foot inside. The Modern Mountain style cabin, The Woodland, has a clean dark-colored exterior. With a focus on natural light, clean cuts, and the wood-accented interior, The Woodland marries the modern and mountainous styles perfectly.

Put your neighbors on notice with a Zook Modern Cabin.

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