Zook Prefab Modern Cabins

Ever-evolving from the very first log cabin model we introduced, we recently stepped outside the box and into the world of Modern Cabins. The introduction of Zook Modern Cabins goes to show that cabin styles cannot be kept inside a box. It’s time to rethink cabin homes, their use of wood, and the wide range of possibilities a cabin offers you. So, what are modern cabins actually? In a word, they are the perfect combination of your dream log cabin and your ideal modern home. With a modern cabin, there is no need to compromise luxury or convenience, for a cabin that perfectly fits your style.

The Homestead Cabin The Woodland Cabin The Franklin Cabin

Farmhouse Modern Cabins

The Homestead Modern Cabin

Perhaps you like the idea of modern cabins, yet you admire the modern farmhouse style. If you are stuck between the two, the Homestead Modern Style Cabin says, why not enjoy BOTH?! Yes, from the inside out, the Homestead Prefab Modern Cabin marries the best of prefab modern cabins and modern farmhouses with its perfect combination of rustic, chic, contemporary, and country. The Homestead, the Modern Farmhouse Cabin, will certainly enrapture you in its stunning breath of fresh warmth and beauty. See for yourself!

Modern Style Cabin

The Franklin Modern Cabin

Are you a fan of the modern farmhouse cabin style? If so, then the Franklin Modern Cabin is for you. Step inside this modern farmhouse cabin and experience modern country living at its best. From the clean modern exterior to the spacious and brightly lit interior, the Franklin was designed to perfectly fill the niche between modern farmhouse and cabin! 

Modern Mountain Style Cabin

The Woodland Modern Cabin

Does your taste for a new home involve more modern grandeur than rustic charm? Perhaps you adore log cabin homes, yet something about them does not quite click with your taste. If so, the Woodland Modern Mountain style cabin combines the perfect amount of wood accents with contemporary design and together serves you a breathtaking prefab modern cabin! Keep your precise taste for vogue styles and your adoration of natural wood when you choose the Woodland Prefab Modern Cabin! 

The Beauty of Modern Cabins

Are you dreaming of building your own vacation home? But not totally sold on the complete “log home” vibe? 

When you walk into a Zook Modern Cabin, it will feel like coming home to your own luxury suite. And while “cabins” often have the misguided reputation of being rustic or even primitive. The Modern Cabin of today takes luxury living to the next level and turns your preconceived idea of a cabin into your dream cabin combo.

Combining the best features of the raw beauty of a log cabin and the trendy look of today’s designs. Modern Cabins are your answer. With the wooden accented interiors, these modern cabins are woodsy enough to make you feel at home, but modern enough to keep you on the cutting edge of style and design. 

Imagine, from wooden logs to quality wood siding, from charmingly rustic to stunningly modern interiors. Only inside a Zook Modern Cabin will you find the sweet spot where traditional rustic meets modern grandeur in perfect and irresistible harmony!

Keep imagining your own modern cabin home by browsing our gallery of modern cabins.

Gallery of Modern Cabins

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