Log Cabin Kits?! – BAD NEWS!

Log Cabin Kits… honestly, the thought is not entirely bad, and really for some years they weren’t that bad of an option. However, with the rise of prefab, modular log cabins, the log cabin kits have slowly lost their footing.

With the ease, simplicity, and the sheer fact that you can get a high-quality log cabin at an affordable price… the prefab, modular log cabin has quickly become a favorite. When you buy a Zook Cabin you customize the cabin the way you want it, we build it in our manufacturing facility, we then deliver it to your property. Within 2 weeks after delivery, you should be enjoying your new log cabin home.

Here’s to a “million-dollar” question… Are cabin kits worth it?

Are you looking to spend countless hours, money, and sweat on your dream cabin or find a quality modular cabin that is built to match your personality and style?

The answer to this question is weighty considering the implications that it has on your money, time, and overall investment.
And the truth is that more likely than not, Log Cabin Kits’ popularity has caught your attention, due to their “lower” costs and “easy” set up.
Before you jump on what may seem like unique pros offered by the Log Cabin Kit route, take a moment to fully understand what is NOT inside your Cabin Kit.

5 Reasons Why Log Cabin Kits Can Be A “Disaster” Rather Than Investment

1.  The Costs Far Exceed The Cost Of Log Cabin Kits

log cabin kits

While the log cabin kit is the “cheaper route”, it is only a fraction of the total cost required to build a cabin. When you purchase a log cabin kit all you receive is a stack of raw materials. Check out all the hidden costs that await you after you pay around 80,000 for regular sized log cabin kits.

  • Funding of the foundation, a floor system, electric, insulation, plumbing, a heating system, or any finish on the interior.
  • A crane may be required to set your cabin’s roof in place and a forklift will be needed to unload your cabin kit once it’s delivered.
  • Renting or purchasing specialized and expensive tools.
  • Cabin kit companies do not stain your cabin’s lumber. You will need to purchase quality stain to maintain your cabin’s wooden shell.
  • To get your cabin into full functionality, you may have to hire a plumber, electrician, or any other “handyman”
  • Log Cabin kits do not come with, the walls, interior doors and trim, flooring, ceiling, kitchen countertops, kitchen sink, kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, shingles or metal roof, windows, insulation, and tools.

2.  Log Cabin Kits Include Tedious Details

log cabin kits

Do you like organization and management? To lower the cost of log cabin kits, it is better not to hire a contractor or a project manager. But if you choose to do this project solo, are you prepared to take care of the following tedious details?

  • Researching and acquiring the proper tools
  • Obtaining engineered drawings from your local Municipality
  • Acquiring a building permit for your Log Cabin Kit
  • Researching trusted companies to hire out your electrician, plumber, excavator, etc.
  • Researching a quality, yet affordable crane and forklift.
  • Drilling through the center of each log of the one cabin wall to run electricity.
  • Understanding the log cabin kits instructions and making proper cuts and connections.

3.  Log Cabin Kits Are Time Consuming

log cabin kits2

Time is money. And unfortunately, a log cabin kit requires a lot of your personal time, especially if you want to do it right.  Get a taste of the time requirements before you invest your time (which is money) on a cabin kit project.

  • 3 months on average to complete the shell of an average sized cabin.
  • Months of prior prep such as excavating, foundation work, and legal paperwork.
  • Months of subsequent work, such as staining, electrical work, interior finishes, etc. till the cabin is ready for a weekend getaway.
  • Prolonged time should be expected due to bad weather, carpentry mistakes, and normal life disruptions.

4.  Log Cabin Kits Require A “Master” Of All Trades

log cabin kits3

To even keep log cabin kits within close range of their original price, you will need to be a “master” of all trades. Do you have any experience with the following handyman skills?

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Excavating
  • Installation
  • Carpentry

If not, your dream log cabin kit is not the most ideal way to get your feet wet with the above skills, regardless of the educational benefit.  Log cabin kits + inexperience = a perfect headache.

5. Log Cabin Kits Bring Loads Of Frustration

Unless you love to build and have acquired a level of carpentry expertise and skill, frustration is inevitable. Be aware of the potential frustrations coming your way if you go the log cabin kits route.

  • The directions of log cabin kits can be difficult to follow and understand.
  • Cabin kit logs are not always cut to the exact measurements which can offset your whole project.
  • The log cabin kit’s quality may be less than you desired.
  • A piece or pieces may be missing from your kit.
  • Your material may become damaged from continual exposure to the outdoor environment.
  • Juggling the management and building of your cabin along with home life and work.
  • Your desired timeline for completion might become extremely drawn out.
  • You might never finish your cabin.

“The total cost the average consumer will pay when the project is complete is three times more than the initial kit price.

Log Home Builders Association

The Final Call On Log Cabin Kits

log cabin kit

The crux of the matter is this…log cabin kits are not ideal, and their costs are not cheap unless you fall into a select category of people. If you are a “master” of all trades, have a love for building, or tend to be extremely patient. It is in your best interest to consider affordable alternatives to log cabin kits before you take the plunge.

 And since we are on the subject, you should check out the best alternative to a cabin kit, the modular log cabin home.

5 Core Reasons Why A Modular Log Cabin Is A Wise Investment

Modular Log Cabins vs Cabin Kits

In a nutshell, Modular Log Cabins are a fantastic alternative to log cabins kits because your modular log cabin arrives to your desired location fully assembled (interior finished), certified, and ready for same day use( once the sections are sealed together).

Skip down and watch a review from a customer who chose a Zook Log Cabin. Even see inside their home!

1.  Experience An Enjoyable Journey.

Modular log cabins are the easiest way to have your dream cabin built. Basically, all you have to do is design your dream cabin ( and you are empowered every step of the way)  and then we deliver it to you. Plus, many options await you for personal customization of your ideal dream cabin. Even better yet, all the exterior details, interior details, legal paperwork, and renting out large equipment is included in our modular log cabin package. Enjoy reading the personal testimony of Fred Eibling for an informative and interesting firsthand experience of his journey to the perfect dream log cabin home.

2.  Offers Safe And Efficient Assembly Of Your Cabin’s Materials

Cabin Kits built really poorly

The most fascinating piece of a modular log cabin is its innovative construction method. Modular cabin homes are built in a factory, which produces a controlled and stable environment. All your cabin’s materials will be protected and kept in pristine condition during its assembly.

3. Uninhibited Construction Saves TIME For You And Your Cabin

The fact that your prefab log cabin is built in a controlled environment allows for our skilled craftsmen to work rain or shine and through all the 4 seasons. Our experienced crew give 100% focus to building your cabin with zero interruptions. You will receive your cabin much sooner than if you built one with a cabin kit.

4. Provides Lower Costs And More Opportunities For Financing

Thanks to the factory providing a conducive and controlled work environment this allows for the overall costs of your cabin to be lower and affordable. Yes, just as or more affordable than the real price tag of a cabin kit. And if desired, loan companies are quicker to offer a loan for a modular cabin since they have a lower risk rate than other construction structures.

5. Enjoy Little To No Stress!

modular cabins are stressfree compared to log cabin kits

Modular log cabins’ process comes with virtually no stress! We do all the hard work of construction and navigating the legal paperwork. Items like plumbing, wiring, insulation, etc. are skillfully handled by our team of professionals, leaving you to enjoy dreaming of life in your gorgeous log cabin.

Become better equipped when you get the full scoop by checking out our blog, Considering a Pre-Built Cabin?

A Customer who chose a Zook Cabin

Both of these couples chose a Zook Log Cabin and are eager to share their thoughts on their experience. Take a peek inside their cabins as they each share their story of getting their gorgeous cabin getaway.

"This is the Perfect Way to Build a Cabin" | Zook Cabins - Modular Log Cabin
This Couple Loves Their Modular Log Home!

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Zook Cabin’s Modular Log Cabins Are Ready To Partner With You!

Modular Log Cabins vs Cabin Kits What is better

At Zook Cabins, we understand that your money and your time is a life-long investment and we want to give you the best bang for your hard-earned buck. When you partner with the Zook Cabins team to bring home your dream log cabin, you will receive a quality and lasting investment that can be passed on for generations.

No need to settle for the frustration and the potential disappointment packed into a cabin kit along with its materials.

Check out Zook Cabins gorgeous and affordable Modular Log Cabins and start your cabin adventure today!

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