Manufactured Log Homes vs. Our Amish Built Log Cabins

There is a lot of confusion in the construction industry regarding home building. Many consumers refer to pre-manufactured log homes and pre-made modular log homes interchangeably, though there are vast differences between the two. As an Amish built log cabins company, we at Zook Cabins, hope to clarify the differences between these two styles.

Manufactured Log Homes

Manufactured log homes, sometimes referred to as pre-manufactured homes, are not built to the same construction standards as modular homes. To sum it up, there are two distinct differences between manufactured and modular homes, namely, construction standards and finances.

Description of Manufactured Log Homes

  • They are built on steel framing.
  • They are built with thin walls.
  • They don’t meet all the residential building codes.
  • They appreciate in value at the same level as a mobile home or trailer.

Because these structures are built on a small steel frame, they require thin walls to increase interior space. Unfortunately, this limited space and foundation leads to compromised quality and design overall. For the purposes of financing, even when these manufactured homes are built on a foundation, so that they are not really “mobile”, these manufactured homes are still treated as mobile homes.

Important Note:  To further the confusion, many log cabin builders offer both log cabin pre-manufactured homes and modular-constructed homes in their product lines. They often fail to differentiate between the two, except when talking about pricing.

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Our Amish Built Log Cabins

Distinctions Of Our Amish Built Cabins

  • They are permanent structures placed on a prepared foundation on site.
  • The walls, flooring, roof, and entire structure is the same as any traditional stick-built home.
  • They meet or exceed all residential building standards and codes.
  • They appreciate in value similar to any traditional or stick-built home.

Our Amish built log cabins, sometimes referred to as modular or prefab log cabins, meet or exceed all residential building standards in the same way as would any traditional stick-built home. The only difference between our log homes and the stick-built variety, is the way the final pieces are put together. Everything else about our Amish built log cabins is the same as any traditionally built home, from the roofing all the way to the floorboards.

Although we do “manufacture” our log cabins in the controlled environment of our factory, the final assembled product has the same quality structure and the same financing and investment potential as any stick-built home. In fact, our factory allows for more efficient and environmentally friendly construction and effective personalized customization.

As an Amish built log cabins company, Zook Cabins understands there is a lot of confusion about the different construction terminology used to describe log home buildings. We field questions from customers everyday about log cabin manufactured homes, modular, and prefab homes. But we want you to understand that our modular log cabins do not fall into the category of manufactured or pre-manufactured log homes.

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The Bottom Line

When you started looking for information about log home builders and the possibility of owning a log cabin or pre-built hunting cabin, you may have thought that manufactured log homes sounded pretty good. It is our hope that since we have clearly pointed out the differences between pre-manufactured homes and the Amish cabins we build, you will now know what you are really looking for in a log cabin.  A modular log home that features solid construction, is fully inspected, and is built to residential construction standards should be your top choice. Our Amish built cabins are a worthy investment that will increase in value over time and can be handed down to the next generation with confidence!

Watch these reviews of couples that made the choice to purchase a custom modular log cabin. See inside their finished models and hear their honest thoughts about the process.

"This is the Perfect Way to Build a Cabin" | Zook Cabins - Modular Log Cabin
This Couple Loves Their Modular Log Home!

Interested in finding out more about our Amish made prefab cabins or owning rental cabins? Contact the experienced pre-built log cabin builders at Zook Cabins by calling (610) 593-4556. We’ll be glad to talk with you about our most popular models or discuss customizing our prefab cabins for your needs.

In the meantime, while you are picking up the phone, enjoy discovering what cabin designs are available from Zook Cabins.

The Mountaineer Deluxe

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The Mountaineer Deluxe cabin is the expanded edition of the stunning Mountaineer and the inspiration for the Chalet cabin. This log cabin boasts an 18’ high soaring ceiling with magnificent windows which flood the cabin’s great room area with plenty of natural lighting.

The Mountaineer Deluxe offers a spacious and wide-open living quarters. This log cabin will be sure to win the admiration and envy of all your family and friends.

The Frontier

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This beautiful log cabin shares the same interior space as our Settler Modular cabin but is set a part by its cozy side porch. Finally, a spot where you can enjoy your favorite cup of coffee! The Frontier’s layout includes a spacious living room area perfect for enjoying the company of your friends and family. Everyone will want to gather around in this cabin’s beautiful, inviting space.

The Pioneer

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If you are looking for a log cabin that is not too big or too little, then the Pioneer fits the bill! The Pioneer Cabin is our largest ranch style cabin. This cabin’s charming gable porch allows you to extend your living space to the great outdoors! No need to settle for a cabin kit when you can make a space-efficient and economical Pioneer cabin your very own. The Pioneer cabin is the perfect place for a small family getaway to the mountains or to the woods!

The Chalet

chalet log cabin available with zook cabins. amish built

The Chalet Cabin is one of our most visually stunning log cabin plans available, with expansive glass windows which allow abundant natural light and gorgeous views. Crafted in a steep A-frame style roof, this chalet-style modular log home is engineered to endure the most severe snow loads, fitting for regions like Maine and Colorado. Its breathtaking beauty is accentuated by floor plans designed to maximize outdoor views. This makes it perfect for locations boasting mountain vistas, serene lakesides, or secluded spots within wooded mountain landscapes.

At Zook Cabins When We Deliver, We Deliver!

Have you viewed your dream log cabin home? If so, you might be wondering about Zook Cabin’s delivery options. Maybe you are holding back from dreaming about a Zook Cabin until you know for sure if it can be delivered to your dream location. Rest assured, at Zook Cabins, we will deliver your beautiful log home anywhere across the central-eastern and Mid- Atlantic regions of the United States! If you live in Colorado, you are in luck! Zook Cabins have expanded their delivery to your mountainous, majestic state. Learn more about Zook Cabins delivery process and locations and put any questions or concerns to rest!

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