What Is A Modular Cabin?

Imagine a nice cool evening to the sound of crackling firewood on a beautiful oasis free from distractions as you embrace the time away from your normal routines of life? Imagine the joy of this moment becoming a yearly tradition or even a lifetime experience that you can recreate in your own modular cabin. Modular cabins are truly a uniquely created and beautifully designed structure that has been responsible for countless, meaningful, family memories that have been made. Perhaps you may be wondering what is a modular cabin? Well, that’s what we’re here to talk about.

What is a modular cabin? A modular cabin is a cabin that is designed by you and then constructed in a climate-controlled manufacturing facility to then later be delivered, in sections, to its final destination. Typically, they are then outfitted with the electricity and plumbing you need to occupy it as your home. Modular cabins illustrate the beautiful combination of an ole cabin feel coupled with the comfort and peace of home.

Imagine the memories you would create and the experiences you will have when owning your own modular cabin and using it as your primary residence. Imagine campfires in the cool night, late-night family board games, or late-night movies while cozied up in your favorite blanket. Is a modular cabin worth it though? When considering the memories you can make that become stories you can tell, they sure are!

Not only are their memories to be made, but modular cabins come with a unique set of features that will give you a return on your investment. These features include the following: modular cabins are built in a facility, modular cabins can be uniquely designed, and they are considered to typically cost less than a traditional home.

Features Of A Modular Cabin

1. Built In A Facility

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One unique aspect of modular cabins is that they are built in a facility. This allows for a controlled environment that eliminates any interruptions from weather, or even damage from the weather. This controlled environment helps to expedite the construction process of a modular cabin but also enables the workers to give more attention to the detail of the build. Building a modular cabin in a controlled environment allows for the workers to give more attention to the details of its development, therefore ensuring a higher level of quality construction.

This isn’t some Cabin kit that you have to build!

2. Uniquely Designed

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Modular Cabins come in a variety of unique styles that caters to your exact taste. The unique thing about modular cabins is that you can determine the floor plans. You will have the luxury of deciding where and how your rooms are positioned, affording you the ability to kick back and relax in your own cabin uniquely designed by you. Modular cabins also come in a variety of styles, giving you a framework from which to build your modular cabin. Modular cabin styles can include the chaletmountaineer, and timberline to name a few.

3. Cost Less Than Traditional Homes

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Modular cabins typically cost less than traditional homes but depending on the type of modular cabin you buy, the price could increase to as much as a traditional home. The average price of a modular cabin can range from as low as $125,000 to as high as $1,000,000 depending on the size and specifications of your cabin. Generally, modular cabins are more inexpensive than traditionally built homes for three reasons. First, modular cabins are built in a climate-controlled environment which reduces the number of costly delays resulting from weather or destruction of materials along the way. Second, with homes being built in a factory they avoid inspection cost due to the in-warehouse oversight provided during the construction process. Lastly, waste is reduced by 75% which reduces dump fees and waste management costs.

Are Modular Cabins Worth It?

Modular cabins are a great option for a primary residence if you like an earthy, natural, type of feel in your home. Modular cabins can be a worthy purchase given that they can also be used as a getaway home for you and your family. When considering the many benefits of owning a modular cabin and its many features including being built in a manufacturing facility, uniquely designed by you, and cost less than traditional homes, they become a worthy investment. Not to mention, the countless memories to be made make a modular cabin a good thing to have.

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What Kind Modular Cabins Does Zook Cabins Offer?

Perhaps you might be wondering, well, what type of modular cabins are there? We at Zook Cabins sell two types of cabins: log cabins and modern cabins. Each of these cabin types come with their own unique styles that make a log cabin comfortable, appealing, and efficient.

Log Cabin

What Is A Modular Cabin Log Cabin

Our log cabins are known for their natural, earthy, feel when living inside of one. Log cabins are not only cozy but are especially aesthetically pleasing with their natural stained color. Log cabins also carry a nice rustic feel, where you feel like you are outdoors but can experience the luxury of indoor comforts. Log cabins are known to be cozy places of dwelling as if nature itself is hugging you. Be sure to check out our log cabins.

Modern Cabins

What Is A Modular Cabin Modern Cabin

Perhaps you are more into the modern trend but still maintaining the character of tradition. We offer modern cabins that still offer the cozy, warm feeling of being surrounded by nature while relaxing in a nice warm cabin. This coupled with modern features and wood accents that remind you of the nature surrounding you is what composes our modern cabins. You can view our modern cabins below.

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“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”

― Henry David Thoreau