What is a Park Model Home?

Are you wondering, what is a park model home? Then look no further. Park model homes are the perfect, affordable, small cabins that make for a wonderful weekend of vacation in the mountains. The park model homes are most commonly used at campgrounds, retreat centers, as a hunting cabin, or a cabin in the mountains.

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Park Model Uses Park Model Styles

What is a park model home? A park model home is an approximately 400 sq. ft. home built on a trailer and is classified as a recreational vehicle. While it is classified as a recreational vehicle, they are most commonly parked on a foundation at a campground, retreat center, or on private property. Here they are connected to common utilities like water and sewer. Although a park model home is designed like a home, it is not designed to withstand long-term living as you would in a traditional home, therefore living in a park mobile home is not ideal. While park model homes can be moved because they are built on a trailer, a park model home is fairly large and heavy so they are not often pulled around like a camper might be., Living in a park model home on the weekend and during other adventures is certainly fitting with its design. So perhaps you have heard of the tiny house movement and are wondering if a park home is the same as a tiny house. Well, it is not. Or maybe you’re wondering what park model prices are? We will go over the difference between a tiny house and park model homes, creative uses for a park model home, and different specs and styles of a park model home.

Park Model Home Vs. Tiny House

Park model homes and tiny houses are both under the umbrella of tiny homes but are used differently based on various unique factors. These factors are what distinguishes between a park model home and a tiny house and can help inform your decision on what best suits your needs, along with different park model prices. So here they are: 

What is a Park Model Home?

  • Built to Code: Park model homes are built to code. This allows you to have easy access to campsites and lots without the need to worry about violating regulations. 
  • Seasonal Occupancy: Park model homes are great for seasonal occupancy but are not designed to withstand long-term living as a traditional home. 
  • Sometimes Larger than Tiny Homes: Park model homes can often times be larger than tiny homes which can be a plus for seasonal occupancy. You have more room in a park model home to have your essentials.
  •  Registered like an RV: Park model homes are registered and tagged just like any RV. Just another feature that makes it easier for travel and parking. 

What is a Tiny Home?

  • Not Typically Built to Code: Tiny houses are not always built to code. This can create some difficulty when trying to figure out where to place your tiny home temporarily or permanently. 
  • Long-Term Occupancy: Tiny houses are suitable for long-term occupancy. A tiny house is made with material to sustain a long-term living.
  • Not Registered like an RV: Because tiny homes are not always built to code, they are not easily registered like an RV. This can create some difficulty in getting the home registered and properly processed according to state laws.
  • Smaller than Park Model Homes: Tiny homes are usually 300sqft or less, creating a much smaller unit than a park model home. Most Park model homes are over 300sqft. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Zook Cabins Park Model

  1. Save money! No need for a permanent foundation!
  2. Low-cost investment with high return on investment
    • Click here to see our pro forma. Get the cash flowing with your own short-term rental business. Here is an overview of the Park Model prices we offer.
  3. Turn-key! Our Park Model Cabins come ready to go!
    • All you need to do is stabilize the cabin, and hook up the utilities. Our Park Model Cabins include the appliances, and mini-split heating/cooling unit.
  4. Our Park Model Cabins are RV Certified!
    • Our customers have great success getting RV loans and RV insurance. Did we mention that our Park Model Cabins are RV certified?
  5. It’s Go Time!
    • After you complete the four steps listed above, you are ready to go! Go ahead and list your cabin on Airbnb or your campground website.

Common Uses of a Park Model Home

What is a park model home

There are a variety of uses for a park model home especially given that park model homes are not ideal for long-term living. Check out these creative uses that just might make it worth buying a park model home. 

Park Model Home as a Guest House

A park model home can make for a great guest house on your property. Having a park model home gives your guest not only the comfortable space of their own room, but their own house for an extended stay or just needed privacy. Whether you are hosting visiting in-laws, out-of-town friends, or just hosting incoming travelers this can be a great option for you. It can even be rented out as an Airbnb. 

Park Model Home in a Retreat Center

It is not uncommon to find a park model home at a retreat center where they may offer 10-20 small cabins to rent for the weekend. These cabins are most times park model homes that come with a floor plan of around 400 sq. ft. of living space. While that may sound on the small side, it still provides a place to relax, and step away from the rest of the group at the retreat center.

Park Model Home as a Vacation Home

Instead of traveling with a camper, you can place a park model home at your destination of choice and use it as a small vacation home. Whether for a couples getaway, family vacation, or just solitude retreat, park model homes can be a nice getaway spot without the headache of paying nightly fees for a hotel or finding a hotel. 

What Park Model Homes We Offer?

There are a variety of park model home styles and specifications that can fit the style you like. Having a park model home is nice, but having one that fits your style and preference is even better. At Zook Cabins we currently offer 3 different park model log home styles, the Lakeview, Rancher, and Sierra. We currently don’t offer a modern style park model home.

Park Model Home Log Cabin Style Lakeview Front web photo

Lakeview Park Model Home

The Lakeview Park Model log home gives you the mobility of a park model home coupled with the look and feel of a log cabin. The Lakeview Park Model log home comes standard with a full bathroom, 1 bedroom, extra bunk bed, futon, kitchen/ living area, and a beautiful end porch. The Lakeview is a great small cabin to use as a retreat center, campground, or a small couple’s getaway. 

Rancher Park Model Home

Rancher Park Model Home

The Rancher is the Park Model Home that offers the most sleeping accommodations. With two bedrooms, a second-floor loft, and a pull-out futon in the living area, the Rancher is great for small families or two couples. The Rancher also comes standard with a full bathroom, kitchen, living room, and a second-floor loft.

Park Model Trailer in a Campground

Sierra Park Model Home

The Sierra Park Model Home comes standard with the 10ft porch on the end of the cabin, a kitchen/ living area, loft with mattresses, bunk bed in the hallway, and 1 full bedroom. The Sierra comes as a turn-key package, complete with appliances, beds, furniture, and easy access water hookups.

Specs for a Park Model Home 

  • Up to 400 Square feet of living space
  • Can accommodate appliances
  • Connects to utilities 
  • Built inside a production facility

Park model homes are great asset to any mountain property so if you are interested in a park model home or park model prices, check out what we have to offer. We currently sell the Rancher, Sierra, and Lakeview park model homes.. Park model homes make great lodging options for a variety of reasons whether it is for cabin getaway, an in-law suite, or simply just downsizing. Park model homes are truly something to enjoy.