Take A Look Inside Park Model Homes

Let’s take a look inside Park Model Homes. While the exterior is an important factor in choosing your park model mobile home, the interior is really where most of your time is spent. Having a park model home with an interior setup that works for you is essential to feeling at home. With multiple options for the number of bedrooms or whether or not you have a loft, knowing what your options are is the right place to start. Continue reading to find out more about inside park model homes and view our photos!

Take a look inside a park model home

Most likely you’ve heard about the growing popularity of park model mobile homes and are doing some research on the best one to buy and the different options available. One of the most important things to consider is the interior layout of your new park model. While most Park models aren’t fully customizable, there are many options available with different layouts that each offer their own set of pros and cons. 

So let’s get started and take a quick walk through Inside Park Model Homes!

Key Features Inside Park Model Homes

While most of the features of a park model are quite similar to a regular home, the primary thing to consider is the difference in size. While the average size of a home today is around 2000 sq.ft., park models are only 400 sq. ft. 

Park model homes living and kitchen area


A kitchen is a vital part of any home and no less inside park model homes. Our kitchens are built with a combination of functionality and look at the forefront. Make sure it complements and doesn’t distract from the rest of the living space. All of our park models come standard with the necessary appliances, including a refrigerator, electric range, and microwave.

With each model, you get a slightly different variation in the layout of your kitchen, so browse the different models and find one that fits you and your style. Whether that is a simple kitchen like the Pocono, a basic “L” shape like the Lakewood, or one with a bar, like the Sierra.

Living Area

The living space in a home is really the space where memories are made. Gathered around the table, or sitting in the living room, enjoying the company of close friends and family. Our park models all have an open living area, with cathedral ceilings, and most include exposed beams on the ceiling. And most of our models include a kitchen table and chairs and a leather futon. Check the specifications for details on each model. 

Park model homes full bathroom


Of the important things in a home, the bathroom is definitely at the top of that list. That is why all our park model mobile homes come with a full bathroom and include a shower. A 20-gallon water heater supplies the hot water for your kitchen and bath making sure you can keep yourself feeling fresh no matter what your day was like! 


One of the most significant considerations when choosing a park model home is the number of beds that are required to meet your specific needs. We carry 1 and 2 bedroom Park Model Homes and while most of our models only have one bedroom, most include other options, like extra sleeping space in the loft (only in specific models), bunk beds in the hallway, or the leather futon in the living room. And the best part, most of our park models come with beds and mattresses already installed.

While the square footage of inside park model homes isn’t very high, using your space efficiently, you can still have plenty of room for your whole family to enjoy your new park model home! If you are looking for 2 bedroom park model homes, then check out the Rancher park model

Park model homes master bedroom


A Park Model home with a loft is the perfect way to add some extra space, whether you want an extra bedroom, or simply a place for storage. The lofts in our park models are open to the main living area and windows on both sides, providing lots of ventilation and making the loft a comfortable, inviting place to hang out. Of the park models we offer, only the Rockwood and Lakeview do not have a loft.


While a porch is not technically the “interior”, we’d be remiss not to include it in our overview of inside park model homes. A porch not only improves the looks of your park model but offers a very practical addition to your living space, especially in a warmer climate area or in the summer months.

A porch is a perfect place to come together as a family after a day of fun, or simply a place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee in the cool of the morning! All Zook Cabins park models include a porch except for the Rancher Park Model. 

Park model homes exterior porch area

How Much Does A Park Model Home Cost?

The price of a park model home depends a lot on the various options you choose to include and the delivery location of your new park model. For example: 

  • The Rancher Park Model delivered to Boulder, CO (zip code area 80301) has a base price of $94,000
  • The Sierra Park Model delivered to Morgantown, WV (zip code area 26501) base price of $86,400
  • The Pocono Park Model delivered to Jackson, TN (zip code area 38301) has a base price of $96,800

To find out exactly what you’re preferred park model would cost and more about the various park model cabins and homes that Zook Cabins offers, check out our blog on park model pricing

FAQ About Inside Park Model Homes

What Is It Like To Live In A Park Model?

The joy of living in a park model mobile home is that you get all the comforts of home, at your favorite place to enjoy a relaxing weekend away, whether that is the sunny south or lake and woods of the north. While you get all the amenities of a regular house, the cost is less, literally giving you the best of both worlds. 

What Is The Square Footage Of A Park Model?

In most of the United States, the maximum square footage of a park model is 400 sq ft, except in Florida, where it’s 500 sq ft. This gives you some flexibility with the length and width of your park model home, but they usually are between 10’-12’ wide and 30’-40’ feet long but can be as long as 44+ feet in length. To see our park model homes floor plans and more info, check out our Park Model homes.

Is A Park Model A Good Investment?

A Park Model is actually a quite good investment, with a low purchase price and high return on investment, you can quickly turn a profit. For more information about why park model homes are a good short investment opportunity, check out our blog.

What Is The Difference Between A Park Model And A Tiny Home?

So what is the difference between a park model and a tiny home? They share a lot of the same characteristics, like minimal square footage, and often build on wheels.

The primary difference between tiny homes and park models is that park models aren’t “homes” at all, but rather recreational vehicles, designed for campgrounds or vacation homes and not made for full-time living. Most tiny homes aren’t technically homes either, because they often don’t meet the local building codes. But are often built for more full-time living.

The loft area of the park model home

Do You Still Have Questions About Inside Park Model Homes?

While living in a 400 sq ft home isn’t what you’d call “spacious”, there are still a lot of benefits to living in a park model home. While there might not be a lot of square footage, there is still a lot of luxury packed into this space. If park model living sounds like something you would like to try, call us to find out more information or request your free quote today! 

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