Park Model Homes in Colorado

If you are looking for a small, transportable home that can also withstand the weather elements of the mountains and plains of Colorado, we have what you need. Fulfill your tiny home living dreams with a durable but eye-catching and modern park model home. Don’t settle for less than your dream mountain, ranch, or lake getaway home.

Our Colorado Park Model Homes

Luna PM winter 4

The Luna

400 sq.ft.
1 Bedroom(s)
1 Bathroom(s)

Seeking excellence? We understand. Adorned with the RVIA Seal, each park model home we create adheres meticulously to ANSI 119.5 Standards. Our park model homes for sale surpass compliance with over 500 safety codes, providing peace of mind. Beyond safety, our park model homes radiate a cozy atmosphere. With expansive porches and fully equipped kitchens, you might find it hard not to consider making this your permanent abode.

Not what you are looking for? Check out our large Modern Prefab Cabin models or our classic Log Cabin styles. The options are endless.

Our completed builds

Do I need a permit for a Park Model Home in Colorado?

Yes. Sort of. Most likely, your local Colorado government will classify your park model home as an RV since it is a tiny home on wheels. Therefore, you will need to at least register your small prefab home. Depending on where you park it and how long you will be living in it (if it’s used as a permanent residence), you may need to obtain other permits or licenses, so check your local government’s building codes where you plan to install it. Don’t park it somewhere without first checking if they allow RVs and tiny homes to be placed in that area. Some areas, especially parks, will not allow them to be installed, so ensure you clearly understand your local laws.

Colorado Park Model Homes: FAQs

Absolutely. Our service area covers all of Colorado. Our Park Model Homes are prefabricated and easily transportable. We will bring your tiny home and install it wherever you want it. All you need to do is order.

Yes. We complete the interior so it’s ready for you to move your stuff into without doing anything extra. See some of our interior cabin options.

With every park model home, we combine affordability with quality and beauty. From a family vacation home to an investment property in Colorado, we build each park model home according to ANSI 119.5 standards. Don’t forget your customization requests! We bring them to life, delivering your personalized park model cabin in record time! 

Yes, if you permit and license it properly, you could make a wonderful Airbnb or vacation home that will do well on the market. Who wouldn’t want to rent or vacation in a gorgeous, modern tiny home tucked into the mountains or settled by a lake? Want some examples? Tour some of our completed park model homes yourself, or even stay in a park model rental in Colorado!

Yes! With complete insulation, we ensure that no matter the weather conditions in Colorado, in the deep snow of the mountains or under the sun in the plains, you can relax in comfort. Our park model homes for sale will provide excellent living conditions. For a full list of all our park model cabin features, check out our webpage of park model homes

Ideal Locations for Your Park Model Home in Colorado

If you’re looking for the best place to put a Park Model Home in Colorado, most Coloradans live in the eastern half of the state. While the western part is considered less inhabitable, we can help you place modular park model home if you prefer remote wilderness or the gorgeous mountain landscape. 

With one-third of the land federally owned, plan carefully around national parks and protected areas. Ensure the purchased property is suitable for building, considering utilities, proximity to amenities, access, and road services for your ideal mountain retreat. 

Colorado offers breathtakingly beautiful properties across the state, whether mountainous or not. Three-quarters of the land in the US with an altitude over 10,000 feet is in Colorado, providing diverse landscapes. Explore our list of fantastic places to start your journey toward a Park Model Home.

  • Summit County: Renowned for its awe-inspiring mountain landscapes and sought-after ski resorts like Breckenridge and Keystone, Summit County provides a picturesque setting for tiny home living.
  • Boulder County: Home to the city of Boulder, this county offers a blend of urban and natural landscapes, boasting a vibrant community, abundant outdoor recreation opportunities, and access to cultural amenities.
  • Chaffee County: Situated in central Colorado, Chaffee County spans parts of the Arkansas River Valley, showcasing a diverse environment with mountains, rivers, and hot springs, creating a scenic backdrop for your park model home.
  • Mesa County: Housing the National Monument, Mesa County is characterized by stunning rock and sand formations. Refreshing valleys and streams break up the remarkably diverse landscape of this area.
  • El Paso County: Surrounding Colorado Springs, this region is a popular tourist destination with a myriad of activities available. The scenery is nothing short of spectacular, framed by mountain ranges and adorned with lush trees and flowing rivers. Perhaps a tiny home rental would do well in this area?
  • Grand County: Home to Winter Park and Granby, Grand County is situated in the central mountains of Colorado. It offers a mix of mountain and lake landscapes, providing a peaceful setting for a small prefab home.
  • Kit Carson County: Located on the eastern plains, Kit Carson County is known for its agricultural activities and small-town charm. This county provides a rural setting with the potential for spacious properties suitable for park model home installations.

Ready to embark on your real estate search? Explore these exciting land opportunities to find the perfect location for your park model home. Or you can stay in or tour a park model home in Colorado.

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