Richard C.

After their original cabin was destroyed by a fire, Richard and his family were forced to look for another cabin for their residence. After an exhaustive search on the internet, they were finally able to find the cabin that would fit their property the best. A few short months later, they moved into their new home!

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Cabin Destroyed by Fire!

In December 30, 2017, a fire raged through Richards original log cabin and completely destroyed the entire cabin. Originally, they had built a log home entirely by themselves over the course of what seemed like a lifetime! They had even added a red pine log addition that was to serve as the great room for relaxing, host large groups of friends, and hang out with extended family gatherings over the holidays. When the fire destroyed our beloved old cabin, we had to go search for another home. We really loved the log cabin style, but we did not want to start building another cabin from scratch. So, our search for another cabin began.

Searching for Another Cabin

cabin in coudersport pa
front of cabin in coudersport pa

We spent some time searching the internet in hopes of finding the perfect log cabin. It was a long, exhausting process until we found Zook Cabins website. Immediately, we contacted Matt Albrecht who scheduled an appointment that fit our time frame for us to come discuss what style cabin we were looking for. We decided to go with the Frontier model cabin and drew up a size (26’x48′) to fit our plans. While we were there, we were able to put together the floor plan that we liked.

Constructing our Dream Cabin in Coudersport Pa

front view of cabin in coudersport pa
porch of cabin in coudersport pa 1

Compared to the long drawn out process of building our previous cabin, ordering this cabin was a breeze! Everything was drawn up on the computer for us to see. We paid a small down payment that day and the order was sent to the shop. We were told our cabin would be finished in roughly 3-4 months. Zook’s team along with Matt, kept us informed of the progress of our cabin the entire way. Matt was even generous enough to supply us with detailed information on the construction of the foundation, load bearing points, and other details that were needed for our contractor to install the perfect foundation for our cabin!

Added Deck on the Cabin

buliding porch on cabin in coudersport pa
finished porch on cabin in coudersport pa
completed porch on cabin in coudersport pa

Although our initial delivery day was put on hold due to some rainy weather, the day finally came when our cabin was to be installed. To say the least, we were not disappointed. Eventually, we were even able to add a deck on the backend ourselves. Our friends and family make comments on how impressed they are with our cabin. This cabin is the perfect structure that fits our lifestyle, and we have been able to create countless memories ever since.

Encouraging Other Cabin Seekers

bedroom in cabin in coudersport pa
kitchen in cabin in coudersport pa
laundry room of cabin in coudersport pa

Over the years, we have even talked with people who are considering a cabin of their own. We highly recommend Zook Cabins. Our experience working with their salesman Matt was quite enjoyable and the whole process was simple and easy to process. We were especially impressed with how fast Zook Cabins was able to construct a durable cabin that they setup in record time with their awesome, hardworking crew. In addition, the Zook Cabin’s team has checked in with us periodically to see how things are going for us in our cabin. They’ve even sent up mugs, coasters, and several carpenter bee traps, and we were able to save our cabin from the bees. We are truly grateful to Zook Cabins for helping us create our new dream cabin, and we thank you for the great home you have provided us!

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