Log Home Kits... We're going to try to talk you out of it.

Thom called in to the office excitedly asking about the price of a Log Home Kit.
He had seen a 2,000 square foot cabin kit for $80,000.
We felt bad to dash those hopes but we had to tell him the whole story.

These log cabin home kits prices are misleading because of what they don't include.

Log Cabin Kit

Zook's Fully Assembled Log Cabin

What you get...

  • A stack of materials.

What you get...

What you have to do...

  • Safely secure materials until you are ready to build.
  • Devote hours of time to construct, or overpay an independent contractor to do it all.
  • Still need to purchase a long list of materials and supplies.

What you have to do...

  • Show up on your site a few minutes before delivery.
  • Point out where your foundation is to have it set upon.
  • Under roof in same day as delivery.
  • Sleeping in it by the weekend.
  • View Construction Details

We don't like log cabins kits because of all the extras a would-be cabin owner has to take care of.

10 of the Biggest Surprises:

  1. Are you ready to do the foundation work yourself? Most log cabin home kits require a seriously experienced, licensed contractor.
  2. Do you have the skill level to build the entire structure yourself, just from the log cabin kit?
  3. Most prefab log home kits are not pre cut to exact measurement. The slightest mistake in any of the cuts by you or the contractor will spell disaster.
  4. Are you capable to do the required electrical work? Are your prepared to take care of the all the wiring including panel box, outlets, switches, ceiling fans, interior lighting and exterior lighting.
  5. What about the required plumbing work? Either you or the experienced plumber you hire has to address the plumbing; purchase the bathtub, shower stall, all the sinks toilets and make both internal connection and the external connections. But with Zook Cabins you only have to do the final plumbing from the connections.
  6. Remember, you still must pay money for the internal finish, the walls, Interior Doors and Trim, Flooring, Ceiling, Kitchen countertops, Kitchen Sink, Kitchen cabinets, Bathroom fixtures, Shingles or Metal Roof, Windows, Insulation and Tools. All of this is included in your Zook Cabin.
  7. Do you have the small tools needed for this project? Cordless Screwdriver, Circular Saw, Sprayer, etc.?
  8. Do you have the time and patience to get the Engineered Drawings for your local municipality? A fully assembled Zook Log Cabin takes care of this for you.
  9. Make sure you have estimated enough time. On average, log cabin home kits take over 3 months, A Zook Modular Cabin home only has 3-10 days on site.
  10. The biggest shock about a log cabin kit is the true total cost. The Log Home Builders Association offers this rule: The total cost the average consumer will pay when the project is complete is three times more than the initial kit price.
  11. Kit$80,000
    Extra Materials$80,000

    Final Analysis: Anyway you look at it, $240 is a pile of money! Keep your eye on the finished cost, not just the cost of the log cabin kit.

Why end up with this??

When you can have this!

Still have questions about a Kit vs. a Modular Log Cabin?
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