Park Model Homes in Delaware

No need to look any further for a park model home for sale in Delaware! At Zook Cabins, we design, build, and deliver luxurious park models. Whether you need a permanent residence or a hunting getaway, each park model home for sale in Delaware is completely finished, from electrical work to appliances. As soon as we arrive on your property, you can move in immediately. This is not the place to settle. Keep your dreams expansive, and we’ll incorporate each customization into your prefab park model home in Delaware.

Our Delaware Park Model Home Styles 

Luna PM winter 4

The Luna

400 sq.ft.
1 Bedroom(s)
1 Bathroom(s)

We don’t believe in being confined within a small section of the world. In Delaware, we offer park model homes that can maximize your lot. Built to RV code, our park model homes for sale in Delaware offer an affordable investment for your personal life or for a business venture. With attention to detail, you’ll find that each style offers an aesthetically pleasing ambiance. 

Our completed builds

Do I need a permit for a park model home in Delaware? 

Yes, you will need to register and license your park model home as a Recreational Vehicle (RV) in Delaware. Trailer homes of 5,000 pounds may cost $40 to register and an additional amount per 1,000 pounds over. Exact fee amounts and licenses required may vary depending on your location; therefore, be sure to check your local government’s requirements.

Delaware Park Model Homes: FAQs

Yes, get your park model home delivered directly to your campground, business, or property! Let us take the worry surrounding these details. 

The wonderful thing about park model homes is that they are built to last around 30-50 years, with very little maintenance. As a result, you are freed to do the things you enjoy the most: focus on your career, travel, invest in hobbies, and connect with people. For a full overview, read our ultimate guide on park model homes

Park model homes are built to RV code, while modular homes are crafted according to HUD construction code.  A modular home is built in two or more pieces and then assembled directly on your property. In contrast, a park model cabin is built completely off-site and can be transported anywhere (thanks to its trailer foundation!). It’s no “small wonder” that Delaware makes an ideal location for park model homes. 

Yes. Not only do park model homes offer affordable seasonal housing, they are a great investment opportunity for campground owners. If you are interested in inspiration, read how Bobby Lee and Andrew used 11 log cabin park model homes to create their dream RV campsite. 

Luxury meets affordability. From a family vacation home to an investment property in Delaware, each of our park model homes are built according to ANSI 119.5 standards. Nevertheless, we are the pros of flexibility. Bring us your customizations and we will implement each one, delivering your park model cabin in record time! At Zook Cabins, we welcome all of your questions and concerns. 

Ideal Locations for Your Park Model Home in Delaware 

Needing some inspiration for where to place your park model home in Delaware? Lucky for you, you live in a state with many beautiful, exciting opportunities! 

  • Rehoboth Beach: As Delaware’s premier destination, this town draws visitors with its vibrant boardwalk, diverse array of shops and restaurants, and breathtaking ocean vistas. As a result, this makes it an optimal location for a park model home.
  • Redden State Forest: If a woodland getaway appeals to you, consider the allure of Redden State Forest. Tucking your park model home near this expansive state forest offers opportunities for hiking, camping, hunting, and more.
  • Dover: The state’s second-largest city, Dover boasts a rich array of attractions, from the thrills of Dover Motor Speedway to the nearby inviting beaches. With such entertainment options, a park model home would offer a weekend retreat or a short-term rental.
  • Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge: From the comforts of your park model home, immerse yourself in the wonders of the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge, renowned for its migratory bird population. 
  • Fenwick Island State Park: For those seeking sun and sand, Fenwick Island State Park, Delaware’s southernmost beach, beckons. Whether you prefer the Atlantic Ocean’s waters or the bay on Fenwick Island’s opposite side, placing a park model nearby ensures a plethora of activities to savor.

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