Park Model Homes in New Jersey

New Jersey is a place of surprises. When you think of New Jersey, you may think of cities and beachside towns, but there are also plenty of rural landscapes and wooded areas to be enjoyed including the New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve. One of our park model homes in New Jersey are perfect to enjoy all this state offers, whether its beautiful pine forests or gorgeous ocean views.

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Park Model Homes in New Jersey: Your Next Getaway

There are many ways to use a park model home, from a seaside rental, or a personal getaway in the mountains. If you’re considering New Jersey as a location for your park model, here a some of the best ways to use one.  

  1. Weekend Getaway–  Everyone needs a personal getaway spot to escape the stresses of life. A park model is perfect for exactly this. 
  2. Short-Term RentalAirbnb or Vrbo are great places to list a park model to use as a short-term rental. These sites like to feature unique rentals, so park models can do really well. You could also buy one for your weekend getaway, and list it on one of these sites when you don’t use it. 
  3.  Hunting Camp– New Jersey is home to a wide array of public and private hunting areas. If hunting is your thing, a park model home is perfect for a hunting cabin. 
  4. Permanent Residence– A park model can make a great permanent residence. If you’re someone who wants to embrace a simple lifestyle and experience life, then one of these structures could be exactly what you need. 
  5. Campgrounds–  Park models are perfect for campgrounds. These buildings make it easy to enjoy all the great things about camping, without the hassle of setting up a camper or tent. Here’s a great article on why park models are a great idea for campgrounds.

photo credit: The Jetsetter Diaries

Where Should I Place my Park Model? 

If you’ve already decided to purchase a park model, but aren’t sure where you’d like to place it, here are some great locations for park model homes in New Jersey. We’ve provided links to some properties for sale so you can check out some options. 

  1. Cape May County: Home to the lovely beach town of Cape May, this county is a great place to enjoy the ocean air and explore scenic beach landscapes. 
  2. Burlington County: In Burlington County, you’ll find the Wharton State Forest, and parts of the New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve. These areas provide great places to getaway and enjoy nature, a perfect place for a park model home. 
  3. Atlantic County: Another county located on the coast, Atlantic County offers beachside views, as well as more rural areas near Wharton State Forest. 
  4. Ocean County– As its name indicates, this county has miles of coastline that provide great locations for a park model home. There are also some great attractions in this county, such as the Six Flags amusement park. 
  5. Monmouth County– From sweeping beach views to picturesque lighthouses, this county has much to offer. Its proximity to New York City makes it a great area to place a park model home and use it as a short term rental. 

Zook Cabins Park Models: A Complete Buying Experience

When you purchase a park model home from Zook Cabins, your not just getting a building, but an entire experience. Here’s a few things that are included with the Zook Cabins experience:

  • A high-quality structure from floor to roof
  • Reliable delivery and setup
  • An RV Certified building, so you can apply for RV insurance and loans
  • Customer service second to none
  • Memories that will last a lifetime 

If you’d like to look at some of our larger cabins, check out the other prefab cabins that we offer. At Zook Cabins, we have everything from smaller cottage-style cabins to large modular log homes

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