Park Model Homes in New York

The beautiful state of New York is often overshadowed by the iconic City that it is named after. And while New York City is an incredible place of diversity, culture, history, cuisine, and more, the city is only a fraction of what is New York state. And when you leave the bustle of this megatropolis, you’ll find acres and acres of beautiful farmland, rushing rivers, and stunning mountain ranges. 

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Whether you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city or prefer the peace of quiet of the forest, New York state has it all. And while Park Model Homes in New York might not be what comes to mind when you think about this incredible state. With well over 60% of the state covered in woodland, New York and Park Models are a match made in Heaven. 

Park Model Homes In New York

What Is a Park Model?

Before we continue talking about park Model Homes in New York, let’s take a step back and explain a little more about what a park model actually is. A park model is a tiny home that is mounted on a chassis with wheels, making it easy to deliver and relocate if you ever want to do that. The frame and wheels are often hidden with skirting when parked to give the home a more appealing look. To be considered a park model, it needs to meet a few requirements.

Features of a Park Model

  1. 399 square feet or less (499 in Florida)
  2. Towable on public roads and highways.
  3. Built to the ANSI A119.5 Code for recreational vehicles.
  4. Usually built inside a production facility.

Why Park Model Homes in New York are sweeter than Maple Syrup!

New York offers countless incredible places to live. And when you find that perfect property up in the mountains, or down by the lake, then you definitely should consider a park model home to add the final touch to your New York property. 

As today’s tiny house movement continues to grow, the one area that seems to be really growing is the park model homes, due in part to the park model communities and campgrounds that are popping up around the country. But don’t let that limit you, because putting a Park model cabin on your own property is a great investment as well as a perfect vacation home. 

Rockwood porch model home in New York

Advantages of Park Model Homes in New York!

  • Turn-Key! – When you invest in a park model from Zook Cabins, you’re getting a product that is ready to go. After delivery, you simply need to hook up your utilities, and park model living is a go! 
  • Save Money!  – because our Park models are built on a trailer, you don’t have to install a full foundation, saving you money in the long run. 
  • State-approved & Inspected – All of our Park Model Homes are built to the ANSI A119.5 Code for recreational park trailers and come with an RVIA Seal and VIN number. 
  • Low-Cost Investment with High Return on Investment  – Everyone likes an investment that has good returns, and Park Models are a great way to do that. Because of that, we’ve created a blog about Park Models as A Short-Term Investment as well as Pro Forma’s explaining the expenses and ROI you can get when you invest. 

Customer Testimonials

Park Model Homes in New York

Pocono Cabin Front

Pocono Park Model Home

  • Size: 42 ft long x 11 ft wide (400 sq. ft. of finished space)
  • Highlights: 1 Bedroom, and loft that overlooks the living area, plus an 8’ porch out the front door.
  • Includes RVIA Seal & VIN number and meets the ANSI A119.5 Code for Recreational Vehicles. 
  • Price delivered to Saratoga Springs, NY: $91,700.00
Rockwood park model homes in New York

Rockwood Park Model Home

  • Size: 38 ft long x 12 ft wide (400 sq. ft. of finished space)
  • Highlights: 1 Bedroom plus a modern kitchen and living area that is completely surrounded by glass and finished off with a stylish front porch.
  • Includes RVIA Seal & VIN number and meets the ANSI A119.5 Code for Recreational Vehicles. 
  • Price delivered to Saratoga Springs, NY: $139,200.00
Alpine Park Model Homes in New York

Alpine Park Model Home

  • Size: 36 ft long x 11 ft wide (396 sq. ft. of finished space)
  • Highlights: A beautiful bedroom, stunning bath with soaking tub and huge patio doors in the main living area look out into the beauty that lies beyond your home. 
  • Includes RVIA Seal & VIN number and meets the ANSI A119.5 Code for Recreational Vehicles. 
  • Price delivered to Saratoga Springs, NY: $158,300.00

Other Cabins that We Offer…

If a park model doesn’t sound like something you are interested in, then check out the other cabins that we offer here at Zook Cabins.

Cottage Collection:

The Cottage Collection is where you’ll find the perfect hunting cabin like the lofted Plymount Cabin, or a simple one-story log cabin like the Sedona that allows you to enjoy both the nature around you and the perfect vacation home in the mountains. 

Prefab Log Cabins:

Or maybe a true masterpiece is what you are after? Then check out our Cozy Cabins Collection featuring iconic modular homes with multiple sizes to choose from and customizable floor plans. So whether it’s the smaller Frontier Cabin or the magnificent lofted Mountaineer Deluxe, our large prefab cabins are a great alternative to your on-site constructed home. 

Modern Cabins:

Or maybe the log cabin vibe isn’t quite your style. We’ve got just the solution! Meet the Modern Style Cabins from Zook Cabins. These beautiful modular homes will feel right at home both in the mountains or down by the lake. From the modern farmhouse vibe of Homestead Modern Cabin to the practical yet vogue feel of the Woodland Mountain Home, our modern cabins are the perfect combination of rustic and classy. 

New York Park Model Homes

FAQs about Park Model Homes in New York

Are Park Model Homes In New York a Good Investment?

A park model is a great investment, not only because of the low initial cost, but the incredible returns you can expect. To get an idea of what you can expect when you invest in a park model home, check out our pro forma’s, as well as our blog about why Park Model Homes is a great short-term investment. 

Can You Live Full-Time in A Park Model?

Park models are not designed for year-round living, and are generally used as seasonal homes and make ideal vacation homes for you and your family, and can then be listed on a vacation rental site like Airbnb for those times you aren’t using it! 

What Is a Park Model Rv?

If a small cabin or cottage built on-site is a bit of your price range then a park model RV could be your answer. Built to the code used for all recreational vehicles, a park model is a tiny home on wheels and registered and tagged like any other RV. A park model RV and a park model home are essentially the same thing. 

Rockwood Living Area park model home in New York

Locations to invest in Park Model Homes in New York!

  • Nassau County: Situated on Long Island, just outside of Queens, NYC, Nassau County is an ideal place to live if you work in the Big Apple. And with lots of outdoor activities literally in your backyard, this is a great place to live. 
  • Tompkins County: Located in the Central Finger Lakes Region, Tomkins County is home to the famous Cornell University along with several State Parks, art galleries, museums, and many other cultural attractions. 
  • Westchester County: Known as the heart of New York, bordering the Hudson River just north of the city. Westchester County is home to grand Rockefeller properties, beautiful countryside, plus world-renowned universities. And with miles of coastline bordering the Long Island sounds, Westchester is a great place to invest. 
  • Saratoga County: Located just north of Albany, the Capital of New York, Saratoga County is a beautiful landscape of lush northeastern wilderness, topped at the peak of Tennet Mountain in the Adirondack mountain range. 
  • Monroe County: On the board of Lake Ontario you’ll find Monroe County, home to the influential city of Rochester. With countless streams and rivers and picturesque drivers, Monroe is a great place if you are in search of a new home.

In Summary

From pizza and bagels to the beauty of the northeast countryside, New York state keeps on giving. And that is why Park Model Homes in New York simply make sense, whether it’s a simple Lakewood park model cabin or the luxurious Rockwood park model home, Park Model Homes in New York could be your home of the future.

If any of this has connected with you or piqued your interest, feel free to contact us, or request your free park model quote today.