Park Model Homes in Maine 

Experience first-hand the endless outdoor adventures of Maine and its rich history in your Park Model Home from Zook Cabins. Our Park Model Homes offers the luxurious lifestyle you deserve, surrounded by some of the most breathtaking views in the country. Whether you prefer the peace and quiet of isolation surrounded by the calming embrace of your private woodland or a view of one of Maine’s countless serene lakes. Embrace the rustic charm of a classic log cabin or live lavishly in one of our many models of pure modern luxury. 

Our Maine Park Model Home Styles 

Luna PM winter 4

The Luna

400 sq.ft.
1 Bedroom(s)
1 Bathroom(s)

If your design preferences lend themselves to trendy or progressive aesthetics, consider the unconventional design of our A-Frame and Rockwood models or the simple class of our Cascade and Luna homes. If you dream getaway consists of more traditional or classic designs, our Pocono, Studio, or Pinecrest merge cabin and luxury living.

Our completed builds

Do I need a permit for a park model home in Maine? 

Yes, In Maine Park Model Homes are classified as a recreational vehicle. Thus, you need to title and register our Park Model before residing in it, moving it, or having it installed. Nevertheless, it is important to know local zoning and building code ordinances. In some cities or towns, the definition of Park Models may be different still from these examples given here so it’s advised to check with your cities Laws and Regulations.

Maine Park Model Homes: FAQs

Certainly! Zook Cabins can transport your Park Model to any accessible location in Maine. Collaborate with our team to strategize the ideal site for realizing your aspirations of tiny home living.

You will find a sense of pride knowing that Park Model Homes are constructed with top quality materials, and it is planned to serve for the next 30-50 years and not lose any of its original excellence. Find out everything you need to know about care for your Park Model Home with our comprehensive care & maintenance how-to guide to help preserve and extend its efficiency and life span.

No. In Maine, Park Model Homes are built in line with RV regulations, where as mobile houses are made under HUD shipping and construction standards. Modular houses are built in factory parts and assembled on a permanent foundation. This is a house built for long life, in accordance with all local housing statutes. Park models are built under RV regulations. The Park Model home is built on a movable frame. It has simpler, less complex forms than modular homes.

Leveling a Park Model Home is easy and quick with this method: lift it using jacks, balance it on blocks of engineered wood or concrete, and keep the wheels attached. Your home will remain elevated on the tongue jack and scissor jacks. Ensure the blocks are installed smoothly, and never leave the home permanently on the jacks. Pre-level your gravel or concrete pad for minimal adjustments later.

Park Models can offer the best outcomes while installed on Level gravel or concrete pads to prevent settlement and guarantee long-term steadiness. Nonetheless, since these homes are permanently connected to the trailer base, they are prohibited from being positioned on foundations that are built essentially below basements, pits, or pier-and-beam foundations.

Yes and no. Let me explain, every piece of fixtures required for the Park Model Home has been fitted. Shower, toilet, and faucets. All you have to do to create the ideal Park Model house is order, arrange, set the furniture, and set your favorite décor. The house comes fully ready with closets, light fixtures, cabinets, shelves, mirrors, and more, so it’s ready to live in right away.

Ideal Locations for Your Park Model Home in Maine

With a wide collection of landscapes, Maine has something for every wildlife lover. Ranging from beautiful mountains and lofty peaks to calm coastal beaches, the state also has some low, gently rolling hills and scenic valleys. Some top places where you can plan to have your luxury Park Model Home include the following:

  • Cape Elizabeth: In the alluring seashore town of Cape Elizabeth stand steep cliffs, pristine beaches, and its most renowned landmark: Maine’s oldest lighthouse, the Portland Head Light. Cape Elizabeth’s peaceful houses, its grassy lawns, and its incredible view of the ocean combine sophistication with peace and tranquility in an idyllic setting.
  • Greenville: Located by the magnificent Moosehead Lake, it provides a wide range of things to do such as boating or fishing, in addition to exploring beautiful land for hiking. At the same time, its view is surrounded by lush fields of green forest and mountains that form a perfect backdrop for wildlife watching and photography. In winter, Greenville becomes a paradise for snowmobiling and ice-fishing. A visit here is but another name for entering the bosom of Maine’s nature, with unlimited forms of activity and rest available.
  • Camden: Set on the picturesque, pristine coastline of Maine, emits a sense of elegance and class, balanced with the natural serenity and beauty of the region. Nestled between rolling green hills and the sparkling, sapphire shades of Penobscot Bay, this small town is the definition of luxurious getaways. With magnificent seaside estates, shops that offer only the finest in luxury wares and unadulterated views across to small nearby islands, Camden is the perfect choice to visit for travelers looking for opulence within an equally spectacular coastal backdrop.
  • Kennebunkport: At the iron coast of Maine, Kennebunkport is a place where the air is cleaner. One town squeezed into the back end of an Atlantic aire is hidden by heavy mountains all around. A luxurious hermitage deep in blissful Zen reverie. This is a dream place for the people to escape, with waterfront homes and upscale shops. It is their seaside paradise far from bustling urban life. Described as a town full of tranquility, this is a perfect retreat.
  • Auburn: In the picturesque stretches of Maine, Refined tranquility is a wonderful embodiment of countryside beauty. As one novel describes, a whole paragraph might well be devoted to such a chapter of scenery. Dominated by sweeping hills and idyllic lakes, it provides the ideal setting away from home. Magnificent Lake Auburn and the beautiful Lost Valley Ski Area are also nearby attractions that offer fun activities and delicious food.

Ready for the Cabin Life?

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”

― Henry David Thoreau