Park Model Homes in New Hampshire

New Hampshire, renowned for its outdoor adventures and historical richness, is the perfect spot for your Park Model Home retreat from Zook Cabins. Whether nestled in woodland tranquility or by a serene lake, our homes offer luxurious living amidst scenic beauty. Choose between timeless log-style charm or modern luxury, and make your dream getaway a reality in New Hampshire.

Our New Hampshire Park Model Home Styles 

Luna PM winter 4

The Luna

400 sq.ft.
1 Bedroom(s)
1 Bathroom(s)

If your design preferences lend themselves to trendy or progressive aesthetics, consider the unconventional design of our A-Frame and Rockwood models or the simple class of our Cascade and Luna homes. If you dream getaway consists of more traditional or classic designs, our Pocono, Studio, or Pinecrest merge cabin and luxury living.

Our completed builds

Do I need a permit for a park model home in New Hampshire? 

Yes; however, Park Model Homes are legally considered RVs rather than tiny or mobile homes. To register and title a Park Model Home as an RV, owners must first ensure that their Park Model Home meets the state’s requirements for RV registration, which typically include size and mobility criteria. Next, they should gather all necessary documentation, such as proof of ownership, manufacturer’s certificate of origin, and any applicable inspection reports. Once prepared, owners can visit the local Department of Motor Vehicles office to submit their registration application and pay the required fees. During this process, it’s essential to provide accurate information and comply with local regulations to ensure a smooth registration experience.

New Hampshire Park Model Homes: FAQs

Yes, all of New Hampshire is in our delivery area. We will deliver your Park Model directly to your prepared site. Connect with our team about more details, preparation, and planning before delivery. 

Park model homes are created to demonstrate remarkable durability and  to withstand the test of time for 30-50 years with minimal upkeep required. If you’re unsure about the essential maintenance needs for your park model home, take a look at our comprehensive care and maintenance guide to ensure its long-lasting quality.

No. Park Model homes follow RV regulations in New Hampshire and have specific foundation, size, and registration requirements. While modular homes are built according to HUD construction standards, our Park Models are built to the ANSI A119.5 standards. Modular homes are often constructed on-site from various sections, whereas park model cabins are fully built off-site and can be transported anywhere due to their trailer foundation. Park models typically have a maximum size limit of 400 sq. ft, with anything exceeding this size no longer classified as a park model. Removing it from its trailer foundation also changes the classification of a Park Model.

How to properly level a Park Model Home involves placing it on blocks or engineered wood. It’s important to note that for it to retain its classification as a Park Model, it should remain connected to its wheels/trailer base, although it’s advisable to support the trailer itself on blocks or beams to prevent wear or deflation of the wheels, which could lead to shifting of the home. To achieve this, use the tongue (hitch) jack and scissor jacks to elevate the Park Model and position the blocks beneath it. However, it’s not recommended to leave the Park Model permanently supported by the jacks. Ideally, the gravel or concrete pad where it’s situated should already be leveled, minimizing the need for extensive additional leveling.

Park Models should be set on a gravel or concrete pad. It is not advised to leave a Park Model parked on bare ground. Bare ground will lend itself to settling and of more wear on the foundation. 

Our Park Model Homes does not come with furniture but every piece of fixture necessary for the Home has been installed. Shower, toilet, and faucets. Only thing left for the ideal Park Model home is to order, place the furniture, acquire everyday essentials, and set up your preferred décor. The house is completely ready with closets, light fixtures, and shelves. Making it suitable to live in right away.

Ideal Locations for Your Park Model Home in New Hampshire 

The chosen site for you Park Model can be a determining factor in whether the investment into a Park Model is really worth it. Boardering Canada, New Hampshire rightfully boasts of gorgeous mountains covered luscious trees and foliage. Enjoy scenic views and prime outdoor activities within easy access from your choice location for your Park Model Home. Here are just a few of some prime site locations:

  • Squam Lake: This serene lake, located in central New Hampshire, offers a quieter and more secluded alternative to larger lakes like Winnipesaukee. Surrounded by forests and mountains, Squam Lake provides a tranquil setting for a Park Model Home while retaining the natural and recreational benefits of a lake
  • Conway: Situated in the Mount Washington Valley, Conway is a charming town known for its outdoor recreation opportunities, including skiing, hiking, and mountain biking. Placing a Park Model in Conway allows easy access to both outdoor adventures and the town’s amenities.
  • Portsmouth: For those who prefer coastal living with a vibrant urban atmosphere, Portsmouth is an excellent choice. This historic city offers a picturesque waterfront, cultural attractions, and a lively downtown area with shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.
  • North Conway: Another option in the Mount Washington Valley, North Conway is a popular tourist destination known for its shopping outlets, scenic railroad, and proximity to outdoor attractions like the White Mountain National Forest and Mount Washington.
  • Meredith: Located on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, Meredith is a charming lakeside town with a vibrant downtown area, marinas, and waterfront parks. Placing a Park Model in Meredith provides easy access to the lake and nearby attractions while enjoying small-town charm.

Ready for the Cabin Life?

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