Mountaineer Deluxe Cabin in Jewett, New york

After living in New York City for over 10 years, Gary and Elaina decided it was time to make their dreams of owning a vacation home in the mountains come true.  They had always dreamed of owning a ski cabin in the Catskill Mountains for quite some time. Now, all they needed to do was find the perfect log cabin to build on their property!

Searching For The Perfect Cabin

After a brief search on the internet for quality log cabins, they came across Zook Cabin’s website, and they immediately liked what they saw. The website was user friendly, comprehensive, and detailed. One thing that Gary and Elaina especially liked was that Zook cabins are 100% American made and built with quality materials by quality people. Thus, their decision to go with Zook Cabins was quite easy, and the journey to owning their dream cabin began!

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Fully Customizable Options

kitchen area of cabin in jewett new york
interior of cabin in jewett new york

With plenty of different modelsoptions, and customizable floor plans, Gary and Elaina were excited about the opportunity they had to design their cabin to suit their personality and taste. They contacted Matt, from Zook Cabins, to begin the cabin building process. For more inspiration, Gary and Elaina visited the model cabins at Zook’s home office where they were able to meet with Matt in person. After exploring the various designs, they decided to go with the mountaineer deluxe model. In addition, they added an extended chalet style deck to fulfill their dreams of a cabin with high ceilings, large windows, and large open deck to help maximize their view of the mountains all year long!

construction of cabin in jewett new york

For Gary and Elaina, the ordering process was simpler and easier than they anticipated. Even after Matt provided them with a set of rough drawings, they were able to change the design of the floor plan and the overall layout. They were especially impressed with how Zook’s team took care of almost all the construction details making their job quite simple. Since most of the cabin construction happens inside a giant factory, Gary and Elaina were even also able to tour the factory and see their own cabin in the building stage!

Construction Begins

foundation for cabin in jewett new york
lifting cabin in jewett new york
upper floor cabin in jewett new york

After the construction process began, Gary’s were given a delivery date and timeline which was followed almost to the day. In addition, they were guided through all the site preparation requirements necessary so that on delivery day, there would be no hitches or delays. Also, any necessary machinery required to install the house was arranged by the Zook team. After just a few short weeks, construction began, and a few days later, Gary and Elaina were able to walk into their brand-new cabin without any headaches or stress. 

final touches on cabin in jewett new york
assembling cabin in jewett new york

Today, our cabin is used as our secondary home or a permanent vacation home.

Gary and Elaina

A Turnkey experience

cabin in jewett new york in the snow

The construction process was simple, and everything was arranged directly through Zooks. Even with snow on the ground, the assembly crew came out, and ambitiously assembled our cabin. Today, our cabin is used as a secondary home or a ‘permanent vacation home’. It is especially great for entertaining guests, long relaxing weekends, and can be enjoyed year-round through all the four seasons. The house sits 1,500 feet above sea level and can withstand severe elements flawlessly like high winds, heavy rain, and snow. The cabin is well insulated and extremely well built. The pine floors and walls are low maintenance, and Gary and Elaina feel at ease knowing that they will need to do very little maintenance to keep their cabin in shape!

Lasting Memories

bunk bed in cabin in jewett new york
fireplace in cabin in jewett new york
bedroom in cabin in jewett new york

Their cabin has had a tremendous positive impact on their life in multiple ways. Not only is their cabin beautiful to look at inside an out, it also allows them to create family memories for years to come. In addition to their wonderful cabin, Gary and Elaina also furnished their home with dining and bedroom furniture from Zooks which has allowed them to experience a true authentic cabin experience

Do it now, do not wait. You will not regret it. Zook Cabins is the real deal!Gary and Elaina

Order Your Cabin Today

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cabin in jewett new york

To those who are considering a Zook cabin, Gary and Elaina say “do it now, do not wait.  You will not regret it!  Zook cabins are the real deal!”  Gary and Elaina have received multiple compliments. They’ve even found notes left outside on their porch from admiring neighbors and strangers. It really is that nice! Like Gary and Elaina, you can also design your own dream log cabin where you and your family can create memories to last a lifetime!

final cabin in jewett new york

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