The Mountain Home Collection

The Mountain Home Collection includes premier log cabins and log homes that start with a high-end exterior and continue with a wide-open floor plan. Whether it is the majestic timber frame porch or the beautiful clear coat finish on the interior, these log cabins and log homes let an impression. The Mountain Home log cabins can be delivered all over the United States, minus the Midwest and Northeast regions. Check the map for more clarity on which collection is available to you.

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Are You Viewing the Correct Cabin Collection?

Each Log Home that Zook Cabins sells, is put into a larger Collection of Cabins that is only available to specific regions of the United States. You can view the Collections on our Log Cabins page. Here you will find a map beside each collection that highlights which state the specific Collection is available in.

We split up the United States into 4 Regions: the Northeast Regions, Southeast Region, Western Region, and the Central Region. The Cozy Collection is available in the Northeastern region. The Mountain Home Collection is available in the Southeast, Western, and Central Regions. The Cottage Collection, Park Model Homes, and the Modern Cabins are available in all 4 Regions.

*None of our Cabin Collections are available in California, Hawaii, and Alaska.