Log Cabin Homes in New Hampshire

How could one of the best places to live in the United States get any better? Build a Zook Cabin on your New Hampshire property and experience firsthand how it will get better. We build high-quality cabin homes in our manufacturing facility and deliver them to your New Hampshire property. What could possibly be better than a log cabin home in the great state of New Hampshire?

It is no doubt your state of New Hampshire deserves deep gratitude! Not only did your state help produce the genius inventor behind the first American alarm clock ( which millions of Americans seem to have an intense love-hate relationship with ?), but did you know… your state also was the first to make it to the moon!

That pretty much lands? your home state of New Hampshire on the top 3 best states in America…literally! See it for yourself, New Hampshire is recognized as the one of the 3 best states to live in America! With your fall forests more vibrant than a rainbow, and your White Mountain views sweeter than pure maple syrup, your gorgeous state truly is worth dying for!

As your state motto goes, Live Free or Die, it is not difficult to understand why you hold such a natural born desire for independence, exploration, and life!

Life in New Hampshire! You have it made! Enjoy this tribute to New Hampshire.

With so many acres of rugged, natural beauty surrounding you, nothing quite pairs so perfectly with such organic splendor than a real wooden log cabin home!

When you partner with Zook Cabins for your New Hampshire log cabin home, not only do you have cabin design options, but you also receive a skillfully crafted abode lasting you generations of use and enjoyment!

Grab a cup of your favorite coffee or hot chocolate, add a few dollops of maple syrup, give it a good stir, sit back and enjoy the discovery of your ideal New Hampshire log cabin home.

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What You Get When You Choose A Zook Cabin

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Any cabin is an investment. Money. Your hard-earned money at that. If you have felt stressed, fearful, or overwhelmed by the cabin hunting process up to this point, your frustrations are understood. There are a lot of cabin companies grabbing for your back pocket yet are not crystal clear with what they are and what you will get.

Zook Cabins understands your pure desire to invest your money into the right log cabin. So, without further ado, enjoy a full disclosure of a Zook Cabin!

What You Receive In A Zook Cabin…

  • A quality built modular log cabin home – Do not confuse modular with manufactured. There is a huge difference! Check it out!
  • Intricately crafted and built by trained craftsmen and builders – Your log home is in good hands. Several of our builders are Amish and hold craftsmanship skills that are passed down through the generations. Plus, all our builders, Amish, or non-Amish, hold trained craftsmanship skills. 
  • High quality – Cheap and chintzy materials are NEVER used.
  • State approved and inspected – Our cabins are perfectly legal and up to date with the latest codes and regulations of ANY state.
  • Completely customizable – Enjoy requesting personal and unique touches to your log cabin. Zook Cabins allows you to dream big with your design.
  • Lavish – Whether you go with our most intricate or simplest design, you come away with a luxurious cabin.
  • Time Saver– We build your log cabin inside our building facility which enables us to work rain or shine. Your cabin’s construction comes together faster than you might think, which saves you time, your wallet money, and allows you to enjoy cabin living sooner!

In A Nutshell

In a nutshell, there are no hidden strings attached or missing pieces to a Zook Cabin. While cabin kits may surprise you with what all is not inside its kit, you know what you are getting with a Zook Cabin.

Allow Our Previous Customers’ To Speak

Hear all our customer reviews, plus, enjoy getting the firsthand scoop from our personal customer stories! Especially check out what Robert had to say about their Mountaineer Deluxe Cabin in Lincoln NH.

“We are very pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of our Zook Cabin. Matt Albrecht was our sales contact. He answered the phone any time of day or night when we had questions or concerns. We could not get this kind of response from any local contractors we talked with. Initially we looked at a cabin Zook built for a couple in Jefferson, NH and shortly afterwards made a trip to Atglen, PA to visit the factory. The factory operation, and everything from the order process to manufacturing through completion is done meticulously and timely. Fred Eibling was our Zook assigned sight Manager who made sure everything was lined up with the permitting and the setting process, as well as the trucking crew, delivery, and managing the set crew. All we had to do was hire a local contractor for the foundation work. The cabin came turnkey and fully wired and plumed. This saved us time and money and where the cabin was stick built in the factory, we received all the benefits of a well-insulated and structurally sound home at a good price. We can’t stress enough about the quality of our Zook home being Amish built. Our set crew and the Forman worked hard and finished quickly. The set crew took pride in their work and paid attention to detail. They stayed on sight for days until completion. The crew Forman and his team were very nice people whom we felt we could trust in our home as much as we would trust a family member. We witnessed the crew working 10-to-12-hour days sometimes. You just don’t see this kind of work ethic anymore, not since the days our grandfathers were tradesmen. The Zook Crew truly amazed us! Everyone from the Sales team, the factory workers we met in PA., the site management team, all earned a 5 Star rating! We can’t say enough good about Zook. Zook is a classy business and operation with a quality product that far exceeded our expectations. As far as style and aesthetics, there are 4 other (Non-Zook) log cabins in our area and ours tops them all. All the drive- by’s in our tourist town stop and take pictures of our Cabin. Thanks to Matt, Fred, Mike Esh and the team! We have a beautiful cabin, ……. more so a dream home to enjoy for our days ahead!”

Robert & Christina Paris

Lavish & Large Modular Log Cabin Homes Available In New Hampshire


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If you wish for space inside your gorgeous wooden fortress, the Mountaineer offers you the best match at an economical price! With its full second floor, you can enjoy hosting family, friends, and still, have plenty of room to spare! Plus, this cabin design provides you with an open layout. Enjoy inviting everyone over for a pancake breakfast covered in Atkins Family Maple Syrup!


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This wooden beauty offers you a full first-floor layout where you can enjoy gathering around the great room for an evening of games, chatting, or watching the Patriots. Plus, with its steep roof, the snow may fall for days, yet you can sit close to the fire and take a carefree nap, thanks to its excellent snow load rating. Enjoy!


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If you are dreaming of a cabin close to the White Mountains or by a scenic jaw-dropper, the Chalet has your name written on it. With its high ceilings, stunning vista glass windows, and high-rise deck, you can soak up outdoor scenery to the fullest! With its spacious open layout and loft, you will enjoy a roomy interior. Imagine stepping outside onto your deck at the peak of a morning sunrise or an evening sunset, a cup of your favorite drink in hand, and a cozy chair waiting to give you a front-row seat to awe-inspiring raw beauty. This experience can be yours when you choose the Chalet!


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As a snugger version of the Musketeer, the Frontier offers you a cozy and comfortable floor plan. This rancher style cabin is perfect for weekend getaways to the mountains. Enjoy gathering around the table in the open great room for some delicious clam chowder and a wonderful time with family or friends.

Small & Cozy Log Cabin Homes In New Hampshire


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If your dream log cabin getaway involves a small and cozy space, the Plymouth is yours for the taking! With its 12’ pitched roof, you can sleep snugly in the loft or utilize the space to store your skis or hunting gear. Plus, its charming porch offers you a place to sit to welcome the mornings or evenings with family or friends. Lobster rolls never taste better than when eaten on the porch of your very own log cabin!


Log Cabin Homes in New Hampshire 10

The Catskill oozes a hunting headquarters! With its peaked roof offering a lofted space for sleeping, and a small front porch begging for a rocking chair or king’s throne, the Catskill offers a “royal” and rugged abode for the avid hunter and his or her hunting buddies. Whether it is for hunting or a small getaway, or even a minimalistic residence, the Catskill certainly delivers that one-of-a-kind small cabin feel.


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Perhaps you wish for a small cabin feel, yet still wish for “plenty” of living space. The Settler offers you the smallest, yet the most spacious cabin design at the most economical price. The Settler’s open and spacious living room is sure to become a favorite spot for laughing with friends or family and of course sharing plenty of delicious food! Can someone please say, Live Free and Eat Poutine!

The Modern Cabin Home In New Hampshire

The Woodland Modern Cabin Home

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If your style involves more modern grandeur than rustic wooden logs, the Woodland Modern Home is for you. Designed with real wooden lap siding or the popular board and batten siding, your home will be clothed with quality wood, yet retain a highly appealing and modern look! Plus, the interior utilizes wood accents and muted colors offering the perfect bridge between woodsy and modern. The result is simply exquisite.

Ideal Locations For Your New Hampshire Log Cabin Home

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  • Grafton– If the love of those White Mountains beckons.
  • Rockingham – If you enjoy close access to the beach.
  • Coos – If the woodland is your only land.
  • Carroll – if you enjoy both rugged woodland and proximity to towns.

The above counties are some of the most popular locations for building log cabin homes. However, dream big and free! You know like a true Granite Stater. ?

 View Land for sale in New Hampshire!

Enjoy Receiving The Inside Scoop On The Reliability Of A Zook Cabin!

Log Cabin New Hampshire

The best way to know whether Zook Cabins are legit, is to hear our customers’ reviews. Our customers’ voices matter the most and stand as a true testament to our quality of customer service and product. Enjoy viewing all our customer reviews as well as hearing a personal customer story from New Hampshire!

New Hampshire Customer Stories

Musketeer Cabin And Garage In Jefferson, New Hampshire

After owning two other styles of cabins, Paul and Angela were looking for a durable and energy efficient cabin. After spending hours on the website, Paul was eventually convinced that a modular cabin from Zooks was what he wanted in a future log cabin. Initially, his wife Angela was quite skeptical, but after reading various articles and viewing countless pictures on the website, they decided to visit the cabins on site in person. Since that day, they have been making countless memories in their dream log cabin in Jefferson, New Hampshire.

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Are You Ready?

If you are ready to embark on a cabin adventure that will truly last you a lifetime and beyond, Zook Cabins is ready to empower you every step of the way!

If you discovered your dream cabin, no need to wait any longer! Begin the process today and enjoy the delightful journey to owning your very own log cabin home in New Hampshire!

What will your cabin story Be?

"…a moment or two later another branch broke, and they began to realize that they had a little company. His father turned around and turned on the flashlight, and there 30′ from their family campfire stood an unexpected visitor…A BEAR…the perfect example of the memories that can be made and shared at the prefab log home."