Modular Cabins in Colorado

Whether you were born with snow in your veins or have come to discover that winter was made for skiing, you have plenty of good reasons to build a log cabin in Colorado. Creating your own special resort in the most picturesque state in the Union poses no small challenges, and we’d like to help you get through them. Our modular log cabins in Colorado are perfect for a vacation home, family retreat, retirement mansion, retreat centers, and more. Before we get too much deeper into why let’s first look briefly at the alternatives.

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Should you buy a Log Cabin Kit in Colorado?

Many people ask about log cabins kits in Colorado. Getting started with a new cabin is obviously expensive, and it may seem that a cabin kit is the right way to lower the cost. We hate to break it to you, but log cabin kits could be the worse way to build a cabin in Colorado. Kits may promise a low price tag, but the hidden costs are a mile high. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a cabin kit that includes all of the pieces necessary to finish your mountain retreat, and the amount of effort you’ll need to invest in labor, qualified expert services, and extra materials is astronomical.

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Did we mention that it’s only become more difficult to permit a cabin in Colorado? We urge you to put this headache behind you and opt for a modular cabin in Colorado instead. With all the advantages of an efficient prefab build process and the beauty of an on-site build, a modular log cabin in Colorado will save you money and add years of maximum enjoyment to your cabin site.

Whether you’re on a tight budget or just want the best bang for your buck, a modular cabin will almost certainly provide less cost and more satisfaction for you when factoring all the costs and snags associated with cabin kits in Colorado. For more information on why we recommend that you avoid building a cabin with a kit, read our cabin kits blog post.

Compare your likely headache with a Log Cabin Kit to the experience that Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo had with their Zook Cabin.

Best Places to Build in Colorado

If you’re in the stage of seeking the best place to build a cabin in Colorado, keep in mind that the vast majority of Coloradans live in the eastern half of the state. Anything West of the Rockies is typically deemed far less inhabitable, but if being in remote wilderness is your thing, then we’ll certainly be glad to help you place a cabin there.

Of course, with one-third of the land being owned by the federal government, you’ll need to plan carefully around national parks and other protected regions, and make sure that the property you purchase is suitable for building. Access to utilities, proximity to restaurants, stores, and other amenities (such as ski resorts), ease of access, and road services should all be considered as you scope out your perfect mountain retreat.

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There are truly breathtakingly beautiful properties all across the state of Colorado, and we hope you already own or can find one that perfectly meets your scenario. Of course, you don’t need a mountainous property to have a perfectly splendid spot for a log cabin home, but there’s a reason that we keep mentioning the mountains. Colorado contains three-quarters of the land in the US with an altitude of over 10,000 feet. From the mile-high city, to highest paved road in America, your Colorado home may take your breath away in more ways than one!

One area commonly recommended for erecting new log cabins in Colorado is the area to the southwest of Denver. There are quite a few wooded and mountainous properties typically available that would be a good fit for a cabin retreat. Follow this link on Zillow to see lots that are for sale in the foothills of Conifer, Pine, and Mt. Bailey:

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This video from the Roots in Denver Show you may also find helpful as you consider where to purchase land in Colorado.

Colorado-Specific Considerations for Cabins


When it comes to installing your own cabin in Colorado, building permits are of special concern. Colorado may be in the west, but gone are the days of the “wild west” where each man fended for his own. Don’t expect to get a break just because you’re building in some remote mountainous region. Following due process for building your cabin and providing adequate utilities is a must and will be enforced throughout the state.

This simply highlights why the modular cabins you can buy from Zook Cabins are such a brilliant solution to lower your stresses and streamline the journey to your perfect wilderness retreat. Because every Zook Cabin is certified and includes engineered drawings (for free!), you can easily collect all the materials needed for the permitting process.

Avoid the headache and bottleneck of a drawn-out permitting process. Get the architect-stamped drawings from Zook Cabins and race to the front of the line!

Snow Load

Another consideration you should have when it comes to choosing the right cabin design for your Colorado mountain home is snow, and how your log cabin will accommodate it. To begin with, let’s make it clear that every Zook Cabin is built to withstand the elements, and any doubt you or your inspector may have will be dispelled by our engineered drawings. However, if and where snow load is of special concern, we can recommend the following:

The sharper the roof pitch on your cabin, the more ability it has to slide off snow. That’s why we’re recommending our sharpest roof peak models for your Colorado home or retreat. We can also include more roof and closer roof trusses in your design to provide additional reinforcement. Get in touch for more information!

Best Modular Cabins for Colorado

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The following are the best picks for a log cabin in Colorado. To be clear, these are not the log cabins of the old days where frontiersmen felled and stacked trees on top of on another, these are modern manufactured homes that look like log cabins (and come with all the comforts and amenities you would expect). While these are not cheap, they are affordable modular log homes. These models feature the steepest roof pitch of all our cabin designs. Follow the link to the product page to learn more about each design, including each modular log homes floor plans and prices.

Large Cabins in Colorado

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Mountaineer Deluxe Modular Cabin

The Mountaineer Deluxe is our flagship cabin model, and is ready to serve as a prized gem anywhere in the plains or mountainous peaks of Colorado. Depending on the layout, this model provides anywhere from 1,172 to 2,346 square feet of living area, and features a spacious two-story front room that adds a sense of awe to your cabin layout.

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Mountaineer Modular Cabin

If you like the Mountaineer design but need to maximize on the number of rooms in your available footprint, then choose the Moutaineer instead of the Deluxe. This model skips the two-story open room and fills in the second floor with bedrooms instead.

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Chalet Modular Cabin

The Chalet is based on the same basic design as the Mountainere Deluxe, but is made to accommodate a deck on the short end of the cabin. This can be ideal if your cabin is overlooking a beautiful Colorado view!

Small Cabins in Colorado

amish prefab cabins and cape cod style modular homes

Plymouth Modular Cabin

For a smaller cabin that is built to maximize the available footprint, the Plymouth is a no-brainer. This single-width design features a lofted area that provides additional storage or bedroom space. Surround your Cape Cod with a porch to give is a truly spacious feel!

adirondack cabin

Catskill Modular Cabin

The Catskill cabin mimics the design of the Plymouth but features a built-in porch to create an incredibly efficient yet featureful design. This cabin is of special consideration if you only want a small hunting cabin for your Colorado property, or would like to add several cabins to a Colorado resort!

More Cabin Designs

Truth be told, most any Zook Cabin design can be built to accommodate your Colorado property. View our cabin designs to see which best fist your usage scenario!

We believe a Zook Cabin is the smart choice for your Colorado lot, and we invite you to step forward in the journey with us. Our comprehensive pricing includes the delivery to your zip code, so it’s easy to compare what you’ll receive from a Zook cabin pre-manufactured log home versus a log cabin kit or custom builder.

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