Prefab Log Cabin Modular Homes

Here at Zook Cabins, we have found many customers who have been limited and intimidated by the prices contractors are charging to build a traditional home. Many of our customers have expressed interest in turning our log cabin modular homes into primary residences that their families can enjoy all year round.

Due to the increased demand for Log Cabin Modular Homes, we now offer prefab log cabins that meet local and state building requirements for residential properties. So many of our prefabricated cabins can become your primary residence or economically-priced vacation home. We deliver our prefabricated cabin-style modular homes in several pieces and then assemble the finished product so it’s ready to use on the day of delivery.

Why Choose Our Prefab Cabins & Modular Log Homes?

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  • Completely Customizable – We can take your ideas, combine them with our prefab log cabin models, and customize a floor plan that best suits your needs.
  • Saves Time – Rather than waiting for a traditional builder to complete your new home over many months, we can have our modular log cabins delivered in just a few weeks.
  • State-approved & Inspected – Our modular home builder’s license means that all of the inspections necessary for our modular log cabins are already done. You will not have to have a local inspector go through your building and inspect your framing, plumbing, and wiring. The only thing your local inspector will need to inspect will be your foundation and the attachment of your building to the foundation.
  • High Quality   We strive to use the finest materials and hire excellent Amish carpenters to build each of our log cabin modular homes. You will be impressed with the quality that these log cabin modular homes have to offer.
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The Log Cabin Modular Home Process

Step 1: Design Your Modular Log Cabin

Log Cabin Modular Homes, Modular Log Cabin

At the beginning, you can sit down with one of our experienced modular log cabin home designers. Based on our current models, your needs, and your ideas, we work with you to design the modular log cabin of your dreams. We go over the size of all the rooms, options that you would like to add, and all the details that go into the construction of the building.

Step 2: Generating A Floor Plan For Your Prefab Cabin

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This is one of the most exciting parts of the process. We take all the ideas that we discussed for you and input them into our computer to generate a preliminary drawing of your floor plan. Now you can finally see all your creative ideas for your cabin on paper!

Step 3: Make A Small Deposit

making a down payment on a property for your modular log cabin

We show the Modular Log Cabin plans to you and make any necessary changes. When we have the details for your floor plan ironed out and you are happy with everything, we ask for a small deposit to cover the cost of your engineered set of prints.

Step 4: Full Floor Plan

24sr506 settler modular cabin plans1

We officially get the process started when we send your prints to a professional engineer for inspection. Prints include all of your elevations, your section details, plumbing and electrical, and foundational details. Your full drawing packet also includes all of your calculations.

Step 5: Ready For Site Preparation

log cabin modular homes foundation

This is when the rubber meets the road. When your Modular Log Cabin drawings are complete, you will receive copies of the drawings. These drawings are submitted to your local zoning office to enable you to obtain all the necessary building permits. Drawings can also be submitted to your local contractors to obtain quotes for your prefab cabin site preparation.

Step 6: Build & Inspect

prefab log cabin modular homes

We build all of our log cabin modular homes in the controlled environment of our shop. Throughout the course of the build, a third-party inspector comes in to inspect the various components of each build. This allows us to provide you with a building that meets all state and local building requirements. When the building arrives at your location, all of the inspections for the building itself are complete. This simply means that a local inspector does not need to set foot in the building for your inspection. Local inspectors will check your site foundation and the connection of your building to it.

Step 7: We Deliver Your Modular Log Cabin

cabins delivered

We will deliver your new modular log cabin to your prepared site and take care of any final details. We deliver your cabin with our special trucks and trailers, and you can read more about that on our delivery page. You do not have to worry about driving logistics or arranging the route because we are happy to do that for you! All you need to do is show up on site and watch your cabin being built.

Modular Cabin Delivery And Installation

Modern Cabin Living - 3D TOUR and Cabin Installation

Step 8: Move In!

This is the most fun step of all! You get to furnish your cabin and show it off to your friends! Now you can enjoy your hunting cabin for years to come!

Not interested in a Modular Log Cabin? Check out our Park Model Homes! These are small, 400 sq ft Park Model Homes built directly onto a trailer. The Park Model Cabins can most often be found in an RV Resort, Campground, or weekend getaway property. Check out the Park Model Homes today!

Log cabin modular homes can give you a better resale value on a vacation property, since it offers the potential buyer the possibility of a full time residence!

Watch a Customer Review

Both of these couples bought a Custom Log Cabin and gave their honest opinion of the Zook Cabin buying process. See inside their finished Cabins!

"This is the Perfect Way to Build a Cabin" | Zook Cabins - Modular Log Cabin
This Couple Loves Their Modular Log Home!

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How Much Does A Modular Cabin Cost?

A good rule of thumb in determining the cost of a modular cabin upgrade would be to take the total package price of a building, and add 10%. That additional charge covers the cost of all the engineering, all your stamps, and the necessary upgrades to your prefabricated cabin to meet all codes.

Ready for the Cabin Life?

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