Why You’ll Love Cabin Living

Have you ever noticed that after taking some time off, you come back to your everyday routine refreshed, recharged and full of energy? Your productivity actually increases as you get that time for your body and mind to relax. It is actually healthy to spend time enjoying the activities that you love.

Here at Zook Cabins we specialize in providing you with the perfect setting to make the cabin living memories happen. If you are like most people who love the outdoors, you have probably thought at one time or another, it would be great to have that wilderness retreat and a log cabin to live in. Today we can make that dream a reality by providing you with an “outdoorsman’s paradise” at a fraction of the cost of today’s log cabins. Our fully assembled prefab log cabins are built in Lancaster County by our Amish carpenters known for their workmanship and attention to every detail. Over the years they have developed a reputation for their outstanding work ethic that is second to none! They are obsessed with every detail from beginning to end…never taking any short cuts!

We take great pride in every building that leaves the shop. That’s why the owner personally inspects every building to ensure that each measures up to the exceptionally high standards that we have set, and our customers appreciate. Our goal is to provide a cabin for you and your family to enjoy, and create those log cabin living memories that will last for generations to come!

Never Take a Vacation Again

  • Do you ever wish that you had a place to escape to for some much needed rest and relaxation?
  • Would you like to spend more time with your family, enjoying the outdoors?
  • Did you ever think about owning your own “wilderness retreat”?

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own wilderness retreat, a home away from home, where you could enjoy the things you love like hunting, fishing, or spending quality time with your family all while creating memories that will last a lifetime?!

Make the Important things, like spending time with your family, and doing the things you love a priority!

family time at the cabin

What would you do with a vacation home?

  • Spend more time with the people you enjoy, and doing the things that you love.
  • Always have a quiet retreat that you could run to for some much deserved rest and relaxation
  • Enjoy the outdoors, and get away from your normal everyday routine
  • Create memories with your family and loved ones that will last for years to come.

Tax benefits to a second home

Many taxpayers know that home mortgage interest is one of their most valuable deductions. They are less likely to be aware of the rules for deducting interest paid on a vacation dwelling. Find out what you need to know to take advantage of the deductions available to you. Learn answers to important tax questions like… How much time must you spend there? What makes your purchase a home?

Zook Cabins and Bill Miller, American Hunter

Look How Easy It Is! Leaving You Much More Time To Enjoy the Things that Matter

Step 1

Take a look around and soak up the information here on the website. We have packed it full of everything that we could think of that would help you in your decision. Make sure you pay special attention to the planning your project page. We also have information on log home financing to help you pay for your cabin. We walk you through everything about purchasing log cabins to live in, from beginning to end.

Step 2

Call us for a No hassle-No obligation consultation, where we will lend our expertise in helping you design the building that is perfect for you. Chances are someone else has already asked some of the questions you may have, and our experts are ready to lend their expert advice. Call (610) 593-4556

  • I’m not sure what size building I need?
  • How will you get my building onto my property?
  • Am I better off with a kit?
  • What style is best for me?

Step 3

Request a quote to find a modular log cabin price within your budget, then place your order and prepare your site. We’ll walk you through customizing the perfect wilderness retreat and share our experiences, and also give you everything you need to know to prepare for a hassle free delivery.

Step 4

Get the family together, and enjoy your new retreat, or call up your buddies, and spend a weekend catching fish or hunting deer. Kick back in the evening on your prefab log cabin’s porch, and watch the sun go down below the horizon, while sharing the stories of the day’s events. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll love every minute of log cabin living.

With 11 cabin styles to choose from, we would love to help you find the cabin you've dreamed of.

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Case Study #1

Robert met us at the Eastern Sports Show in Harrisburg, and fell in love with the cabins. He owned a large tract of land and had a hunting club that bordered his property. They had an old camper that they were using for their lodging, and some of the guys would stay in their trucks. He really wanted to upgrade the lodging, but did not want to break the bank.

Our Solution:

We listened to what he was hoping to use the building for, talked through his many options, and worked with him to get a basic cabin unit that would sleep all of the guys, and set him up with the electric wired up so all he would need to do was hook up a small generator. He was amazed at how well constructed the cabin was and how we were able to place it exactly where he wanted it, over 2 miles back off the main road.

Roberts Reaction:

He was amazed at how well constructed the cabin was and how we were able to place it exactly where he wanted it, over 2 miles back off the main road.

Steve, his wife, their 2 children, and his parents spent the evening around the campfire, roasting marshmallows, and sharing the highlights of the day’s activities when they heard a branch break in the woods behind them. Steve looked at his father, and they were both wandering the same thing, a moment or two later another branch broke, and they began to realize that they had a little company. His father turned around and turned on the flashlight, and there 30′ from their family campfire stood an unexpected visitor….. A BEAR! His father told the ladies, and all the kids to get up and slowly walk into the cabin, and as soon as their feet hit the porch they shot through the door, eyes as big as saucers, and their hearts racing. Steve and his father were still out next to the fire with the light still shining on the bear, and it continued to curiously wander in to where they were. At that point his father said I think we better move inside, and as they turned to leave the flashlight swung around and showed another bear coming in from the other direction. They now have a memory that none of them will soon forget, an experience shared by all who were there, that has been told over, and over. This is the perfect example of the memories that can be made and shared at the prefab log home.

Case Study #2

Steve found us on the internet, and was really interested in having a cabin for a pool house. His problem was that they were on a real tight schedule with renovations they were doing on their home and had a small window of opportunity to get a building in place.

Our Solution:

He called, and talked to us about what he was looking to do, and we drew up a floor plan that we thought would work for him. We sent the plan back to him and he had a lot of custom changes that he wanted to make to the drawing. We reworked the drawing and added all of the custom pieces he requested and in less than 1 week he had a fully assembled log cabin pool house in place that fit well within the budget he was looking to spend.

Steve’s Reaction:

He was thrilled that we could put together the custom designs that he needed in such a small window of time. We have received calls from friends of Steve’s that were in the poolhouse and thought that it was wonderful, and would like one for themselves. Bottom line: Steve was very pleased with the whole process from beginning to end, and his family loves and enjoys the poolhouse.