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Cozy Cabins builds some of the most iconic log homes we offer. Built-in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, their large selection of lofted and ranch cabins are available throughout the Northeast region.  Cozy Cabins’ open floor plans give you freedom in designing your home the way you want it. These log cabins are the perfect remedy for your cabin dreams.

A Cozy Cabin is a top-of-the-line, Mennonite-built, modular log cabin home. Designed and built with a focus on space efficiency and open floor plans, this focus fits perfectly with the quality family time vibes that a log cabin lets off. You can enjoy the wide-open spaces of a lofted cabin from the comfort of your couch with friends and family or gather comfortably at the dinner table with your loved ones during the holidays. Log cabins have been long thought of as a place to get away for the weekend. A place that is in the backwoods of Pennsylvania or set on the big Adirondack mountain range, far from any cell phone service or bright city lights. While the Cozy Cabins are built for all this, they also unlock the possibility of being your permanent residence.

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Are you living in the Northeast Region and are interested in one of the Cozy Cabins. Check out the Cozy Cabins Options and Customizations that we offer. This allows you to have the build a custom cabin that is unique to you and your style. Start dreaming and building your Log Cabin today.